See the Origin of Larry Talbot's Cursed Life as "The Wolf Man"- Tonight!

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Meanwhile, our month of classic Universal movies continues tonight on MeTV -  with the origin story  of the one monster who made repeated appearances in various movies, but was always played by the same actor- Lon Chaney Jr. – in his role as the tortured Larry Talbot- who is cursed to transform, upon every full moon , into the “ Wolf Man”!

The story begins on somewhat of a sentimental note—with young Lawrence returning to the ancestral Talbot home in England, to reconcile with his father and mourn the passing of his brother.  While working on his father’s new telescope, Larry manages to scope out a pretty young woman in an apartment window in town- and decides to seek her out. He finds her  working in her father’s  shop below the apartment , but lovely Gwen seems to be unimpressed by the  stranger- and maybe a little creeped out that he was spying on her! Unwilling to give up on forming a relationship with her, Larry makes a purchase- a walking stick with a silver wolf as the handle. He eventually is able to convince Gwen to go out with him for an evening’s entertainment- but she is wily enough to invite her girlfriend Jenny along, much to Larry’s disappointment!

They visit a camp where a travelling group of gypsies are entertaining the townsfolk- and decide to partake in the gypsy custom of having their fortunes told. Larry and Gwen wander off while Jenny goes first- but the fun is about to end. The fortune teller, Bela (played by a real-life Bela- Mr. Lugosi!), sees the sign of the pentagram on her hand- and abruptly ends the session, shouting at her to leave at once! The frightened Jenny flees out onto the moors, and shortly, Larry and Gwen hear her shrieking! Larry runs to her aid, and sees a savage wolf attacking the helpless girl! He beats the wolf to death with his walking stick, and is bitten in his failed attempt to save Jenny. When the local authorities come to investigate - they find the body of the attacker- it is not a beast, but a man!  Larry insists that what he killed was a wolf- not a man- but no one is convinced.

When he returns to the gypsy camp- Larry meets the wise old gypsy Maleva- who reveals the shocking truth that the "wolf" he killed was her son Bela- who transformed into a werewolf!  When she finds out that Larry was bitten, she warns him that he too will now become a wolf when the full moon rises! She instructs him on the werewolf lore- that he will see the sign of the pentagram in the hand of his victims- and, even with tokens of protection, will be unable to escape this awful supernatural curse. Larry sadly discovers that she speaks the truth. He finds he is being treated like a pariah by the townspeople, who still think he killed a man- and his father begins to worry that he’s having psychological problems.

While the locals set traps for a wolf- the full moon is coming! Larry Talbot must convince his father of the horrible truth- and find a way to keep the Wolf Man from going on the prowl and killing again!

The Larry Talbot character went on to appear in four additional Universal films after his 1941 debut. This origin story not only features Lon Chaney Jr., but also the great Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, the afore-mentioned Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskya, and Ralph Bellamy, among others. We'll provide info about the cast- a delightful musical number- and we have some special segments featuring interviews with “Nightmare On Elm Street” alumni  Amanda Wyss and Heather Langenkamp and – the original visit to our dungeon by long-time Sven fan David Dastmalchian, currently playing the Russian computer expert  Kurt in “Ant Man and the Wasp”!

"Wolf Man" lurks tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, check for channel and time in your local listings or at - please remember for those of you setting – once again, check what your provider is listing our program as- either the movie name or “Svengoolie”. As always, MeTV again invites you to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- and use the hashtag #svengoolie.  

Our Chicago area viewers can get a second look at the classic “Son of Frankenstein”" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Tonight, though, even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night- can enjoy the original classic that gave Lon Chaney Jr his best-known role- even when there isn’t a full moon in the sky!

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DOCHAHA 3 days ago
I will be able to see the movie tonight. The Durham Bulls are playing an away game.
DrClayton 3 days ago
A squirrel that's fallen on hard times...
DrClayton 3 days ago
SquirrelGirrel, Batman's new crimefighting ally, will show up later on Sci-Fi Saturday:
MrCreosote DrClayton 3 days ago
They call her “Rocky” and boy! does she ever fly. She has a dumb pal named Bullwinkle. They often foil the dastardly deeds of Boris & Natasha (with the help of Dudley Do-Right and Mr Peabody).
DOCHAHA DrClayton 3 days ago
Wow!!! Wonder woman has some competition now !!!!
daleuhlmann 3 days ago
If you like games, you'll dig Dr. Niemann's game of musical brains tomorrow night.
Catbat 3 days ago
Aahh nothing worth anything
daleuhlmann Catbat 3 days ago
Words of wisdom, dear, words of ... wisdom!
DrClayton 3 days ago
For those who want to cosplay along:

Catbat 3 days ago
Dang what a trip. TBB3! more Amazing than this Blog set up. 2000+to prove I'm not a Robot but I guess squirrels are FREE
daleuhlmann Catbat 3 days ago
Maybe Boris Karoff's Dr. Niemann can find some way to sterilize them-ha-ha!
DrClayton Catbat 3 days ago
Squirrels and butterflies...
DrClayton Catbat 3 days ago
We can arrange for Nut to visit you, too:

DrClayton 3 days ago
The Frankenstein property is having an open house at 8 pm DST tomorrow evening...
daleuhlmann DrClayton 3 days ago
Is the House of Frankenstein a halfway house for monsters?
DrClayton daleuhlmann 3 days ago
That or Frankenstein's House of Ill Repute
daleuhlmann DrClayton 3 days ago
Ha-ha, ha-ha!
CarrieLynnCastro 3 days ago
Good night everyone 🌠🌛🌠
See you tomorrow 💝
Carl_N_Brown 3 days ago
"House of Frankenstein" is on Svengoolie tomorrow so I watched my DVD "Horse of Metzengerstein" (based on a Poe story) as warm up.
Did you canter away merrily to other adventures on the horse? LOL!
Pestis eram vivus—moriens tua mors ero ‘Living I was (your) plague—dying, I shall be your death’. ha!ha!
The Roger Vadim adaptation from 1968 is about the only one I know about (with Jane and Peter Fonda).
Ravenwoman 4 days ago
Good night, all! My boys have shown up now to protect me! 🤣🗽

MrCreosote Ravenwoman 4 days ago
They look like a rather formidable bunch. I wouldn’t want to mess with them or get on their bad side. They appear to be ready for anything, even for Wyatt Earp or the Hole-in-the-Wall gang. Those are definitely some ornery, bad dudes, pardner. The one on the far right is affectionately known as Kierkegaard. He likes to bite the heads off whippets. The one on the far left nailed my head to the floor. His specialty is using strong-arm tactics (backed up by razor-sharp teeth). He said “Oooh, you’ve been a naughty boy, Clement”. I said “my name’s not Clement”. That’s when he lost his temper and nailed me ’ead to the floor. Just ask Dinsdale Piranha and his imaginary hedgehog.
Ravenwoman MrCreosote 3 days ago
Oh! You're on a roll since the crack of dawn this morning! 🤣 This really takes the cake! Thanks for the extremely whacked out narration! Perfect description of them! This is a family blog, otherwise I'm sure your description of the guy on the right would have been more...colorful! 🤣🤣🤣
daDoctah Ravenwoman 3 days ago
This looks like the cover of an unknown band's first album.
Ravenwoman daDoctah 3 days ago
MrCreosote Ravenwoman 3 days ago
You are right of course. I held back on the more colorful stuff. Forgot to mention that the imaginary hedgehog is called “Spiny Norman”. He is grotesquely huge.
In any case, those are some bad varmints (pictured above). Their reputation precedes them. They even intimidated the US Army by threatening to set fire to them for a price. The squirrels, you see, run an extortion racket à la the Vercotti brothers (Luigi & Dino).
DOCHAHA 4 days ago
New Joke:
God is having a meeting in heaven with all of the men. "I want you all to make 2 lines. The first line: all of the men who were head of their households. The second line: all of the men whose wife was the head of the household." After 30 minutes, God came back and found only 1 man in the first line and the second line was a mile long. God asked the man in the first line, "Why are you the only man in this line?" He said, "I don't know, my wife told me to stand here!!!"
Ha Ha Ha
PatS DOCHAHA 3 days ago
Why is this funny?
DOCHAHA PatS 3 days ago
Good question.
Let me try another joke one related to my work. Did you know that doctors write a secret message to the pharmacist in Latin on every Prescription Rx? It says, "I got my money, now you get yours too!!!"
Ha Ha Ha.
Ravenwoman 4 days ago
What's for dinner? I made myself a lovely light tuna salad! Ask Kraus what was for dinner! I come out of the restroom to find everything gone and mayo all over his muzzle! 🐺😱🤣💓 Yummy, mommy! Please make more?

Oh well, no dinner for me this evening! 🤣💓🌹🐺 He just helps himself! If he wasn't so adorable, I'd be making German Shepherd stew tonight! 🤣🗽🐺💓🌹 Thief!

daleuhlmann 4 days ago
I realize Wednesday was Hump Day, but so will tomorrow, with J. Carroll Naish's hunchbacked Daniel, in HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Naish brings real pathos to his role of Daniel. His tragic, unrequited love for the gypsy girl Ilonka is representative of the Quasimodo-Esmeralda story in THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. This fact could not have been lost on Lon Chaney, Jr., whose father had enjoyed such acclaim and success with that same story, back in 1923. One wonders if he felt any jealousy towards Naish for playing a role so similar to Quasimodo. It's impossible to know, but he badly wanted to play another of the elder Chaney's famous roles, the Phantom of the Opera, when Universal announced plans for its Technicolor remake. He was reportedly very disappointed when the part went to his former Wolf MAN co-star Claude Rains instead. Perhaps, though, it was better that he never did play any of his father's roles, because of the inevitable pressure and comparisons that would have brought.
R_Steffens 4 days ago
Does anyone else think that Svengoolie shows have way too many commercials? I mean seriously it makes it difficult to keep watching sometimes. I do enjoy the old classics though, but sometimes the commercials are just over bearing and long as well.
PatS R_Steffens 4 days ago
I agree I get mighty tired of the same-ol' same-ol'. Guess they have to pay the bills somehow. At least we get a few laughs out of the "Die Pillow", the "Boa Brace" or "Poverty Mutual." Larry and I hit the mute, go to the bathroom, get a snack or check on the score of DaGame. Or tape the whole thing and fast forward. Personally I'm glad they took off the catheter sponsor!
daleuhlmann R_Steffens 4 days ago
Totally agree with you, Steffens.
MADave R_Steffens 4 days ago
Every month at least once Sven should have commercial free movies!
I record a lot of the Svengoolie shows, cutting commercials. My pause/record reflexes may not be the best, but generally I keep 96 minutes per show cutting an average of 24 minutes of commercial out of a 120 minute (2 hour) time slot.

Recording [unnameable channels] the ratio on a 2 hr time slot is 90 minutes of show and 30 minutes of commercial.

Maybe the Svengoolie shows are so entertaining and exciting, the commercials just seeem looong because they are soo interrupting.

DrClayton R_Steffens 3 days ago
You could name your commercials "Brad"...
Lynn R_Steffens 3 days ago
Really, guys? I'm just thankful Sven HAS sponsors.
daDoctah R_Steffens 3 days ago
Ordinarily I'm not crazy about the Little Caesar's pizzas incorporating Sven into the ad with some reference to the movie, but a few times he's come up with a reference that makes even that work.
MADave 4 days ago
Hey gang let's try to hit 2500 comments first person to make number 2500 will win a portrait of Svengoolie drawn and signed by me or just a special mention by me
R_Steffens 4 days ago
Hello Svengoolie-ites...whose ready for House of Frankenstein on Saturday Night here?
daleuhlmann R_Steffens 4 days ago
I've already booked the Karloff suite at the house, R. Steffens.
The1Butler 4 days ago
I had rain here today in The Mitten . Was very much needed🌧🌬
Ravenwoman The1Butler 4 days ago
Did it cool you, or make it a steam bath?
Yvette 4 days ago
Just waiting for those storms, ugh!😐☹️
Ravenwoman Yvette 4 days ago
It's just hanging up there, making a lot of noise and not producing rain! The humidity is unbearable today! It feels like 99 here today.
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