All Right, Partner- Draw…BLOOD! “Curse of the Undead”- Tonight!

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Get along, little doggies, in the dog days of summer- when hot-blooded cowpokes might find it's a bummer- to face a gunslinger who'll make 'em expire- by bullet or  fangs, 'cause the guy's a vampire! MeTV heads west tonight for the "Curse of the Undead"!

The wild west seems to be getting a  little wilder, since old Doc Carter is puzzled by numerous deaths of young women, who waste away at the hands of some mysterious unknown illness.The doc and his daughter Delores  do their best to help them, but- to no avail. Handsome young preacher Dan does what he can to console the grieving families- and, while mourning one victim, is surprised to see some strange  puncture wounds on her neck!

The kindly old medical man, meanwhile, has even more trouble plaguing him-he has a no-good rattlesnake of a neighbor, a thug named Buffer, who is angling to procure the doctor’s land, legally or...however. The doc's young son Tim has had enough- and wants to defend his family's land and their honor by standing up to the brutish Buffer.The doctor would rather have cooler heads prevail-tries to let him cool down, and  has the local lawman  talk to the scheming bully in an attempt to keep hot-blooded Tim safe, and Buffer at bay.

When this accomplishes nothing- and more tragedy befalls the  Carter family- Tim can take no more, and, in the tradition of the old west ( at least, movie-wise) decides to challenge Buffer- with additional sad results. Now it's his sister Delores' turn to have had enough- and she makes it known that she intends to recruit a gunslinger to solve the problem of  Buffer for good. A mysterious gunman in black answers the call- and visits the Carter ranch , coincidentally while preacher Dan is visiting.He seems to have bad reaction to the cross pin the preacher wears...hmmm. The gunman, Drake Robey, lets Delores know that he'll  take the job she offers- and it don't take long for him to put such a fright into Buffer that HE actually petitions the sheriff for protection!

As things progress, Robey takes an interest in Delores- and , in order to stay near her,takes a job working for her at night. The reason he states-is that the sunlight hurts his eyes (and most likely doesn't do much for his skin either...) Meanwhile, Dan stumbles on some interesting history of the Carter land- is stunned to find a connection to Robey in the history that defies logic- and yet, is confirmed by a visit to the family crypt! The preacher must convince the dubious Delores of the truth about the gunman- as he must face Robey, who's still intent on facing off with Buffer - and Dan, if driven to it! How can anyone defeat a gunslinger who is already dead?!

This change-of-pace vampire film from 1959  takes advantage of the popularity of westerns AND vampire stories in a unique hybrid. We'll introduce you to a cast that includes “Rawhide’s” Eric Fleming, horror veteran John Hoyt, and Michael Pate as the man in black. Plus- we've filled the corral with Sven shtick that'll keep you laughing until High Noon tomorrow!

"Curse of the Undead"rides again on MeTV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or -check for time and channel in your area in your local listings, or at  Chicago area viewers get another look at "Calling Dr. Death" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Today I'll be haunting the Flashback Weekend horror convention in Rosemont Illinois- along with Robert "Freddy Kruger" England, many of his "Elm Street" series co-stars, plus, Lance Henriksen, Curtis Armstrong, and many more celebrities! I'll be doing the special celebrity photo op at 1:45 (for a low price, you get a great-looking professional 8 X 10 photo with me) after which I do my usual free signing and photo posing from 2 to 4 pm- followed by my hosting of the Sinister Visions costume contest- always a special event- at 4:20. Plus, we'll no doubt be wandering around the convention with our crew getting some segments for future shows! It's always a great time, and a great chance to meet horror flick stars, buy really cool merchandise, and more.

Okay, you side-winders- I'm callin' you out- meet me tonight on MeTV- and make sure you're packing some garlic!