After Black Friday- Beware “The Black Cat”- Tonight!

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Black Friday may be nerve-wracking- but even worse- is a stormy night in an old dark house where a killer stalks victims- and death is predicted by the appearance of- "The Black Cat"!

The relatives of a wealthy old lady are on a death watch in her cat-filled house- in anticipation of inheriting  her wealth when she shuffles off this mortal coil- but, like her beloved feline friends, she seems to have multiple lives, and keeps recovering! The no-nonsense dowager knows her relatives' agendas, and decides to read her will to them before she passes- unafraid to let them know what she really thinks of her money-grubbing kin.  The proceedings are interrupted by a man she's known since he was a youngster- he's now a real estate agent, and has a sweet deal pending for the old woman's mansion and grounds- if he can only convince her to sell. He is accompanied by a daffy antique dealer who'd love to get his paws on some of the antiques in the house.The aging property owner, Henrietta, maintains that the place is not for sale- as the real estate agent, Gil, tries to convince her  to sell- all the while, coughing and sneezing since he's allergic to the cats that prowl the estate- a fully-equipped home for the kitties, even including a crematorium to prepare any deceased feline friends for the afterlife- which suddenly becomes the scene of a mysterious tragedy!

It becomes apparent that there is a killer on the loose on the estate-  not to mention a black cat. This makes everyone nervous, since  the superstitious old lady would never even allow a black cat on the premises, and the estate housekeeper  informs those present that the black cat appears- right before there is a death! The heirs, house staff,  Gil and the fluttery antique dealer become embroiled in a web of suspicion, as secrets are revealed, and more murderous mayhem ensues- as they wind up trapped in the house, without power or phone, as a thunderstorm rages- and no one can determine which of them is actually the killer- or who will be the next victim!

Since I know some viewers may be expecting a similarly titled (and more serious) film we've shown- "The Black Cat"with Karloff and Lugosi at deadly odds-let me state this is NOT that eerie 1930s film- this is a 1941 "Black Cat" with Lugosi still in attendance, but in a lesser role- and more humor to go along with the chills! We'll introduce you to the cast-including Broderick Crawford as the allergic real estate agent, comedian Hugh “Hoo-Hoo!” Herbert as the dotty antique dealer,Basil Rathbone ,Alan Ladd , and Gale Sondergaard among others. We'll add to the comedy with some Sven shtick , including a courtroom scene playing off both this film and a popular MeTV program!

"The Black Cat" will be waiting for you tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central/mountain, and, if unsure of time and channel in your area- please check local listings or the information you can find  at . Our Chicago area viewers get one more trip to "The Land Unknown" at 11 am on our sister station, the U, WCIU!

If you're in that aforementioned area, let me remind you that you will be able to meet me at the Pheasant Run entertainment complex in St. Charles Illinois tomorrow Sunday, from 10 to noon at the big Pop Culture Con ! This is looking (right now) to be the final Sven appearance of 2016- so, make plans to be there if you want to visit with me! You'll find full information on this site under "appearances".

Pssst-forget about Black Friday- coming up is Cyber Monday, and for the first time- EVERYTHING is on sale in the MeTV store- and,yes- that includes all our Sven merchandise! On Monday, click on the store tab on our site and/ or  to save on gifts for you and yours!

...but tonight - stock  up on Tender Vittles and kitty litter, and join us for some feline fright!