It's a Feline Face-Off- as Lugosi and Karloff Battle in the Bizarre "Black Cat" -Tonight!

A First in More Ways than One- Hammer's "Curse of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

You're Booked for an Overnight Stay-Where Dwells the "Night Monster"-Tonight!

All New from the Sven Cave- "Creature with the Atom Brain" -Tonight!

Henry Hull Wouldn't Want Tibet He Would Become the "Werewolf of London"-Tonight!

Crash-Land in a Brash Land of Prehistoric Perils- "The Land Unknown"- Tonight!

The Full Moon Transforms Lon Chaney Jr.into a Classic Universal Monster- Meet the "Wolf Man"- Tonight

More Vampires- But Not in the Old West- invite You to Wed the Dead "Brides of Dracula"- Tonight!

Stand By for Cowboys and Corpuscles- with "Billy the Kid VS Dracula"- Tonight!

Set Sail from the Sven Cave on the "7th Voyage of Sinbad"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- Sven Broadcasts from Home- and Karloff is the "Man with Nine Lives"!

Hammer's Only Werewolf Tale Inflicts Oliver Reed with-the "Curse of the Werewolf"-Tonight!

May He Take Her Hand ( No Matter Whose It Used to Be) in Monstrous Matrimony in the Classic Sequel- "Bride of Frankenstein" Tonight!