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I just wanted to mention a couple important anniversaries- today, April 2nd, marks the anniversary of our program going national on MeTV. It’s been eight years now, and the show continues to grow in popularity. Thank you all so much for your support.

Also- Monday was the 60th anniversary of the release of our friend Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon’s first big hit- “Tallahassee Lassie”! Freddy has been such a good friend to us- 60 years in rock and roll and still going strong. You’ll be able to see some special live in concert footage we shot with Freddy- and me making a cameo appearance onstage with him- this Saturday night during “House of Dracula”!

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gabste 13 months ago
I've seen the show over the years but it wasn't until my sister-in-law said how much she loved the show and my hubby and I sat down and watched the show one night. We laughed so much at Sven's jokes and commercials that we were hooked ! Thats was five years ago ! I started commenting on here probably about 3 years ago by now.

I love all the shows and look forward to seeing all your jokes Sven , and Doug's wonderful piano/trumpet playing. The review song is my favorite part ! May you guys play on for another 40 years ! 🤗🤗
tardis913 13 months ago
Happy Anniversary Mr. Goolie! 🏆
scottieO 14 months ago
Freddy Cannon - Congratulations on 60+ years in the music business, that takes a rare talent.
Rich Koz - How great it is for you (and your fans far and wide) to celebrate 8 years being broadcast nationally. A toast to many, many more!
Bill_K 14 months ago
Like my Fellow Blogger Dale Uhlmann below - I discovered you and your show while changing the channels and seeing a very sharp quality 1950s Universal SCI-FI epic. Then stayed around long enough to catch one of your bits at the break.

Congratulations Sven/Rich. Thanks for giving us a great show to watch and for providing a blog where I've met a lot of Great People!

Matt 14 months ago
Congratulations !!! This show saved my life for real.
Catbat Matt 14 months ago
Me too Matt. I totally get it
Mysty Matt 13 months ago
This was my lifeline when I had to be in a skilled nursing facility for 9 months. For what it's worth, I'mglad your still here.
Lucyc 14 months ago
Congrats on the eight year anniversary, Sven/Rich. I think I've been a member for a little over half of your tenure on Metv. We had decided to "cut the cord" because we didn't like the expense of satellite service when we really only watched a pittance of the programming. My concern was my mom losing her primary source of programming which provided all the old westerns. I was beyond delighted to discover Metv had almost all of them wafting over the free airwaves. I saw Svengoolie advertised and checked it out. I started watching just in time to see some Hammer films I had never seen, and got to see Brides of Dracula, which I had always wanted to see. I found the blog soon after, and I'm still happily hanging around.
I hope that you get one of these Emmy lifetime achievement awards, as you certainly deserve one for your contribution to the entertainment industry.
Tommy7 14 months ago
Congrats. Wow! I can’t believe it’s already eight years. It doesn’t seem that long.
JohnBlair 14 months ago
Soooooo.... Glad MeTV picked up SvenGooLie; it makes TV FuN again!!!
I'm having a GREAT time with the blog!
CloudRains 14 months ago
Happy 8th Anniversary to the national audience. Having spent the 1st fifty years of my life in the suburbs of Chicago, I have been a fan since the Son Of Svengoolie years. Keep up the good work.
Tygercat 14 months ago
Sven, a very happy national anniversary. We are so glad you went national, you make our Saturdays!
abc123 14 months ago
i will admit, for the first year, as soon as star trek was over, i would go to bed. then one day, a movie i wanted to see was on, so watched, and was hooked.
daleuhlmann abc123 14 months ago
Similarly, one Saturday night in early September of 2011, I came across one of my favorite classic horror movies, WEREWOLF OF LONDON. Then I discovered that there was a host between movie breaks whom I recognized as Rich Koz, the former Son of Svengoolie, whom I'd read about in Elena Watson's book on TV horror movie hosts. Like you, I was instantly hooked, and I've been a loyal viewer ever since.
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
How is your morning
going 🌞

We had a thunder storm
yesterday wow boom boom ⛈ It came and in a very short time it was
gone and the sun was back🌷
I saw my first butterfly

Going to be 70* today
back in the garden🌸🍃

We did work on the Creepy Garden🕸🌷🕸
before the storm!
I came across a very long strange worm
🐛as I was cleaning
out weeds 👩‍🌾

Looking better now
🐌a few snails in the garden they munch on
my plants...I remove them to somewhere
else in garden 🤗

Have a nice day 💝
JournalJeff2 14 months ago
Congratulations on your national anniversary Sven!
Freddy Cannon, congratulations to you too for 60 years of great music!
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
Good morning🌞
Happy Anniversary
Sven so nice 🎉 I'm
so happy I found your show I love it 🤖

House on Haunted🏰
Hill love it..I had that
DVD but it melted in
the van DVD player 😱
very strange! It had to
be taken to get a new car DVD player not our fault 😨
I hope Sven can show
the movie soon it is
a good one 🕸📺🍿

Have a great day 🐦
Ravenwoman 14 months ago
Sven! Happy Anniversary! 😁🗽👍💓 Please give us at least a 'dirty, dirty...dozen!' We love you here in New York City and our five boroughs! Keep up the good work! - Michele
RandySkretvedt 14 months ago
I'm so glad that I have been able to enjoy for the past eight years what has been Chicago's treasure for 40! Thank you for your wonderful show, Sven, it's the highlight of my week!
Lynn 14 months ago
So thankful that you took the step to go national, Sven!
dh 14 months ago
Happy Anniversaries all around!
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