All New from the Sven Cave- "Creature with the Atom Brain" -Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we meet some walking dead restored to life by atomic radiation – and used to get revenge against those who betrayed a vicious mobster! It should actually be plural, but there is singular terror when we meet the “Creature with the Atom Brain”!

Things open with a crooked nightclub owner being attacked by a hulking individual who claims to be mobster Frank Buchanan- yet doesn’t resemble him in the least! The police are baffled by the fact that bullets had no effect on the intruder- and by the news that his fingerprints are those of a criminal who is already dead!

We meet the actual Frank Buchanan- who was deported, and while in Europe, met a scientist who was experimenting with using atomic power to bring the dead back to life to serve as cheap labor ( seems like I’ve worked for companies  that would have jumped at the chance of that…). Buchanan decides to fund the scientist’s work, and bring him back to America – to use these atomic zombies to take vengeance on those who drove him from this country. He is able to control the animated corpses remotely ( could they be Zoom zombies?) to carry out his plans.

The police, aided by their doctor Chet Walker, are confused when blood at the scenes of murders appears to be radio-active; but they finally realize that victims are tied to Buchanan, and must try to protect his remaining enemies from being killed- but how can they protect them from an unstoppable army of unkillable zombies?

This is a unique 1950s horror film, from Sam Katzman, who also brought us “The Werewolf” and “The Giant Claw”. In this all-new show from the top secret Sven Cave, we’ll tell you about the cast, do another “Too Drawn Out”, and , while we still miss our convention visits, show you some highlights from the last one we did earlier this year before the virus lockdown- C2E2 . There will even be a new song with Doug Graves! Plus- will Kerwyn make good on his banishment of me from the mail segments?

“Creature with the Atom Brain” attacks your TV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central. MeTV invites you to join the many Sven viewers who live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie – and see if we again are among the top-trending topics in the U.S. ! Our local Chicago area viewers get another look at the classic “Werewolf of London” at 11 am on the U.

Just a reminder-the Svengoolie “At Home” box is a great way to entertain yourself while waiting for the next Saturday night’s show- and is on sale in the store here on our website or at also still available is the highly collectible Svengoolie Studio set- with Sven action figure, coffin and little rubber chicken!

Join us tonight on MeTV for an eerie onslaught of atomic zombies!

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Aceman2 6 months ago
Sventastic Saturday is near
Aceman2 6 months ago
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Aceman2 6 months ago
I’m still awake. Waiting to let Merlin in. Should be here any minute
MADave 6 months ago
Just 19 minutes to new weekly blog I hope I'm still awake?
MADave 6 months ago
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Catbat 6 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Eveish All !
Well I'm starting to get back on track. Still reeling from TMBB.
Got home from work today. All of a sudden I hear, from The Professor, expletive!
He reached in his pocket and got stung by a wasp! Yes folks you heard it here first ! Straight from the Catbat's mouth .
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Islander Catbat 6 months ago
Definitely a joke in this somewhere. Is that a wasp in your pocket or are you just happy that's not it.
Is that a wasp in your pocket and he's not happy to see not that either.
I'll work on this and get back with you.
PatS Jack 6 months ago
Bees -- okay rescue. Wasps and hornets? Not so much.
PatS Jack 6 months ago
Nectar drunk and goofy? You mean they act like zom-bees?
PatS 6 months ago
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daleuhlmann 6 months ago
A movie that I'm convinced was influenced by CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN was the 1968 schlock-meller THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES. It has a similar plot about nuclear-fueled zombies. In addition to a cast featuring veterans John Carradine and Wendell Corey, it also featured Tura Santana, who was most famous for her role in Russ Meyers's FASTER, PUSSYCAT, KILL, KILL! Another camp treat: It was scripted by the film's producer and director, Ted V. Mikels, and Wayne R. Rogers--yes, THAT Wayne Rogers, from TV's M*A*S*H!
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Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Tura Satana played a character named Satana.
That musta made giving stage directions easier.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
She shoulda done a film with Abbott and Costello!
Carl_N_Brown Jack 6 months ago
The movie I saw the moriturus challenged Death to a game of badmintonska.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
_De Düva_! Madeleine Kahn spelar en sigarsmökningar lesbianska.
JohnBlair 6 months ago
Have you seen the ARROW?
TheKodakKid JohnBlair 6 months ago
I think he went ➡️.
Jack 5 months ago
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DrClayton 6 months ago
I have it on good authority that a certain Big Blogcast V attendee who was awarded Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) certification as an "Official Bear Wrangler" was so inspired that he spent the last week taking more classes and exams on Zoom, and is now eligible to be awarded the additional certification shown below. Congrats - You Know Who You Are!!
TheKodakKid DrClayton 6 months ago
Ahh, you ruined the surprise for your next birthday.
Catbat DrClayton 6 months ago
You are killin me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Catbat TheKodakKid 6 months ago
I have a blank toe tag
DrClayton Catbat 6 months ago
Every dung beetle movie *has* to have a DB wrangler !!
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
I have seen this movie long enuf ago to not remember all particulars.
I do recall it as much more intriguing than expected.
And the Sven goodie bits ought make an entertaining Saturday nite.

Anyone post spoilers, after I die, I'll return and while you sleep I'll put bugs in your cereal.
MADave Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Them is fightin' words
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
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BelleLugosi 6 months ago
New one for me this week. At least I think so... Come on, Sventurday!
Saturn3 BelleLugosi 6 months ago
I have Sventurday Night Fever so bad that I'm actually Sventing!
Oscar BelleLugosi 6 months ago
Almost there, hang on!
Lucyc 6 months ago
It"s interesting that this movie, from what I've read, is considered by many to be-if not the best-at least one of the best of Universal's horror properties that doesn't have one of their famed monsters in the film.
Lynn 6 months ago
Svengoolie Eve joy to all!
Oscar Lynn 6 months ago
Lynn Oscar 6 months ago
Indeed, Oscar!
JournalJeff2 6 months ago
Happy Friday!
Things that go bump in the night. Night Monster?
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
TheKodakKid 6 months ago
I need to make a correction to an earlier post. Bill K. had posted a picture that he thought was former President James Madison. I thought it was someone who had worked in his administration.

Turns out we were both wrong. The guy in the picture used to push Dolley’s Hostess cart. He was the inspiration for one of the original Hostess Snack Cakes mascots.

Happy to clear up that confusion.
Jack TheKodakKid 6 months ago
That’s why the mustache looks familiar!
DrClayton TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Just a friendly (grim grinning?) ghost, coming out to socialize...
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