Another Helping of the Gill Man- “Revenge of the Creature” Tonight!

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Nothing says summer like being near the water in the sultry summer heat- so, get set to put on your swimsuit and  run smack dab into the popular aquatic menace - The Gill Man- as we present "Revenge of the Creature"!

Quick point of interest- yes, this is the movie that yours truly presented to the Chicago area viewing audience in the 1980s in shocking (shocked if it WORKED) 3-D! We go 2-D all the way this time out, as  Capt. Lucas, the lovable local seen in the original "Creature from the Black Lagoon" pilots his little ship back to said lagoon, with a team who hopes the frightening Gill Man has survived (though he looked pretty dead, sinking at the end of the first flick)- and can be brought back to civilization for further study.

It's a dangerous undertaking, but- they do manage to capture the Gill Man, and bring him to a Sea World-like park in Florida (where better to do research while milking a curious public out of their hard-earned bucks just to gaze upon the specimen?) Attempts are made to "communicate" with the Gill Man (with an electric shocking prod?!)- and they seem to be making progress- as the Creature has again become attracted to the main female member of the  research team. The theme park becomes a seaside stampede when the Creature manages to escape- and terror grips Florida as the Gill Man runs (and/or swims) free!

This 1955 sequel to the original is full of action- and boasts a line-up of John Agar, John Bromfield,Nestor Paiva, and Lori Nelson as the latest pretty that the Gill Man pines for. Yes, we also get Clint Eastwood in a wacky early cameo, as well as Flippy the Educated Seal?! We'll fill you in on lots of fun film info, and, of course, a lot of Sven silliness.

"Revenge of the Creature" starts tonight at 10 pm eastern and pacific,9 pm central, and whatever time your local listings have us at, on Me-TV. Chicago gets an encore performance of the original "Wolf Man" on WCIU at 11 am!

If you're in the Chicago/Rosemont area next weekend, please come by and see me at Flashback Weekend, at the  Crown Plaza on River Road- I'll be signing pictures, then hosting the costume contest on Saturday afternoon! Full details in our appearance  section on this site!