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Some of the blog followers have asked that fellow commenters post fewer wallpaper posts, animal photos, song postings, and whatever that have nothing to do with the blog topic or posts. Comments already go very far off topic which we have allowed to some extent as relates to the community here.

However these posts do create clutter and make it hard for some to scroll through or follow and respond to earlier threads and conversations.

Please also follow the standards we have set. They include no personal attacks, no politics, no promoting other networks or programs, no profanity or sexual innuendo, no repetitive complaining about the movie. We retain the right to remove posts and ban offenders.

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JeffDucummon 1 hour ago
Have become a regular viewer. Would like to make a to watch the original "The Thing" some Sat. night.
Stenzhorn JeffDucummon 21 minutes ago
Thats a great one, and even the remake was well done.
LynneaStadelmann 3 days ago
I went on a Star Trek cruise this year. The tee shirt that got the most comments/likes? Why, Svengoolie of course!
Blackcastle 6 days ago
I love Saturday nights with svengoolie! Great movie tonight!!
SonnyDryer 6 days ago
Hey, Well Thank you. I have no idea how many times I've visited this page in the last, well probably since it's been up, and it never occurred to me to register, LOL.....only 27 more minutes till the movie starts. I'm ready, willing and able....going to start popping the corn soon, and settle in for "Abbott and Costello go to mars"...a Classic I saw when it was new! Yep, I'm that old... Thanks for the Welcome...
Andy666 13 days ago
Thanks for showing the "Giany Claw". That movie sucks so much it was GREAT! I don't know why it so scared the crap out of me when I was young (several decades ago). Love the show!
LissainLenoir 13 days ago
Every month when I click on the "Win an Autographed Rubber Chicken" my laptop tells me it can't give me a secure connection because there is something untrustworthy in the link and that I should alert the website's administrator about the issue. I used to have no problems entering the contest in years past, but the block has been going on now since last summer or even longer. Any advice? Thanks.
DonnaHooper 13 days ago
I like it when you play the 40's & 50's black and white old horror movies.
Carl_N_Brown 14 days ago
I usually post from a laptop and not post during a show.

I have recently posted from my phone while watching the show.

It's like viewing the blog totally different.

Personal devices have little screens, don't they?
(I have trouble scrolling without shrinking and freezing the screen.)

My promise during tonight's show: I will keep my comments quippy and avoid going all teal deer and off topic.

(And no, I did not have my fingers crossed behind my back. I mean it. As Hoban "Wash" Washburne, pilot of "Serenity" in Josh Whedons iconic series "Firefly" once famous stated "I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic." I can keep it simple, short and sweet and to the point, Hemingwayish even, and avoid the elaborate verbosity of Poe or Lovecraft although that elaborate word weaving can set a mood for a story, can't it? And stay on topic and not meander off -- oh! look! a squirrel's running across the telephone line!)
The February Svengoolie newsletter notes that "It’s the shortest month of the year" which brings up a greivance. February used to be a full 30 day month, until the Caesars Julius and Augustus stole a day so the months named after them, July and August, would be 31 days long. It's high time those stolen days were returned to their rightful owner, and give February 31 days on leap year as compensation for centuries of imperial oppression. It's not only fair play for February, but by removing two days from summer it will reduce global warming and save the planet.
bostonmark 14 days ago
I must suffer from a guiltily conscience because every time the admin says anything it is like a dagger to my heart even when it is something I’m pretty certain I’m not guilty of. Damn you admin why do you haunt me so?
Stenzhorn 14 days ago
How many comments rise to the level of the banned "repetitive complaining about the movie" noted above? Please answer ASAP so I can plan my weekend. Keep up this junk rotation of movies no one
wants to see even in a drunken stupor and I'll have to buy a DVD player.
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Catbat 1MikeM 14 days ago
bostonmark Stenzhorn 14 days ago
I think you just met the threshold all in one post
Carl_N_Brown Stenzhorn 13 days ago
2018 Svengoolie season,
52 episodes with 9 reruns,
43 different movies

Movies (date broadcast)

13 Ghosts (27 Oct 2018)
20 Million Miles to Earth (19 May 2018, 01 Dec 2018)
5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (10 Mar 2018, 01 Sep 2018)
Abbott and Costello Go To Mars (14 Apr 2018)
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (20 Oct 2018)
Ants (03 Feb 2018, 24 Mar 2018)
Barracuda (21 Jul 2018)
The Blob (12 May 2018)
The Creature Walks Among Us (29 Sep 2018)
The Creature from the Black Lagoon (08 Dec 2018)
Cry of the Werewolf (13 Oct 2018)
Dinosaurus! (07 Apr 2018)
Earth vs the Flying Saucers (05 May 2018)
Gargoyles (03 Nov 2018)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (14 Jul 2018)
Godzilla Raids Again (13 Jan 2018)
Godzilla vs Monster Zero (31 Mar 2018)
Godzilla vs. Mothra (20 Jan 2018)
Godzilla's Revenge (27 Jan 2018)
Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (06 Jan 2018)
The Gorgon (17 Nov 2018)
Have Rocket, Will Travel (21 Apr 2018, 22 Dec 2018)
House of Frankenstein (18 Aug 2018)
House of Horrors (25 Aug 2018)
Leech Woman (30 Jun 2018)
The Mad Magician (17 Mar 2018)
Man-Made Monster (14 Jun 2018)
The Medusa Against the Son of Hercules (07 Jul 2018)
Mr. Sardonicus (28 Apr 2018, 24 Nov 2018)
The Mole People (09 Jun 2018)
Munster Go Home (28 Jul 2018)
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (17 Feb 2018, 29 Dec 2018)
Night Walker (23 Jun 2018)
The Return of the Vampire (06 Oct 2018)
The Revenge of Frankenstein (03 Mar 2018, 15 Dec 2018)
Revenge of the Creature (22 Sep 2018)
Rodan (15 Sep 2018)
Son of Frankenstein (04 Aug 2018)
Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (10 Feb 2018, 26 May 2018)
Terror Out of the Sky (24 Feb 2018, 08 Sep 2018)
The Tingler (10 Nov 2018)
Werewolf Of London (02 Jun 2018)
The Wolf Man (11 Aug 2018)

Most TV shows nowadays a full season is 22, 23, 24 episodes.
I salute Sven and the whole Svengoolie crew.
Stenzhorn Carl_N_Brown 12 days ago
Thanks for the history!
jm 14 days ago
Regarding the newsletter question of what should be the next Svengoolie action figure.
We gotta have a place to put our Sven when we're away...
Give us...
like the one on the show and relative to the action figure of course
CarrieLynnCastro 15 days ago
Good morning
Lynn I heard some thunder storms going
your way πŸŒ§β›ˆπŸŒ§
Be safe stay home πŸ˜‰
driving in the rain in
Socal is dangerous πŸš—
they think they are speed boats 🚀

Have a nice day Lynn
take care 🐝

Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 15 days ago
Thank you, Carrie! Yes, the thunder storms are here, and L.A. drivers are not renowned for being sensible in rain. But many of us try. Be well!
CarrieLynnCastro 15 days ago
Good morning 🌞
"The Claw" have seen it
I thought I noticed like
wire's moving that big
bird but could I be seeing things πŸ˜‰

So cold out there for our Sven family 😨 keep safe and warm the sun is coming 🌞

We had rain thisπŸŒ§β›…πŸŒ§
morning the sun is out
now! More rain coming
on it's for a few more days short storms and then next week tooβ˜”
I read in Almanac that
Rain will last through
February that's it πŸ™

My garden has really enjoyed all this rain lots of flowers in bloom...I also have seen some
blossoms out in 🌸
country on the fruit
trees 🐝

Have a nice Thursday
Sven is on his way a good giant bird movie
will be fun πŸ¦…πŸ“ΊπŸΏ

See you later πŸ‘»

Carl_N_Brown 16 days ago
This page is "A Word from the Sven Administrator".

I am putting my movie posts on the last movie page "Wererwolf" until "The Giant Claw" opens.
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 16 days ago
Eggxactely what we all need to do. Hate bouncng back and forth to find everyone.
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 15 days ago
I agree with the no personal attacks rule,
but what happened to the no personal checks rule?

(Oh, Svengoolie blog and store have separate rules. Nevermind.)
DrClayton Trout 15 days ago
daDoctah Carl_N_Brown 15 days ago
Maybe we could get a special blog thread for "wallpaper posts, animal photos, song postings, and whatever that have nothing to do with the blog topic or posts". Post those things on that thread and post stuff that's actually about the movie on the thread designated for that purpose.
LarryTheTrainGuy 16 days ago
Does anyone out there remember "The Claw" a character from "Get Smart" "Not the craw the Claw"
daleuhlmann 16 days ago
Welcolme from the frozen tundra of Ohio! Because of the brutal cold, my college was closed today, and will tomorrow, too. Meanwhile, I'm battling a nasty upper respiratory condition, so I'm glad to have the time off to recuperate. In the meantime, I'll be posting my weekly movie review, this, of THE GIANT CLAW, during Saturday's wee morning hours. Its surprising connection to a prestigious film noir classic will definitely be worth spotlighting!
DrClayton daleuhlmann 16 days ago
Hope you claw your way back to the top of the heap soon!
Bill_K daleuhlmann 16 days ago
Now....I can't wait for that!
daleuhlmann Bill_K 16 days ago
Thanks, Bill K! Let's just that these two films are hardly ever mentioned together in the same sentence.
daleuhlmann DrClayton 16 days ago
Thanks, Dr. Clayton!
DrEd daleuhlmann 14 days ago
Dale, looks like you were hit with the infection as well. I had it for about a week. I'm surprised it did not last longer. I hope you have the shorter version of it. Teachers and students all over my school are coming down with so many illnesses. Hope you feel better soon. Catch you tomorrow--stay warm!
Bill_K 16 days ago
Good Afternoon, Everyone:

And I will do my part as well! For example, I used to be divided on what I felt was the greatest movie ever made. The Intellectual in me felt "Citizen Kane" was it. The Romantic in me felt "Gone With the Wind" was it. I eventually settled upon "Casablanca" due to its nice balance of romance and intellectual outlook upon life.

But, then I saw: "The Giant Claw". And it became my "Rosebud". Frankly, I don't give a d..n if the rest of you believe me or not. And you can have Paris, too!

As for me, I can't wait until Saturday at 8 pm when Gail, Bonnie, the two cats and I will be watching our (ALL TIME) FAVORITE movie on Svengoolie!
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Catbat DrClayton 16 days ago
+ Where the Red Fern Grows.
What month and day was that issue?
Google and Yahoo! aren't matching the quote.
daleuhlmann DrClayton 16 days ago
Laughter , indeed, is the best medicine!
Stenzhorn Bill_K 14 days ago
The only redeeming part of the Flying Claw is the attack on the UN, but unfortunately it failed to level the building and stem the flows of anti-American sentiment...
RickGrymes 17 days ago
Good evening to all I know its late easten time but good news today for me I’ll be back home for super bowl weekend thru tuesday as I posted a few days ago after being away from home since New Years, Yippee, lonely out here working in SoCal without Family Friends and all you guys so I’ll be watching this Claw movie with all you folks, never saw it before, hey what happened today on the blog, The Administration got involved again ? Anyone banned ?
Trout RickGrymes 17 days ago
Glad you're back, Rick! πŸ‘ With the weather report, you might wish you were in CA for one more week!
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