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40 years ago on this date- at 8pm  on WFLD-TV- a ghoulishly-dressed individual was introduced to the world in a voice-over by Jerry G. Bishop- the original Svengoolie- and thus began my career as the chicken-dodging, wisecracking Svengoolie character. Then known as  “Son of Svengoolie” ( and appearing approximately six years after the original Sven was taken off the air)- coming out of Sven senior’s original coffin- a new dynasty began which is now seen all over the country thanks to MeTV.

40 years. In that span of time, I have dropped the “Son of” (as decreed by Jerry G. himself)- worked various TV and radio stations- and won eight regional Emmy Awards and been inducted into the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences “Silver Circle” for “significant contributions to Chicago television for more than 25 years”. I just was voted my eighth Rondo award as favorite horror host, as voted by the fans. I’ve been in “Mad “ magazine,  for cripe’s sake!

I always like to clarify- my show has NOT been on for 40 consecutive years, but- in the times I did not have a regularly scheduled show, I was still playing the Sven character- for radio and TV guest shots, public appearances, etc. So, I have actually BEEN Sven for this full 40 years.

I’ve gone through good and bad times, and faced defeats and success, professionally and personally. For me to still be around- for Sven to still be standing, and standing tall- is just as amazing to me as it is to everybody else.

I am grateful to Neal Sabin and the Shapiro family for having the faith in me that has brought us to this landmark- and will let us get to even greater heights! I am grateful to closer-knit crew- my director, Chris, audio genius Chas, and my good friend and right hand man, executive producer Jim Roche. Also, grateful to the people at WFLD in Chicago who first helped me find my way.

I am most grateful to YOU- the ones who tune in every week- and have supported the show! You’ve spread the word, brought new viewers into the fold, and stuck with me all this time.

Yes- there is more to come, new and surprising things we will share together. Thank you.

And…happy Father’s Day to the dads…including Sven’s “dad”, Jerry G. to whom I owe it all.

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We love Svengoolie in my house. There was nothing else on TV 📺 one Saturday night and I decided to watch Sven at 8 pm. We fell in love ❤️ wit him. It has been many yrs ago and we faithfully watch 👁 still every Saturday night 8 pm. On metv
CBQB12 3 months ago
Had it not been for "METV" I would have never know about Svengoolie over here in Toledo, Ohio. Now I watch every Saturday night. I watch all the time even if the movie is a clinker just to see/hear Svengoolies skits and jokes, etc. Chicago is not that far away from Toledo but TV wise it might as well be in another country. Keep up the good work gang love ya all. You are the greatest!
CloudRains 13 months ago
40 years...Wow, I feel old! My friends and I watched Son Of Sven on a regular basis on WFLD. We were all horror fans (monster movie) starting from our our early years of watching Creature Features on that other Chicago channel. Then we were blessed with the return of Sven on MeTV. Keep the laughter and spooks coming, we love you Sven!
DoctorClive 13 months ago
Sven -- You are the BEST! In this age of having pick-and-choose media at our fingertips, your show is still appointment TV! Thank you (from a 62 year old) for keeping the horror host tradition going strong, and for giving folks like me a little bit of their Monster Kid past back every Saturday night. God bless, and here's to many more years!

Doctor Clive
Vfeldman 13 months ago
Congrats on 40 years! My husband and I are both fans of classic horror films, so we're really glad that your show is on. We especially appreciate the interesting tidbits that you always provide regarding a film's actors and other assorted trivia. And we also enjoy your general silliness! Keep those rubber chickens flying!
EvaBo40 13 months ago
You are definitely the best Sven! Don't know any better than you. Been a fan of the show for 5 yrs now ever since they started airing it on MeTv on ch. 10.2 in Knoxville TN! Love ya Sven, love ya!!! 😁😁😁😁
Malavengen 13 months ago
You are the best I look forward to 40 more. Although you might have to become a Lich to pull that off lol

scottieO 13 months ago
Congratulations, Svengoolie! Your show has been awesome for my family to watch the last few years. So nice to see the extra things you do to promote your community, the love for the Horror/Science Fiction genre, and those who are passing that on to younger generations. Rich, you truly deserve all the success you have had and more! I look forward to watching your show for many, many more years to come. Best wishes to you and your family as you celebrate this historic milestone!
Hawkeye 13 months ago
Finest Kind
all the best
dh 13 months ago
HI- Thanks for giving us all something to look forward to every Saturday.
Stay scary :)
BrianWilson 13 months ago
Thanks Sven for doing such a great job for 40 years and keep on keeping on your the best!!!!
The1Butler 13 months ago
What a life ! Keep up the good work! I'll be watching Saturday!
PatS 13 months ago
The Guardsmen played this outside Buckingham Palace when Prince George was born. "Congratulations and Celebrations!"
Just as appropriate for a 40th birthday, I'd say. (Written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter.)

Vanfoster 13 months ago
Congrats Sven. I grew up near Springfield OH and used to watch Shock Theater broadcast from Cincinnati at 1:00 on Saturday afternoons and Chiller Theater broadcast from Columbus at 11:30 on Friday nights. The old Universal pictures were one of my favorite memories as a youth. Thanks for keeping the "old films" alive and for making an "old man" feel young again. All the very best.
daleuhlmann Vanfoster 13 months ago
If you grew up near Cincinnati, do you remember a horror movie host named The Cool Ghoul out there? Did he host either Shock or Chiller Theatre in that market? A Canton native named George Cavender lived in Cincinnati for awhile, and when he returned, he also played a horror host called The Cool Ghoul. His show ran for a short time on WJAN, Canton, in 1971, and then for about two years in the late '80's, on a different Canton station, WOAC, Channel 67.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Cavender openly acknowledged that his character had been inspired by Cincinnati's Cool Ghoul.
Eriee42 13 months ago
Congratulations, Sven! I watch every week. Thank you MeTV! I hope you go another 40 years! Great shtick - the films are great!
DorisKarloff 13 months ago
Congratulations Sven on 40 years of great horror and humor, my husband and I have been enjoying your show for many years and hopefully for many more,may you bask in the glow of your accomplishments.
RobDenham 13 months ago
Congrats, Sven, on 40 years of getting to do what you clearly love. If only we all could be so lucky. Thanks for all the laughs and classic movies. I'm glad I found you.
And I'm still trying to get them to bring you to Steel City Con in Pittsburgh! I've seen a few Svengoolie t-shirts walking around there. Good luck in the next 40!
GBRO 13 months ago
I just started watching Svengolie about 6 months ago and I am hooked... I look forward to Saturday Night to watch my favorite character......
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