Arm in Arm (and Arm and Arm and...) with Harryhausen- "it Came from Beneath the Sea" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- there’s big trouble surfacing from the deep blue sea- that can’t wait to get its arms around the general populace! It’s an early showcase for the amazing stop-action artistry of Ray Harryhausen , as San Francisco becomes the target of a giant creature- in case you were wondering- “It Came From Beneath the Sea”!

This 1955 science fiction classic begins with a nuclear submarine out on maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean- when  it appears to be rammed by something, leaving it somewhat disabled but still managing to limp back to Pearl Harbor. Inspecting the sub’s dive planes, they find something disturbing- tissue from some sort of living creature! Commander Pete Matthews is stunned by this discovery- and experts are sent for, to try and identify what exactly the tissue cane from.

Two marine biologists, John Carter and Lesley Joyce, start research- and their findings indicate that the tissue comes from an octopus- and a really big one, at that! This is not well-received by the authorities, who think that conclusion is ridiculous- until there are more losses of ships and people. Our scientists are postulating that the octopus has come from a deep area where there has been hydrogen bomb testing ( a familiar theme in ‘50s and ‘60s sci-fi films). Once again, the military authorities join Commander Matthews in thinking this is preposterous- even as there are more fatalities.

Finally, when there survivors of one of the attacks, only one of them  will tell what he saw- the others are silent after seeing the reactions of the big shots. Lesley uses her formidable feminine wiles to get the one man to repeat his story- and the authorities believe it- at last! Warnings are sent to the shipping lanes, while there is more investigation of missing ships in the north Pacific- and missing swimmers off the coast of the Pacific Northwest… you don’t think it’s coming closer…do you?

When frightening proof of the giant octopus occurs in Oregon, naval headquarters springs into action, putting mines in the surrounding ocean, and adding an electrified net at the mouth of San Francisco Bay. They even electrify the Golden Gate Bridge- but the electric shocks only aggravate the powerful sea monster, and soon it begins a destructive attack on the City by the Bay!

We’ll fill you in on lots of production details of this film( including why the creature isn’t really an OCTO-pus),  as well as introducing you to the cast, which includes Kenneth Tobey, Donald Curtis, and the lovely Faith Domergue. Plus- a song familiar to fans of old TV, an interview with an old ( and I mean OLD) submarine commander, and a product you might get stuck on- or, it might get stuck on YOU!

“It Came From Beneath the Sea” surfaces tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if you need to check the time and channel in your area- please look at your local listings or at . Last week, the show again was trending nationally on Twitter ( we again hit number one in the USA!) so, feel free to join the fans live-Tweeting during the show using the hashtag #svengoolie  ! During the daytime in the Chicago area, viewers will see an encore of “The Black Cat” at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU.

We got some big news- at the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention later this month, along with my signings and shooting segments for our show- I’ll be doing a live event on-stage on the main floor, that they are calling “Svengoolie 40th Anniversary Fun  Live!” at 4: 30 pm on Saturday, March23rd! We’ll post info under “appearances” here on our site shortly. It’s also looking like, coming up, some very amazing things might be happening related to my 40 years as the Svengoolie character - we’ll reveal them as soon as we are allowed!

As we mentioned last weekend, the balloting information for this year’s Rondo Awards is now up at  I’m flattered to again be nominated in category 21-“favorite horror host”- among a rather crowded field of hosts- as always, I encourage you to vote for whoever your favorite really is- and, again, follow all rules, so your vote will count!

We’re also proud to announce that the latest Sven action figure ( actually ,FIGURES, the 4 pack of Sven and the Monsters) completely sold out in about a week’s time. Thanks for your support!

Please join us tonight for a Harryhausen creature who’s armed – and dangerous! And- if you’re in an area where it applies- set your clocks back!

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Matt 4 months ago
I had no idea it was Catbats birthday, after all these years.

scottieO 4 months ago
Happy Birthday Jesse, your in good company!

Happy Birthday Catbat, hope you got everything you wanted.
The1Butler 4 months ago
I heard this WD 40 guy is slick
Matt 4 months ago
Happy Sci-Fi Friday everyone !
Jack 4 months ago
(Texas Deb here) Jack will not be able to watch Sven, or blog for the next few weeks. He is in Central Kentucky with his mother. His dad passed away for cancer on Wednesday. If you will excuse my language, but cancer sucks! Please keep him in your thoughts. As to many of you know, this is a tough time.
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Bill_K Jack 4 months ago
My sympathy to the both of you. Gail and I will keep you in our prayers
1MikeM Jack 4 months ago
Jack and Deb I'm sending you both my deepest condolences.
Lynn Jack 4 months ago
I'm so sorry to hear this, Texas Deb! Sending good vibes to you and your family.
Tygercat Jack 4 months ago
I am very sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I fully agree with and understand your opinion of cancer, it's mine as well. I pray that someday we will erase this horrid disease.
Lynn 4 months ago
Happy Birthday, Jesse - enjoy!
Lynn 4 months ago
Happy Birthday, Catbat! Have a fabulous time!
Ravenwoman 4 months ago
One more Squid to rap up the Octopus movie! Just for you, 🦌🤪

Ravenwoman Ravenwoman 4 months ago
And...dat "rap" was on purpose! DON't correct me! 😂👍🗽
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Well, great Caesar's ghost, here's a good song for the Ides of March. Anyone up for a Caesar's salad today?
DrClayton daleuhlmann 4 months ago
daleuhlmann DrClayton 4 months ago
daleuhlmann DrClayton 4 months ago
Even better, Dr. Clayton!
Raycav00 4 months ago
Just scored 2 ducats to master guitatist 🎸 Joe Bonamassa
Going to be an awesome show
Saw him several times in the past
Woo Hoo
The1Butler Raycav00 4 months ago
Just got paid ! One of my favs
Raycav00 4 months ago
“If ifs and Buts were candies and nuts everyday would be Christmas”
Ravenwoman Raycav00 4 months ago
Yes, every day is Christmas for you 🦌! 😂👍
Ravenwoman 4 months ago
For all my New Yorker's who can't "smell," I mean spell! I love you all with my heart and "sole"! LOL! 🤪🙄😂🤣😂🗽💋

Ravenwoman Ravenwoman 4 months ago
We spell the way we tawk! So wat of it? 🤪🗽😍💋
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Hey, group! Just a friendly reminder that Catbat has to take me super early Saturday morning to the San Jose Airport, so I won't be posting my 4D MAN movie review until Saturday evening, when I'm back in Ohio.

It's been a great week here in CA with Catbat. Have a wonderful day, everyone!
The1Butler daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Time flies when your having fun
daleuhlmann The1Butler 4 months ago
Very true, Butler!
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Carrie: Happy birthday to Jesse today!
daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Happy Ides of March and happy birthday to my dearest Catbat!
DrClayton daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Happy Birthday, Catbat! 🎂🐱🦇!!
The1Butler DrClayton 4 months ago
H B Catbat!!
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Ok, why was I thinking her birthday was the 27th? Isn’t enough that she keeps backing up the year she was born? Now she’s backing up the day?
Jack daleuhlmann 4 months ago
(TexasDeb here) Now I know why they say beware the Ides of March! How did William Shakespeare know this is the day Catbat would be born?
PatS 4 months ago
Caesar "assignated"? Well, I guess it was an assignation that got him assassinated. (A local paper noted that an art gallery was hosting an open house so that the public could 'commiserate' with the artists and staff. No idea what they REALLY meant.)

Isn't it also Catbat's birthday? (Or did I write that one down wrong, too?) HB, Catbat -- hope you're getting everything you could wish for!
daDoctah PatS 4 months ago
I picked up a delivery order last night that included a "cherry lemondae". This a little over a week after picking up some "chicken nuggest".
Ravenwoman PatS 4 months ago
Cheese! 🧀😂👍 I taught I was bad! 😜
Ravenwoman daDoctah 4 months ago
LOL! Love da 🐔 Nuggest! 😝
TheKodakKid PatS 4 months ago
(In my best Maxwell Smart voice) “Sorry about that, Chief”. After fighting autocorrect and spellcheck on Ry Cooder’s last name, I didn’t think I’d have to worry about “assassinated”.
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