A Mysterious Mummy on the Move is the "Time Walker"- Tonight!

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Saturday night on MeTV- while we’ve shown plenty of mummy movies in the past (with another coming up next month)- this time it’s a somewhat different take on the usual mummified monster- when a mysterious mummy is brought to a California college- where it soon brings terror to the campus- and students and faculty alike are at the mercy of the “Time Walker”!

In this 1982 movie, we start out in Egypt- at King Tut’s tomb- where an earthquake has caused a wall collapse, revealing a previously unknown chamber! Inside, surrounded by the bodies of what are assumed to be guards, is a sarcophagus- obviously NOT containing Tut- so, who might it be? Professor Doug McCadden wants to find out, and has the sarcophagus flown to the college he teaches at, the California University of Sciences.

With the help of some students, Doug opens the sarcophagus to reveal a wrapped mummy, covered with a lot of unidentified fungus. He enlists wiseguy student Peter Sharpe to take x-rays of the mummy- and Sharpe accidentally uses too high a concentration of x-ray radiation in the process. As the faculty prepares for a major press conference, which has been demanded by the glory-hound university president, Sharpe looks at the x-rays that he over-exposed- and notices that, besides the mummy, there appear to be some crystals in a secret compartment! He sneaks back to where the sarcophagus is, steals the crystals, and takes new x-rays- without the crystals in them- to cover both his mistakes and his theft!

The press arrives for the conference- but, just before it begins, a student comes in contact with some of the strange fungus, with horrible results! In spite of that, the president demands that his show must go on, and conducts the press conference. The big moment comes when the lid is lifted to unveil the mummy- only to reveal – the mummy is gone!

The outraged and embarrassed president thinks it’s either a fraternity prank, or that Doug removed the mummy so he can get all the accolades. He demands a search of the entire campus- and makes definite threats to Doug and his student helpers. Meanwhile, that one shifty helper Sharpe has taken the crystals he purloined, and is selling them to his pals, as exotic jewelry for their girlfriends.

Things get dangerous when the crystals suddenly begin to glow- and it appears that they attract the now-revived mummy to each of them-resulting in vicious attacks! Plus, contact with the unknown fungus also begin to take a toll. Meanwhile,Doug works on translating the hieroglyphic text from the sarcophagus, and learns an astonishing secret- and perhaps the reason for what the mummy is doing! Will this knowledge reveal the truth- too late?

This unusual film stars some recognizable faces- including Ben Murphy, Shari Belafonte, and “Return of the Living Dead” star James Karen. We’ll fill you in on them, try to solve a few ancient Egyptian riddles, offer a chance to attend a certain college, and bring you a new song.

As posted earlier this week by our administrator, the film’s producers have given away a major plot twist in their own promotion of the film, like the trailer and posters. Since we want our viewers to experience the surprise in the film, we will not be allowing any spoilers. Those who want to know anyway before watching the movie can seek out the information pretty easily on their own.

“Time Walker” airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. As always, you can live-Tweet on Twitter, along with thousands of viewers while the movie is on- please make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets. In the Chicago area, local viewers can head back to the old west to get an encore of “Curse of the Undead” at 11 am on CW26.

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Join us tonight, when the secret of the walking mummy will become crystal clear!

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MADave 2 months ago
Just a little over 3900 posts that’s quite a drop from last week I wonder what happened?
deadringer42 2 months ago
1 hr to go & I'm not gonna make it. Good night and see you at the movies.
Thereman 2 months ago
Even though I've been way too occupied with work to post much, it's been (as usual) a fun week on the blog! Some thanks- even though I want to say thank yins in honor of Mrs. G! To Lucyc and Pat S for exploring many of the potential paths walked by an alien whose name was obviously a derivative of Ankhesenamun and Kharis. To Bill K, Dale, Jack, Keith J, and many others for a whole lot of fun and thoughtful posts- spoils/ spoilers/ Schrodinger's cat and all! And Mrs. G, I'm already missing the laughter from Crazy K, but a person has to do what they...have to do! This is a special weekend- more on that tomorrow. I need to get busy doing some more cooking, as we're going to wolf down some good stuff on Sventurday night. So happy eve of Sventurday to all Gooliacs! Take care/ give care!
gabste Thereman 2 months ago
I miss CrazyK too. Don't know why he left. Leave for a couple of days or weeks, not years.
PatS gabste 2 months ago
If you saw CrazyK's posts on his first blog venture, he was REALLY ker-rayyyyyzy. I think he actually got blocked after too much wild stuff. His return was much saner and more cordial to all. Looking for his safe Second Return whenever.
MrsG Thereman 2 months ago
Mad Love and Respect my Brother , thank You !
MrsG gabste 2 months ago
Agree , things are not the same. So Blessed we have You Missy g , keeping it REAL , and ZANY !
Now get your running shoes on , I’m hitting the sack !
Love You !
Islander 2 months ago
Saw our first fireworks tonight. Nothing spectacular but in post covid, we still enjoyed it.
Thereman Islander 2 months ago
Anything that helps get us closer to that wonderfully bizarre place known as "normal" can't be a bad thing! Besides, it's fireworks- what's NOT to love?
Islander Thereman 2 months ago
Amen to normalcy
Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
9 o'clock and all is quiet on the Sven blog front.
MADave Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
I'm here off and on but I'm here!
KeithJ 2 months ago
Here in SW Florida we're keeping an eye on Hurricane Elsa Lanchester.
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Katink KeithJ 2 months ago
Stay safe, Keith!
gabste KeithJ 2 months ago
Be careful ! Evacuate if they tell you to !
MrsG Katink 2 months ago
Haha ! Love it girl !
👧 🐺 👯‍♀️
Katink MrsG 2 months ago
Thanks, MrsG!🐺🐺🐺
TheKodakKid 2 months ago
Before we leave The Time Walker to gather dust in the Sven Vault, here’s a news item that may give some pause after last Saturday’s movie. Egypt has announced the discovery of “megatombs” at the ancient sight of Saqqara, near Cairo. They are still trying to determine how many Sarcophagi and mummies are at the site. Not all of them are human either. A few different types of mummified animals have been found as well.

Should someone warn them about checking the settings on the x-Ray equipment?
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 2 months ago
I didn't think that would be a warning to the wise!
Jack TheKodakKid 2 months ago
I thought Saqqara was closer to Memphis…😉𓀾𓀾𓀾

I read the article about Saqqara in _Smithsonian_. Shared tombs became popular in the Third Intermediate Period, starting ca 1000 BCE for economic reasons relating to instability and foreign invasions. Around 600 BCE Psamtik I expelled the invaders, reunited Egypt, and ushered in a period of stability and prosperity, reviving *ahem* use of the necropolis at Saqqara. By this time, people were so used to shared tombs that they continued the practice, even the wealthy, resulting in of hundreds and counting of coffins and mummies they’ve found in the shaft tombs.

It’s a little too late for a warning about the x-rays—they’ve already found some of the cat mummies contain no cat.

Drang Jack 2 months ago
Waiting on Gabste to post an emoji of a kitty mummy!
Jack TheKodakKid 2 months ago
PatS TheKodakKid 2 months ago
According to my kid book, _Don't Know Much About Mummies_ (at my level of comprehension), it says Egyptians mummified cats, crocodiles, fish, mice, snakes, dogs, bulls, monkeys, several kinds of birds and even an egg. Investigators realized there couldn't possibly have been that number of falcons in Egypt, and found many offerings were just a few bones wrapped in rags.
MADave 2 months ago
My sisters told me that mom just has breathing tubes and not the mask like yesterday when I saw her so there's some improvements.
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Thereman MADave 2 months ago
Those good vibes and prayers are still happening! So, once again...Better days ahead! Lord, in your mercy...
deadringer42 MADave 2 months ago
Every little step forward is good news. Continued prayers and good vibes. Stay strong.
Katink MADave 2 months ago
Thanks, MADave! It's hard to tell from my Bitmoji, but I'm a bit taller than Rosie O.😉
gabste MADave 2 months ago
I pray some more for your Mom
abc123 2 months ago
I got a new fan a couple days before Cult of the Cobra (june fifth) and i spent a few hours getting angles and lighting figured out to get post-able pictures (and video). Tonight will be the first set with new fan. Background is just a towel, sorry...
abc123 abc123 2 months ago
Also: Rejected verse for the week:
Even a woman who is pure in heart
and says her prayers by night
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and her husband isn't bright
MADave abc123 2 months ago
MrsG abc123 2 months ago
You spoil us abc123 , and we love it !
Katink abc123 2 months ago
That's awfully good for the reject pile, abc123!
PatS abc123 2 months ago
Actually, isn't Barry her fiancé? No big deal. I'm not even sure if they included the full moon "rule" in this one.
MADave 2 months ago
Hey group I'm not sure if I'll be up to blogging tomorrow I'm still kinda bummed over my mom's condition I'll still be watching but I may pop on here and there and again thank you all for your hopes and prayers.
abc123 MADave 2 months ago
Your mother is WAY more important than us.
daleuhlmann MADave 2 months ago
Dave: Continued good vibes and thoughts for your mom.
Lynn MADave 2 months ago
I'm sorry that this has been such a difficult time, Dave. Good vibes always.
CarrieCastro 2 months ago
Happy Friday wow
went by fast 🙆‍♀️ yay
for us all 🎩

Looking forward to
Sven 📺🍿🙄 always
a great time.
Have I seen this one maybe 🤔
Sounds good too
me 🍿🤖🍫

Have a nice Friday 🎏
See you later 🤠

MADave CarrieCastro 2 months ago
You too Carrie and thanks for the nice post regarding my mom I took a day off from seeing her I'll go tomorrow
Klaatu 2 months ago
On Beaver, one production credit was Harry Ackerman. I wonder if he was somehow related to Forrest Ackerman, the quirky famous collector of SciFi memorabilia?
Jack Klaatu 2 months ago
If they were family, they managed to keep the relationship hidden. Ackerman is not a terribly unique name, and that they both ended up in greater LA is not surprising considering their careers.
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 2 months ago
Harry Ackerman was born in Albany NY.
Early in his radio career he played a comic under the name Wilbur W. Willoughby Jr.
He moved to Hollywood, became a big time TV producer, gad as many as seven series on the air at one time.
I am finding no connection to 4SJ Ackerman.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago
... had as many ...
Klaatu 2 months ago
Ahh yes, it’s always Greener Acres on the other side of the fence.
MrsG Klaatu 2 months ago
I have always liked the one that Montel Williams came up with :
“People think the grass is greener , you just have to fertilize your own”.
Lucyc Klaatu 2 months ago
Or, as the late humorist, Erma Bomber, wrote, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank."😆🌱☘️🌿
PatS Lucyc 2 months ago
Bombeck (beware the phonetergeist!).
Lucyc PatS 2 months ago
Alas, I called myself proof-reading. Darn this autocorrect/phonetergeist!😡
abc123 2 months ago
Theodore is Hot for Teacher
MrsG abc123 2 months ago
Ain’t he the Stinker ? I get a kick out of season 1 !
Happy weekend abc123 !
Jack abc123 2 months ago
Theodore Waldo Cleaver?
Lucyc abc123 2 months ago
By the time I was old enough to really watch the show with some real understanding of storyline, "Beaver" was in his later childhood/early teens. I always identified with Beav a bit, as I, too, was the younger of a two-sibling family, who were both the same gender-with the older sibling being more than just a few years older. My sister was almost 9 years older than I was, whereas Wally was more like four to five years older than Beav. Wally was sufficiently older to put him on the next stage of development. When Beav was just starting school, Wally was on the cusp of adolescence. My sister was, unfortunately for me, a bit more like Eddie Haskell than Wally in the aggravation department, but she did look out for her "little sis."
Aceman2 Lucyc 2 months ago
Hey Lucy. I also was in a 2 sibling same gender family and my brother was 10 years older than me. He was the problem child.
abc123 Lucyc 2 months ago
I was child seven of eight. Three older brothers AND three older sisters. I had no peace.
Katink Aceman2 2 months ago
I joke that oldest children are like the first pancake 🥞 because I'm middle of three.
Lucyc Aceman2 2 months ago
Same with my older sister.
JournalJeff3 2 months ago
Happy Friday!
I was just rushing the week-end yesterday.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
gabste JournalJeff3 2 months ago
You too JJ !!! 😊
abc123 2 months ago
that anthill in on the title card of Ant Pasted, sure looked like Mt Fuji
JohnBlair 2 months ago
prank phone calls - hAVE you got Prince Albert in a can? You better let him 0uT!!! and... IS your Refrigerator running? You better catch iT!!!
Sorry just read the NeWs leTTer!?!?!
PatS JohnBlair 2 months ago

Yes, old-fashioned pranks. The one I remember is: "Did you take a shower this morning? Well, put it back!" Except if it was played on you, you could respond: "Did you take a shower this morning?" "Why, is one missing?"
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
A little trivia that Sven probably won't mention tomorrow: Uncredited in a bit role as one of the police officers we'll be seeing in SHE-WOLF OF LONDON is James Finlayson. He is better known to Laurel and Hardy fans as one of their major film nemesis. His trademark was known as the "double take and fadeaway," a squint-eyed reaction of outrage, punctuated by a verbal "D'ooooh!" Matt Groening credits Finlayson's exclamation as the inspiration for Homer Simpson's "Doh!"
according to one film scholar Jimmy Finlayson had a face that looked like he had been weened on dill pickles and sauerkraut
An apt description, Larry! BTW, his famous walrus moustach was not real.
MrsG daleuhlmann 2 months ago
YAY ! Great tidbits of trivia , 10-Q Dale ! Happy Frieday !
daleuhlmann MrsG 2 months ago
Happy Friday to you, too, Mrs. G!🙂
gabste daleuhlmann 2 months ago
I love Laurel and Hardy ! Wish Metv would pick them up !
deadringer42 2 months ago
Missed toones this morning. Daughter here from west coast.
PatS deadringer42 2 months ago
Record for later? Family is always best priority IMO.
Islander deadringer42 2 months ago
Have a good time. Stay safe and remember a lot of partying drivers on the road.
gabste deadringer42 2 months ago
Enjoy ! Fun fun !
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