It's Dinosaurs, Cave Dwellers, and Danger When We Enter the "Valley of the Dragons" Tonight!

Rondo Hatton Moves In to the "House of Horrors"- Tonight!

Karloff In the House! As Well as Dracula, Wolf Man, the Monster, and More- "House of Frankenstein" Tonight!

See the Origin of Larry Talbot's Cursed Life as "The Wolf Man"- Tonight!

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Bela is Ygor, Karloff is the Monster, and Rathbone is the "Son of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

Herman Gives the Brits Fits- "Munster Go Home" Tonight!

They're Really Biting- and the Bait is YOU! "Barracuda" Tonight!

Don Knotts Faces The Ghostly Facts of Murder in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"- Tonight!

The Name That's Known is Fire-Stone- When Perseus Faces a Dragon and a Mythological Menace- It's the "Son of Hercules Against the Medusa"-Tonight!

Youth? Yeth! Aging is Reversed - and the Victim Count Increases- when the "Leech Woman" Appears- Tonight!

Is the Horror Reality- a Dream- or a Nightmare? William Castle Presents Barbara Stanwyck in "Night Walker"!

Lon Chaney- Mick Foley- and C2e2 Convention Fun- It's All in "Man-Made Monster"- Tonight!