Another Hammer Version of a Classic Monster Brings Us Christopher Lee as "The Mummy"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s the Hammer take on yet another of the Universal monsters- as Christopher Lee steps into the role of  another classic creature- with Peter Cushing again as the man who must try to stop him! The search for the lost tomb of Princess Ananka leads to the resurrection of “The Mummy”!

In this 1959 color version of the story- which also borrows plot points from Universal’s “Mummy’s Hand”, “Mummy’s Tomb” and “Mummy’s Ghost”- we see archeologist Stephen Banning, Joseph Whemple, and Banning’s son John at a dig site in Egypt in 1895. John has broken his leg, but delays getting it taken care of, due to promising discoveries that indicate they may have found Ananka’s tomb. And –they have indeed found it- but as the elder Banning and Whemple are about to enter it, an irate Egyptian,Mehemet Bey, approaches and warns them not to desecrate the holy burial place. The two men ignore him, enter the tomb, and unseal the burial chamber, where they find the sarcophagus of Ananka and various riches. Whemple goes to inform John of the success, leaving Stephen alone. The archeologist stumbles upon the legendary Scroll of Life- and begins to read it out loud ( bad move). Before long, Whemple and John hear him cry out- and return to find him a gibbering noncommunicative mess!

John oversees the removal of all the Egyptian artifacts, and the expedition heads back to England, where Stephen is placed in a home for the mentally disturbed, in a catatonic state. Three years afterwards, surprisingly, Stephen suddenly has regained some mental awareness, and requests that his son be brought to see him! John is shocked by this development, but happy that his father has a degree of his faculties back- but when Stephen begins to relate what actually happened to him- and warns him that a living mummy is certain to search them out and kill them- John is skeptical. Stephen sadly dismisses his unbelieving son- knowing he has spoken the truth.

Before long, a couple boozy fellows depart a pub to make a delivery they have been hired for- by a strange foreign fellow. Their lack of sobriety on the rough roads leads to the box they are to deliver tumbling off their wagon, and into a marsh! When police come to investigate, and decide the box cannot be recovered, its owner shows up- it’s Mehemet Bey, in England now, who calmly takes the news, and states that the box merely held Egyptian artifacts.

Later, the Egyptian returns, and uses the Scroll of Life to revive the Mummy Kharis- who emerges from the marsh at the command of Bey, a follower of the god Karnak ( no, not Johnny Carson in a turban)- who sets him on his mission to destroy all who desecrated Ananka’s tomb! Those members of the original expedition are now in danger, as well as John’s wife Isobel- but will the local police inspector believe their lives are at stake?

This is another impressive Hammer horror film, and, as far as Mummy films go, more traditional and probably more to most fans’ liking than last month’s “Time Walker. We’ll introduce you to the cast, lead by Lee and Cushing, introduce an odd version of a popular game show, bring you a new song, and get a quick cameo appearance of – well, you’ll have to see…by the way, due to the length of this film, we will limit my segment times in the show in order to provide more of the movie.

“The Mummy” lives again on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. MeTV invites you to join all the viewers who post on Twitter during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie. In Chicago, our main local station, CW26, presents an encore of Joan Crawford and William Castle’s “I Saw What You Did” at 11 am.

We did want to acknowledge that last weekend, the MeTV promo for 3 shows to watch in the upcoming week did erroneously show the wrong Mummy film as our feature for this week. It was corrected, and we thank those who pointed it out to us.

My first public appearance in about a year and a half is coming up soon- as we once again hit “Flashback Weekend” at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL at the end of this month. You’ll find the information about it under the “appearances” tab here on our website.

New Sven merchandise is being worked on! Some may be coming later this summer!

Tonight- join us for Hammer icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as we unwrap a story of terror from an Egyptian tomb!

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1MikeM 2 months ago
...and dat was da Mummy and dat's da name a dat tune!
vettenoir 2 months ago
Happy Saturday morning everyone!
Aceman2 2 months ago
Katink Aceman2 2 months ago
Meow, who? ( Is this Merlin's kknock-knock joke?😉)
daleuhlmann Katink 2 months ago
Is Merlin feeling better now?
Aceman2 daleuhlmann 2 months ago
He is much better than he was but you can tell he is still not right. He has not been outside since returning home from the hospital.
MADave 2 months ago
I googled some Groucho Marx quotes and came across one that is fitting for tomorrow's movie I'll post that quote later when the blog changes over stay tuned!
Islander MADave 2 months ago
Wonder who will be first blogger tonight ?
abc123 Islander 2 months ago
I'll fall on that sword if no one else will...
MADave Islander 2 months ago
Well all I can say is we haven't had a female since gabste two weeks ago
Islander MADave 2 months ago
I know who it WONT BE. Me or FreddyK.
Islander 2 months ago

A pic of tonight's Buck moon that I think MrsG mentioned earlier this week. I think we should now call it the Buck Rogers Moon.

August's moon is the Sturgeon Moon.

September's is the Harvest Moon, an excellent Neil Young song. Also referred to as the Corn Moon. No biggie there, I've seen that one 3 or 4 times now.
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DrClayton Islander 2 months ago
AKA Full Corn Moon - like the Full Monty?
DrClayton Islander 2 months ago
I thought that was maybe why the moon was so bright....
1MikeM Islander 2 months ago
That is an awesome photo!
daleuhlmann 2 months ago
This would be the "purr-fect" place for a BLACK CAT viewing party.
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daleuhlmann Aceman2 2 months ago
Classic Fields line!😆
1MikeM Aceman2 2 months ago
"All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia"
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 2 months ago
That was engraved on Fields' tombstone, although he never actually said it.
abc123 2 months ago
As I have Written, I Shall Do (see what I did there?)
The verse I wrote in case this was another The Black Cat:
Waiting for death is never fun
Whether it is yours, or some others ones
Speeding up the process is risky
If witnessed by someone that eats Friskies
Aceman2 abc123 2 months ago
Drang abc123 2 months ago
Katink abc123 2 months ago
Nice one, abc123! 😆😆😆
Lucyc 2 months ago
On the subject of movie lines-and as tip of the hat to Ancient Egypt as we move from there to Central Europe in terms of our Sven feature-I offer one of my son's favorite movie lines, which he likes to quote every so often when he wants to let his preferences known, in a rather tongue-in-cheek way.
abc123 Lucyc 2 months ago
Thank-You for posting this - I gave me the intro I needed.
Lucyc abc123 2 months ago
You're welcome. 😁
Lucyc 1MikeM 2 months ago
Kergooliewyn 2 months ago
In Britain Black cats are considered to be good luck.
I'm looking forward to seeing The Black 🐱. Also Boris and Bela.
JohnBlair 2 months ago
Anybody do farmgals catch phrase yet???
I'LL start! FIRE DaY....
Drang 2 months ago
I've always wondered how folks blogged on their phones. Looks like I'll get to find out: I thought my laptop was beat up from cats knocking it off the table, but this morning when it wasn't charging I took a closer look and realized the battery had a nasty, even dangerous bulge!😲
South American River has (alleged) replacements for ~$30-40.
Geek Squad took one look and recoiled. Allowed as how they'd replace the battery if I wanted, but I'd have to supply it. Also expressed doubts about the quality, functionality, and safety of online batteries.
Battery store doesn't have anything listed as compatible.
Both also (independently) suggested that the battery was so badly bulging that the motherboard is probably damaged, thus not charging.
In truth, this reinforced my own conclusion when I saw the problem, but SWMBO wanted to try the cheap way out. Can't say I didn't agree.
So probably a week before I can replace it.
Hoping won't give myself Kindle Fire face in the meantime...🙄
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Drang Drang 2 months ago
Well, that's embarrassing. Now that I see it on the larger screen, I realize that's not Toni, it's Pearl, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last winter.😿
Here's one of Toni; looks like I caught her rolling over, but she was sleeping in this position!
MrsG Drang 2 months ago
Oh how precious , look at his little tongue sticking out , mid snooze , awwww ~
Meow ~ was hoping all the kitties would show up for the Jellicle Ball tonight ~ thank You !
DrClayton Drang 2 months ago
I've had 'em in tablets, enough to swell the case open. Was able to replace. FWIW.
Aceman2 Drang 2 months ago
That is a great family of cats you got there and all great names. Your ghost reminds me of my Jerry who was a hunter of rodents and birds but also delivered a snake and a few toads.
Aceman2 2 months ago
MrsG Aceman2 2 months ago
Definitely pumps up the spooky factor ~ none quite as awesome as the fierce Merlin , or Jet !
Lynn MrsG 2 months ago
Right you are, MrsG!
MADave 2 months ago
Mom update doctors had to amputate more of her leg because it wasn't healing and she's back in ICU so again I need good vibes
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Lucyc MADave 2 months ago
Oh, MADave.
So terribly sorry to hear about your mom's further health problems. Fervent prayers and good thoughts for your mom, you, and your family.
MADave WILLOUGHBY 2 months ago
Awww thanks willy and a big awooooh to ya!
Drjim MADave 2 months ago
Prayers to you and your family
PatS MADave 2 months ago
Sad news, but if it helps keep her with us, that's good. Good vibes to you, to her, and to her caretakers.
JournalJeff3 2 months ago
Happy Day Before!
Dale, say Hello to the Guardians!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
daleuhlmann JournalJeff3 2 months ago
Yes, indeed, the Cleveland Indians will become the Cleveland Guardians, starting next season! No more Go, Tribe, but Go, Guardians!
So did this guy replace Chief Wahoo?
Drjim daleuhlmann 2 months ago
They shouldn't have changed the name. We have the Blackhawks here and they have said no
PatS Drjim 2 months ago
If by "here" you mean Chicago, it's a bit different. Chief Blackhawk was a real historical character (unlike "Chief Wahoo"), and depictions of him are respectful. Apparently the Guardians are part of Cleveland history, art deco statues. (Okay, enough off topic.)
He might be a possibility.
daleuhlmann PatS 2 months ago
Yes, they are.
Katink PatS 2 months ago
PatS, do you know if the Chief Blackhawk statue is still there on the river in Oregon, IL? We saw it on a field trip when I was in 4th grade.
NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Re: AFI's top 100 movies quotes, Bela Lugosi came in at #83 in 1931's 'Dracula' with "Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make."
Other horror genre-related ones are: "A boy's best friend is his mother." - #56, "Here's Johnny!" - #68 and "They're here!" - #69.
It was also interesting to see the 13 common misquotes, most of which I thought were correct...
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LarryTheTrainGuy MrsG 2 months ago
I once meet Al Collins at a showing of "The Treasure" he was a really nice fellow. As for me remembering all that cool stuff my dear departed mother always said I had a memory like steel trap
daDoctah NoPersonalChicks 2 months ago
Also a misquote (sort of): "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more!" Peter Firth phrased it a little differently ("as mad" rather than just "mad", and "take this" rather than "take it") but the characters who are seen after him in the film say it the way that most people quote.

Also this one from Groucho:

daleuhlmann 2 months ago
I was doing some research on some of the location names referred to in the 1940s Mummy movies, whose plot lines and characters' names were incorporated into the 1959 Hammer film. According to the sources I consulted, there really was a Scripps Museum of Manhattan that had been founded by philanthropist Sebastian Scripps. At one time, the Museum one of the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, second only to the Cairo Museum. The Scripps Museum would also finance archaeological expeditions. Sadly, due to increased funding problems, the Museum closed its doors in 1959, and the building was demolished in 1960.

Another museum in New York well known for its Egyptian antiquities was the Brooklyn Museum, which, I assume, is still in operation. Perhaps Bill K can add some more information about these and other museums in New York.

BTW, there are scores of other institutions across the country that bear the name of Scripps, but I doubt if all or even any of them are associated with the Scripps family of Manhattan.
PatS daleuhlmann 2 months ago
I grew up in San Diego area, and "Scripps" always meant Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Hope they're still around.
daleuhlmann PatS 2 months ago
I think it is, Pat. In any event, Oscar would probably know.
Lynn PatS 2 months ago
In my area, the local Scripps institution is Scripps College (one of the Claremont Colleges), which was founded by Ellen Browning Scripps, who with her half-brother E. W. Scripps founded the newspaper chain. She was also responsible for many philanthropic gifts in the San Diego area. I could absolutely be wrong, but I found no connection between this family and a Sebastian Scripps.
daleuhlmann Lynn 2 months ago
I didn't think you would, either Lynn. I'm convinced these other Scripps institutions have nothing to do with Sebastian Scripps and the Manhattan history museum at all.
daleuhlmann Lynn 2 months ago
WEWS Channel 5, in Cleveland, is a TV station that's owned by the Scripps-Howard Company, which, I'm sure, is associated with the famous newspaper chain.
abc123 2 months ago
No Bugs. Not All of them. Too many, but not all.
Catbat 2 months ago
Well that's all folks. Time for me to get going. Have a Great day!
gabste Catbat 2 months ago
You too Catbat !
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