A Scary Schoolgirl Graduates to Gore- "Blood of Dracula" Tonight!

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This week on MeTV- it’s another Saturday matinee ‘50s offering from American International Studios- one that can be counted as part of the teenage monster series of films with “I Was A Teenage Frankenstein” and “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”- but tonight’s film puts a twist on the formula by making the terror a female! Our teenage vampire is out for blood in “Blood of Dracula”!

In this 1957 chiller, we meet the unhappy Nancy being forced to go to a distant girls’ school, so her father and his rather nasty new bride can begin their lives together without her. The fact that dear old Dad married again only six weeks after Nancy’s mom died does not sit will with the troubled teen. Her first night at the Sherwood School for Girls is no picnic, either- a clique of popular girls, the “Birds of Paradise” invade her room and give her a hard time.

She actually passes their “test” by not ratting on them to the housemother! Myra, the head “bird”, introduces her to the only boy on campus, a groundskeeper that the girls take turns dating. Nancy is unimpressed by the lawn-mowing Lothario- she has a much better specimen of a boyfriend back home.

Myra heads to the office of chemistry teacher Miss Branding, to whom she is an assistant, who tells her about her thesis- claiming there is a terrifying power within us all, just waiting to be unleashed. When she tells Myra about wanting to find a student to “experiment” with regarding her theory- someone with anger issues- Myra suggests Nancy.

Miss Branding plans a mishap in chemistry class that will allow her to have a one-on-one meeting with Nancy. She works on gaining Nancy’s confidence, then asks to hypnotize her- all to help her work out her problems, of course. Nancy agrees, and Branding puts on an ornate amulet, which Nancy jokes is costume jewelry- only to be told that it is actually an ancient artifact from the Carpathian Mountains ( home of Dracula, as we saw in last week’s movie), capable of great and unusual power. Branding puts her subject into a hypnotic trance- and places the poor unaware girl under her control!

This control becomes evident the night of a “Birds of Paradise” party with some uninvited male guests sneaking in and almost getting caught! Miss Branding has sent word that, even at this late hour, Myra should go down to a storeroom to get the things needed for tomorrow’s chemistry lesson. As she does, Branding clutches the amulet and exerts her control over Nancy. The result- Myra ends up being fatally attacked by –well, something -that has left two puncture marks on her throat- and her blood drained! When a coroner’s assistant brings up tales he was told by an exchange student from a village in the Carpathian Mountains about vampires, investigators will not even consider that theory.

Perhaps soon they will have to- when there are more murders! Nancy begins to suspect that she is involved- can she get released from Branding’s “experiment” before there is more mayhem?

As I said, this movie has similarities to the other AIP teenage monster films, especially “Teenage Werewolf”- with both the main characters being troubled teens who undergo hypnosis to supposedly “help” them. We’ll run down the cast list, with some faces you’ll recognize from other films of this era, give some production background, inflict upon you another round of our “Too Drawn Out” game, give you yet another alternative for further education, plus the sequel to a bloodsucker bit we ran recently, and, of course, a new song.

“Blood of Dracula” runs tonight ( ooh, that’s nasty!) at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. If you need help in finding the time and station in your area, you can consult your local listings or check at . Last week, we were in the Twitter top ten trending topics nationally for the entire two hours of the show, thanks to viewers live-Tweeting using the hashtag #svengoolie – and you are welcome to join in during the program again this week. Chicago area viewers can catch an encore of Bela Lugosi in “Dracula” this morning on CW26 at 11 am.

We recently were made aware that Ricou Browning- a legendary performer who was in the Gill Man costume for the underwater scenes of the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and its sequels, was a director, created the TV show “Flipper”, and much more- is in declining health. His daughter has asked that fans send mail to him to cheer him up, so please, join us in doing so- the address is –

 Ricou Browning 

5221 SW 196 Lane

Southwest Ranches 

Florida  33332

Tell him that Svengoolie and all his fans send their love and appreciation for his immortal work in movies and television.

For those who keep asking-the new Sven zip-up hoodies WILL be restocked soon! Just check the Sven store, or watch for the announcement that they are back in stick.

And- join us tonight on MeTV for a school of higher education- with a higher fatality rate!

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1MikeM 2 months ago
T minus two minutes and counting.....
1MikeM 2 months ago
T'was da night before Svengoolie Saturday when all tru da house...
Aceman2 2 months ago
Good evening Katink. Perhaps your hubby will get a kick out of this.
Katink Aceman2 2 months ago
Wow, Aceman! Hubby says those are nice! Possibly resin castings, rather than plastic kits?
Aceman2 Katink 2 months ago
A.C. Meet Frank Aurora Monster Scenes Scale Production Photo 5 Figure Model Kit:

Aurora Monster Scenes Scale Production Classic Photo Monster Group Shot Model Unpainted. Now in 3D you can own the Chick n Wilbur Plus The Monsters in the Classic Group Shot. You get Frankenstein in towering Scary pose, Dracula in classic Hypno pose , Wolfman in bent over Menacing pose with a base and classic name plate. Includes Scared Chick and Wilbur and the 3 monsters. Chick n Wilbur look exactly like the Real Movie Monsters/Actors with all the great likeness and Detail you expect from us!

You get: Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, base and name plate plus Chick and Wilbur ...All Five come with body and two arms each that you assemble on base with name plate Unpainted. Looks pretty colorful painted up!
1MikeM Aceman2 2 months ago
Jack Aceman2 1 month ago
NOTE TO PURCHASER: This is a Resin Model Kit and requires model building and painting skills. Many parts may require prep, sanding, fitting and some scratch building. Some models do not come with printed box or instructions and are intended for experienced modelers. Our amazing staff of professional model builders can build and paint this kit for you. Please use the BUILD UP SERVICES link at the right side of the page to contact us for more information or a price quote.

The website has all sorts of horror and sci fi tchotchkes. Reproductions and reissues of the AMT _Star Trek_ model kits DO NOT have the same note. Also, large image of unpainted kit is resin grey and shows no seams/joins.
MrsG 2 months ago
Good luck ALL !
Will keep an eye out , o/w Nitey nite !
💜 🙋‍♀️ 💜
Thereman 2 months ago

Taken at sunset after what has been an absolutely glorious Sventurday Eve day, with a reminder that it is the first of October: By the time All Saints Day arrives, the basil forest 🌳 will be a sweet memory, consumed in pesto, pizza, sauces…hope you’ve all had a delicious summer! Looking at what’s ahead, not only a fantastic movie 🎥 lineup, but soon fresh potato leek soup will emerge from under the watchful eyes of the angel!
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Drang Thereman 2 months ago
...which is why we don't have pizza very often...
PatS Drang 2 months ago
PatS Thereman 2 months ago
Great gardening in a small space!
Carl_N_Brown 2 months ago

Nancy and Bob sitting on a marquee
Haitch Eye Ess Ess Eye En Gee
First comes fights, then comes worse,
Next thing you know they're riding in a hearse.

MrsG 2 months ago
Whoa ~ this’ll scare even Frankenstein away ~
Now that’s a BIG kitty cat !
Thereman MrsG 2 months ago
MrsG! Giving your kitty steroids! Why didn’t I think of that?
Carl_N_Brown MrsG 2 months ago
Looks like the firecracker cat.
Katink MrsG 2 months ago
I bet the neighborhood mice are terrified, MrsG!
MrsG Katink 2 months ago
G-O-N-E !
Jack Katink 2 months ago
It depends which neighborhood...
Katink Jack 2 months ago
Yikes, Jack!
1MikeM Jack 2 months ago
"You're gonna need a bigger mousetrap!"
MrsG 2 months ago
The usual suspects are laying low ~ must be carbing up for the big run tonight ~ so it’s anyone’s shot at first-of-the-month A&CMF Blog !
📣 *_* 📣
NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Ermahgerd MrsG! I just found out that was Mick "just waiting on a friend" outside that bar! I'm not stupid, just a little slow...
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Re-reposting since reply went bye byes ~

Yep , turned up at local dive without security or entourage (?!) , I forget , are you from around there (Charlotte) ?
NoPersonalChicks MrsG 2 months ago
No - Texas. Mick isn't shy about falling into various bars. See Buffett's 'Bama Breeze' lyrics.
KeithJ NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
"In the ladies bathroom stall! "
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Will do , hey and we’ll see ~ they’re coming here Monday ~ ~
Mikeyyy NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
NPC you’re not alone my friend. I knew what she was posting about and still didn’t say anything!
MrsG Mikeyyy 2 months ago
Uh huh ! Keeping a low profile on the Sven Blog , like Mr. Jagger !
Mikeyyy MrsG 2 months ago
More like no profile...
MrsG 2 months ago

Hey CrazyK where y’at ? ! ? !
MADave 2 months ago
Hey group I'm having trouble getting in my email can't remember my password so I'll look at it sooner or later?
PatS MADave 2 months ago
Do what we did. Get a little address book (seems the only kind now is for passwords) and write down every password you've got. It's been a life-saver for us when we visit one of those once-a-year sites and can't remember which trick we used.
Jack 2 months ago
Is it a request for Catbat’s Halloween Playlist, or is it a lead-in for _Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein_? October is so mysterious...
Thereman Jack 2 months ago
Gabriel Dell, one of the original Dead End/ East Side Kids and later Bowery Boy, who did lots of voice work, although he was incorrectly credited with doing the voice of Boba Fett in "The Empire Strikes Back."
1MikeM Jack 2 months ago
I bought that record when I was a kid. I think I ordered it through those ads that ya see in the back of the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.
1MikeM Thereman 2 months ago
That was Jason Wingreen who was the voice of Boba Fett. He played Harry the bartender on ALL IN THE FAMILY and ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE.
MrsG Thereman 2 months ago
No kidding ? WOW , Love the Bowery Boys !
NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Still pleading a case for MeTV to air Laugh-In.
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
You bet your bippy !
KeithJ NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
On rewatching Deadpool I saw a "flying fickle finger of fate" on a shelf in the background!😁
MADave NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Sock it to me????
Katink NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Here come the judge! Here come the judge!
deadringer42 2 months ago
I am definitely ordering me a sveater.
MrsG deadringer42 2 months ago
50 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌’s
Not bad ~ I like how Svengoolie logo is written on the back !
MrsG deadringer42 2 months ago
Oh Ha Ha SVeater ~ just got that dr42 , a little slow on the uptake today !
KeithJ 2 months ago

Happy first of Oct-ogre everyone!
Mikeyyy KeithJ 2 months ago
Hey Keith, nice to see ya
MrsG 2 months ago
The start of our favorite month is exciting for Monster Kids and SvenFans near and far , across the lagoons , crypts and castles . Being my first fully engaged as a Svenonite , I am thrilled !
•• Catbat really kicked it into gear with a themed playlist request line ••
•• Spooky decorations , Halloweeny food and drinks already abounding ••
•• Sven movies and shtick will fill the Sventertainment bill ••
•• And best of ALL is Sven’s intent to “replace a little of the frightening stuff in the real world with the kind of scares that we all enjoy.”

10-Q Sven , Admin and Bloggers !

🎃 *_* 🎃
Lynn MrsG 2 months ago
Well said, MrsG! Sevn's intent truly does power the engine here, and we all get to enjoy the results.
Aceman2 MrsG 2 months ago
Nice avatar MrsG - good for Frankenfest!
MrsG Aceman2 2 months ago
10-Q Aceman , and I hear our man Mr. Frye is retuning in a cpl weeks !
abc123 2 months ago
was running around earlier, so just now saw newsletter. Love the sweater.
Aceman2 2 months ago
Dwight Frye would have been a great addition to the cast of A&CMF but unfortunately he died in 1943. Comedy was what he was known for on Broadway. I am chuckling at what could have been a special moment when Lou and Dwight meet on screen.
daleuhlmann Aceman2 2 months ago
Like Frye, Edward Van Sloan was another renowned horror film supporting star who hoped that he would be remembered for the numerous stage comedies he had earlier appeared in
Aceman2 2 months ago
We have a new brew pub coming to town. The Bitchin’ Kitten Brewery. Brews include Twisted Whiskers, Boujee Cat, and Honest Abe’s Tabby. They serve cocktails as well including Bloody Claw and Rum My Tummy. Merlin is looking forward to the grand opening.
Klaatu Aceman2 2 months ago
Very creative!! If the cat on the can had a cigar…Churchill🤔? Oh, I just realized a new beer: Cat on the Can.
MrsG Aceman2 2 months ago
meow meow meow-meow , meow meow Meeeeooowww !
Drang Aceman2 2 months ago
It would be (P)awesome if the local booze megamart would carry this!
KeithJ Klaatu 2 months ago
I'm guessing Churchill based on the address (#10 Downing)
Aceman2 2 months ago
Be seeing you @ the movies
MrsG Aceman2 2 months ago
I always love this happy-almost-Svenday-dance !
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