A Classic You Can't Wait to See- Whose Star You Can't See! "The Invisible Man"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, we bring back another of the Universal cornerstone of horror from the 1930s- another tale with its basis in classic literature ,featuring amazing special effects for the time period , and a fantastic performance  by the great Claude Rains – in the original "The Invisible Man"!

Based on the H G Wells novel- this 1933 classic begins with a scene that may hit home with those who experienced a blast of snow this week- a bundled-up stranger slogs his way through the snowy countryside of Iping, eventually making a dramatic entrance to the Lion's Head Inn that causes the whole place to freeze in stunned silence! He demands a room- even though it's not the renting season-and he wants privacy as well as lodging. The innkeeper and his chatty wife end up bumping heads with this odd visitor, who keeps his face covered with bandages and his eyes covered with dark glasses. His odd behavior and demeanor are the talk of the Inn and the source of all variety of rumors- aided by the landlord and his wife who speculate about what he’s up to-with all sorts of chemicals and beakers in his room. After a while, when the innkeeper demands the overdue rent money that the stranger has not been paying-the mysterious man assaults him and tosses him down the stairs!! The townsmen who frequent the bar call in the police- but a shock is in store for them, when the man reveals that beneath his bandages and clothing- he is invisible! The villagers flee in panic as he runs amok!

We learn that he is actually Jack Griffin- a scientist who has been experimenting with an odd mixture known as monocane- which was used in foreign lands to turn cloth white- but also destroyed the cloth in the process. His fiancee Flora and her father, Griffin's employer, have no idea where he might be- but, in searching his lab, fear the worst when they find a note mentioning monocane- Flora's dad knows that experiments with it on living things have ended in frightening madness and tragedy.

Another assistant to Flora's father, one Dr. Kemp, then finds himself with a surprise visitor one night- the invisible Griffin- who threatens Kemp, and forces him to help him retrieve his notebooks from the inn he escaped from. He arrives as a police inquiry is being held at the inn, and can’t resist getting further revenge on the crowd-as he goes wild, and kills an officer! Kemp tries to enlist Flora and her father to help reason with Griffin- but soon, betrayal and his increasing madness set Griffin on a mission of more murder- as he terrifies the entire countryside, leaving the baffled authorities to attempts to stop a deadly enemy who can't be seen!

This is definitely one of the best of the classic horror films- Claude Rains' incredible voice makes his work in this film totally convincing- and we'll tell a little about him and the other cast members, especially the actress who plays Griffin's fiancee Flora- who you probably know from a role she played in her old age! And, as I mentioned, for the time, the invisible effects are quite remarkable. We’ll explain how they were done in one of our segments- along with bringing you a new song, featuring a musical duet by Doug Graves AND Anita X. Orcist- and- a recent visit with our friend the lovely actress Amanda Wyss- Freddy Krueger’s first on screen victim!

"The Invisible Man" re-appears on MeTV Saturday night at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if unsure of channel or time, check your local listings or at .  We had heard that some listing services had posted tonight’s movie as “Invisible Woman” – sorry, that is not the case! Remember that MeTV invites you to join the many fans who live-Tweet on Twitter during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie .In Chicago, viewers get a second look at "The Mummy’s Ghost" on the U ( in its new channel location, previously the place for the UToo) at 11 am.

The first of four chapters of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” appeared in select DC Comics this past Wednesday- be checking out the books that come out for the next three Wednesdays for more of this amazing story of my standing side-by-side with the Justice League against an incredible menace! Remember- the chapters are in many of the DC comics that are released on these Wednesdays- your comic book shop staff can probably help you locate which ones!

Also- an amazing bit of mega-merchandise has arrived in our store (I have a store?!) The Svengoolie Surprise Fan Box is now available- with TEN exclusive items, including a genuine Sven-signed rubber chicken ( I should know- I had to sign EVERY ONE of them!)  and a special 40th anniversary t shirt! Check it out- and order yours today!

Many thanks for the wonderful turnout at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications last Saturday night for the “40 Years as Svengoolie” event. It was a great honor, and we’ll be showing highlights of the evening down the line.

But tonight- keep an eye on any remaining snow on the ground for the sudden appearance of footprints- as the Invisible Man steps up the horror!

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MADave 17 months ago
Pat and Larry hope you are trying to keep warm I heard the high was only 2 degrees in the Chicago area, hope it gets warmer than that soon?
Catbat 17 months ago
Today at work was $1.00 crab 🦀 cake day. So with my employee discount that made them $.50 each! I got a dozen. So we will be having crab 🦀 cake sliders for tomorrow night's festivities 😊
Jack Catbat 17 months ago
But crabs are decapods!
Catbat Jack 17 months ago
Yes I know but I don't do suckers
Klaatu 17 months ago
Off subject from the pending Octo-hilarity tomorrow, when in France I ate a sausage that I never want to eat again...but I’m proud of myself that I ate this. I thought it was a French version of Andouille sausage, but it was a sausage of intestine filled with trip and other unmentionable stuff. Anyone else ever eat this French delicacy?
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 17 months ago
Tripe? Anything like souse or headcheese or that jelly stuff that has slices of eyelids and nostrils in it?
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Not sure, but as soon as I started eating this I had my suspicion about it’s content. Funky flavor. I waited until I finished dinner before I did a Google search about this sausage. While eating dinner I sent a pic to my sons and they were very proud of me for eating...unknown stuff.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Head cheese, souse (Sülze) or that jelly stuff with slices of eyelids and nostrils in it are varieties of aspic. Tripe is the muscular wall of a ruminant’s stomachs. Usually only the first three stomachs are used as the fourth one is kinda glandular. I s’pose it’s possible to add tripe to aspic, but head cheese is made mostly from the, er, head. Tripe is also used to make the Mexican soup, menudo.
Jack 17 months ago
This just in: An inmate claimed his life sentence ended when he died and was revived. Nice try, court rules.
”Court disagree? Ygor disagree with court!"
Catbat Jack 17 months ago
Ygor had a bone to pick with the court
daleuhlmann Catbat 17 months ago
Yes, it "gets stuck in throat!"
MADave 17 months ago
Hi all not sure if I asked this before but, who holds the most first blogger posts?
Catbat MADave 17 months ago
At this point probably Bill K!
MADave Catbat 17 months ago
He is on a roll ain't he?
Islander 17 months ago
The Islanders are packing for a short trip to Kodak Kid country once more. Don't know if tomorrow nights hotel will have ME TV or not so I guess we'll leave our fate to the Svengoolie gods.
Kodak Kid, be in your area around lunch time Sunday in case your free. No fuss as usual. A small parade, a proclamation or the key to city will be fine upon our arrival.
TheKodakKid Islander 17 months ago
Well, since Mrs. Islander is coming with you this time, I’ll see about the brass band, a personal welcome from the governor, and see if Dolly will be in town yet.

If it was just you, I’d see what grocery store has bologna and crackers on sale.
Tygercat 17 months ago
From today's Lio comic strip:
JournalJeff2 Tygercat 17 months ago
That is funny!
Carl_N_Brown Tygercat 17 months ago
We have translated the rest of "To Serve Kerwyn" - it's a cookbook!
Catbat 17 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Must go fish shopping for tomorrow's snack.
Lynn Catbat 17 months ago
Sounds great, Catbat!
TheKodakKid Catbat 17 months ago
Can’t you just bring something home from work?
Lynn TheKodakKid 17 months ago
Now where is the sport in that?
Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
I wonder if the name of Harryhausen's film IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA was chosen to match his friend Bradbury's film IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE?
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Very possibly.
PatS Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Also darned close to THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS -- which aired June 22 -- also a Harryhausen creation but more of a reptile, considered the inspiration for GODZILLA. Lots of similarities. 'Twould be interesting to look up "IT CAME FROM" titles -- now, now, I hear the jokesters sharpening their keyboards already... not least among them, Sven's great faux-movie poster, "IT CAME FROM BERWYN!!"
TheKodakKid PatS 17 months ago
Perhaps Radio George will have some of those jokes tomorrow?
TheKodakKid PatS 17 months ago
I wonder where THIS strange Creature comes from?
JournalJeff2 TheKodakKid 17 months ago
I`ve heard reports that she has been seen flying around Chicago.
daleuhlmann PatS 17 months ago
Yes, similarities that I'll point out later tonight.
Carl_N_Brown PatS 17 months ago
I believe the Toho director who made GOJIRA (aka Godzilla) stated he was inspired by THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS and by the H bomb test disaster that had unexpected higher yield & exposed Japnese fishermen (& US Navy personnel) to dangerous radiation levels.
daleuhlmann 17 months ago
It's truly amazing how, despite a career that encompassed so many stellar roles and films, Claude Rains never won an Oscar, despite having been nominated for Best Supporting Actor four times. These were for his roles in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, CASABLANCA, MR. SKEFFINGTON, and NOTORIOUS. In addition, Bette Davis said Rains was her favorite co-star. Nevertheless, he never shook close association with his first American film, THE INVISIBLE MAN. For example, his picture was featured in the first of the film's follow-ups, THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS, as well as in the spoof ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN. Moreover, Alan Alda's Hawkeye Pierce made this in-joke in an episode in which he temporarily loses his eyesight: When his hands come into contact with an empty bed in the O. R., he quips, "Oh, Claude Rains!" I also remember a local Cleveland sports radio talk show host by the name of Peter Franklin who once criticized a brainless, errant throw by an Indians player to an empty base (!) by remarking, "He must have thought Claude Rains was on third!"
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daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 17 months ago
Yes, a very inventive handle.
Carl_N_Brown PatS 17 months ago
_a Universal picture
_Murder mystery
_Dickens' writing is dark stuff
_A visible Claude Rains
Sounds good to me.
daleuhlmann PatS 17 months ago
Yes, MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, as I've mentioned, too, on previous blogs, would be a good movie for Sven to show. Another interesting film Rains did for Universal during that same period was 1934's THE MAN WHO RECLAIMED HIS HEAD, which co-starred Lionel Atwill, Joan Bennett, and Wallace Ford. It's not a horror movie, but a social-political drama. Despite that fact, it's, for some reason, always been included in Universal's horror film TV package.
1MikeM TheKodakKid 17 months ago
Yes I too remember said person who was on board this blog comment section of
daleuhlmann 17 months ago
In case anybody was wondering, monocane was a fictional drug, and was later depicted as a poison in a Perry Mason Made for TV movie and a Matlock episode. Also, by the time Universal filmed its first sequel to the Whale film, THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS, the drug's name had been, without any explanation, changed to duocane. Why? Why not? (LOL)
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 17 months ago
"Clinical tests have shown Duocane is twice as effective as Monocane and has fewer unpleasant side effects. Ask your doctor if Duocane is right for you.

"(If, after taking Duocane, your unbridled megalomania lasts longer than four hours, seek professional medical treatment. And stop listening to voices on infomercials.)"
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Ripping! Ripping!😅
JournalJeff2 Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Good one … or should I say two!
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 17 months ago
Hahaha 😂😂
JournalJeff2 17 months ago
Happy Friday!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
MADave 17 months ago
So what are we clinking to this weekend Sea Monsters?
PatS MADave 17 months ago
How about every time Pete lights a cigarette? (Even in totally inappropriate places like the sub and a lab with prominent NO SMOKING signs.)
daleuhlmann PatS 17 months ago
And let's not forget how many times Pete brazenly hits on Joyce throughout the film, and also ignores and under-values her scientific accomplishments and expertise. Not unexpectedly, the film reflects its era's well-documented chauvinism.
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 17 months ago
Commander Pete Matthews is a 1950s male oink-oink at times in the movie. But he knew the way to a female marine biologist's heart: "Do you like lobster? Broiled with garlic butter and parsley?" When he turned his charm on Prof Lesley Joyce in the dinner scene, she just melted ... like butter ... with garlic and parsley.
Catbat PatS 17 months ago
I like it Pat S! 🍻
1MikeM 17 months ago
…..and dat was da Invisible Man....and dat's da name of dat tune.
Catbat 1MikeM 17 months ago
Dang there was music?
MADave 17 months ago
Evening all it's raining here with a record cold weekend in the 30's and snow in some parts
Catbat 17 months ago
Good afternoon gang. It's snowing ❄️❄️❄️!
Lynn Catbat 17 months ago
Catbat Lynn 17 months ago
It stopped. 😭
Lynn Catbat 17 months ago
I'm taking a wild guess here, but I think it is likely to come again. Did it stick?
Catbat Lynn 17 months ago
No 😢
JournalJeff2 17 months ago
Happy Day After Hump Day!
Sea Creatures, You can`t live with them, you can`t live without them!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
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