A New Show at a New Time! “Medusa Against the Son of Hercules” Tonight!

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Yes, tonight is the night of the big move- the Sven show will now start at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and we're kicking off this new time slot with a new merchandise item (we'll get to that later) and a brand new show- with its monsters created by a famed effects master, and its hero (and nemesis) rooted in mythology- it's time for a sand and sandals spectacular- "Medusa Against the Son of Hercules"!

We'll explain the origins of this "Son of Hercules" monicker on the show- as this 1963 film focuses on  heroic young Perseus, who lives simply and respects nature and honesty. Not everyone does, however-  the villainous royal family of Argos, lead by King Acrisio and his nasty son Galenore,  are bent on conquering the neighboring Seriphos- they have blocked their trade route  that  cuts through their land, and have decimated their forces through the evil guardianship of a dragon and the uncanny Medusa, a creature whose gaze turns  men (and horses) to stone!  Acrisio's queen, Danae, is unhappy with her life-  she married Acrisio  when her husband was killed, in order to keep her people safe- but she also has a missing son , for whom she prays to the gods- she predicts that her son still lives, will return and kill the evil Galenore- and even tells him how he will know that it's is her son!

Meanwhile,the king of Seriphos mourns his own son who was a victim of Medusa- and is taken aback when an emissary of Argos offers the solution of having the king's lovely daughter, Andromeda, become the bride of Galenore  to effect a peace treaty. The King  does not want to lose another of his children- but the stunning Andromeda feels she should have some say in the matter- and will meet with Galenore. Meanwhile,she has been flirting with young Perseus, who  lives on their royal estate, but has no idea that she is a princess!

Things get tense when Galenore and Perseus meet- and become rivals for the princess' affections.  Hand to hand combat, kidnapping, and treachery escalate the warring factions- with Perseus  put to the test by the  monsters of Argos as he fights to protect Seriphos!

Yes, there is some basis for this story in mythology- and you may know some of the other related versions of the tale in more modern films. We'll  give you some background, including who that effects master involved in creating the movie's monsters is, introduce you to some of the cast, and add in some soon-to-be legendary Sven content- including a lesson in mythology from an unexpected source, another round of Sven's drawing game "Too Drawn Out", a musical  interlude with Sven and Doug Graves, and more!

Again- our program begins at the new time tonight- 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check time and channel in your area in your local listings -or at Chicago viewers will still find our replay from the previous week's MeTV program - in this case, "Monster on the Campus"- at the same time- 11 am- on WCIU, the U. MeTV invites you to continue live-Tweeting along with the other Sven fans during the show- just use the hashtag #svengoolie.

Watch for the ad for our new merchandise item, which we've been waiting to reveal to you- the limited edition collectible Svengoolie action figure! We think you'll be impressed by the amazing likeness, created by Figures Toy Company, who have done the figures offered in the MeTV store based on Dc Comics  and classic  TV characters. This looks to be a high-demand collectible- so don't miss out!

Join us tonight - new time, new show- you can bet your last money, Medusa will make it a STONE gas, honey!