About the Latest Sven Merchandise

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If you checked in the online Svengoolie store  (I know, I know- I have a store?!)- you've noticed the new collector's button set. It's two buttons, a little larger than our previously offered buttons, with artwork done by two legendary comics artists.

One is created by Alex Ross- known by many as the "Norman Rockwell of Comic Artists" for his fantastic photo-realistic painted work. He's worked for both Marvel and DC Comics- created such masterpieces as "Kingdom Come" and "Marvels"- has  done collector's graphics of the Beatles and the Universal Monsters- and even  created the poster for the Oscars a few years ago. A longtime friend of mine, he parodies one of his most famous works- of a certain criminal clown and his giddy but deadly girlfriend- in this button, featuring myself and Kerwyn (who is NOT my girlfriend...)

The other  is created by Scott Shaw! Scott has such an amazing collection of work- he created the "Captain Carrot" animal superhero, has worked on comic books including the Flintstones, the Simpsons, and many more- worked in the production of animated shows like the beloved Ed Grimley cartoons, John Candy's "Camp Candy", and "Muppet Babies", as well as direct to video Disney projects- and has also worked on animated commercials that included the Flintstones for Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles- Scott truly has done it all, and brings us a great button that reflects his other comic creations!

I am so honored that these talented friends have contributed to our merchandise collection- and hope you'll enjoy their work  as well. Order now from the store on this site!