43 YEARS for Svengoolie!

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Today marks exactly 43 years since the premiere of “Son of Svengoolie” on WFLD in Chicago -beginning my run as the Svengoolie character.

Sincere thanks to all our fans and friends for the kindness, support, and loyalty that has brought us to this point and position in time!

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ChristinGarske 1 day ago
Comments during dance routine on How To Make funny!!!!!
pldhl82 3 days ago
Thank you Mr Koz & crew,,,,, Love Svengoolie & METV...
wamomoj434 6 days ago
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Seyek 8 days ago
43 years! Wow! We've been watching for about 5 years now, since the change to 7:00, because we can stay up until 9:00!! 😋 Thank you for so many great movies.
TeresaC 8 days ago
Congratulations! Wouldn't miss an episode!
scottieO 9 days ago
Congratulations Svengoolie on 43 wonderful years.
You Da Man In The Hat!
Bugs_Bunny4_Life 9 days ago
Congratulations! You have been a joy to all of us! Thank you for all you have done!
LmerFudd 9 days ago
I had concerns when the show switched from 10 pm to 8 pm a few years ago but it has worked out well. It's great to see the posts about families watching Sven together. I also like the respect Rich gives these movies; some highbrow critics are very condescending about horror and sci-fi movies.
LmerFudd 9 days ago
Thank you Rich for continuing the tradition of the local tv horror movie host. We went through a drought in the NYC region before METV signed on and then you came along. It's been a great ride and the road goes on.
Kyle 9 days ago
Yay Svengoolie!

Only been a serious viewer for about 4 years, but rarely miss and have spread the infection to several other people.
gregorymon Kyle 9 days ago
Same here Kyle! In Capital City Ohio we had Chiller Theatre Back in the 70's & early 80's. Hosted by Fritz the Night Owl. Several years back he was doing some appearances again. Not sure but maybe drive-in movies? I'm sure it's all on the interweb if you're curious enuff. Happy Anniversary Sven! ...until tomorrow then...
Geo gregorymon 9 days ago
I had Dr. Shock from Philadelphia who hosted Monster Theater and Horror Theater. I was way too young to appreciate a horror host like I do today. I swell with pride showing people my Sven items. It's great to have a horror host I can follow and enjoy in my (ahem) older age. I missed a chance to meet Svengoolie, but it's okay I feel like I have met him through my Sven stuff.
Geo Kyle 9 days ago
It does not matter if your a new viewer or a longtimer. The fact he reaches such a varied audience speaks volumes for his endearing quality and lasting presence. How's that?
Kyle Geo 9 days ago
How's that?

It is great!

Good fun for the family, and a bit (not enough for me) of the subtly adult humor.

I do like that I can point almost anyone to Svengoolie without worrying about them getting honestly offended or their kids having nightmares.

I am usually quite entertained by Svengoolie striking a balance.
abc123 9 days ago
Oh no, i missed the new bl... oh, this is something else.
I remember the quiet Saturday Nights, turning off the TV after Star Trek. Then one day, I actually saw a commercial for what movie was going to be on (Deadly Mantis) and have been hooked since.

See you all in a couple hours for the race!
Kergooliewyn 9 days ago
OMG, Janice Joplin, Bobby Darin, and The Carpenters on Ed Sunday. What a combo!
Kergooliewyn 9 days ago
I know I said this yesterday, but hey, could I really ever say it too much. We love you Sven!❤💓💕💗💙💚💛🧡💜💝💞💟❣💌🤗
Klaatu 9 days ago
It makes me soooo happy that we still have in existence, a good talented funny horror show host. Keep up the good great work Sven!!
Geo 9 days ago
Wow, I just realized that I have been watching Svengoolie for over ten years (possibly 15). I have a framed birthday autographed photo from Sven. (Ahem) I was a wee bit younger than now. I have some great Svengoolie memories to last a long time.
Geo Geo 9 days ago
Thank you so much Svengoolie. It makes me happy just to be a fan. You are wicked funny and lighthearted with comedy.
1MikeM Geo 9 days ago
That's awesome Geo! Thanks for posting.
Geo 1MikeM 9 days ago
You are quite welcome. I am sure by now everyone saw my autographed rubber chicken.
Kergooliewyn Geo 9 days ago
Wow Geo, I'll say it again.
You have some neat stuff.
Geo Kergooliewyn 9 days ago
I appreciate the compliment. I am just a novice collector of television, movies and comic book items.
The1Butler 10 days ago
Keep up the good work 😎🎩
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