Back off, Barbie- a Devious Dollmaker Brings on the "Attack of the Puppet People"-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV-we’d like to thank all the little people- no thanks to a deranged dollmaker who somehow has the scientific genius to actually shrink living things! It’s another classic 1950s feature from Bert I. Gordon- augmented with some vintage Sven anniversary segments from the last time we ran it many years ago! Even though it's the full-sized man who’s the menace- the movie is titled “Attack of the Puppet People!”

As this 1958 film begins, we join a troop of Brownies on a field trip  ( hope you have a signed permission slip) to a doll manufacturing company- “Dolls Incorporated”- a title that may have been appropriated in later years by some gentleman’s club. This one is the factory where owner and operator Mr. Franz creates some amazing playthings- some of which are in a locked glass cabinet, which the visitors are warned not to mess with.

The “help wanted” sign is out (actually in a newspaper ad), since Franz’ previous secretary seems to have unexpectedly disappeared without a trace- and a pretty young woman named Sally answers the ad, and, though finding the boss a little odd, takes the job.

Visitors constantly seem to drop by the place- like an old puppeteer pal of Franz, and various salesmen- including one named Bob who starts out annoying Sally- but she warms up to him- big time! He eventually proposes marriage, asking her to join him and go to his home in St. Louis- and she accepts! Bob says he will stop in at her workplace to inform Franz of their plans and her resignation.

Something is not right, though- Bob never shows up the following day to pick her up. When she goes into work, Franz mentions that Bob had already departed for home, alone- the cad! He advises her to just forget him- but Sally still has the feeling that something is amiss- especially when she spots a perfect replica doll of Bob in the case with the boss’ “special collection”! She goes to the police, who are skeptical about her claim that perhaps her boyfriend was turned into a doll, but they still check out her story- at which time Franz manages to convince the policeman that the doll is just a doll, and nothing more.

It appears Sally has made a grave error by bringing suspicion upon Franz- he won’t let her depart, and shows her what he does to anyone who tries to leave him ( he has a sad backstory of how the love of his life ran away “with someone she liked better”). Soon, Sally is shocked to find that she too is now doll-sized- and meets the other victims of his shrinking ray- including Bob, and the others who were held in suspended animation in glass tubes as part of his collection!

Franz keeps his little friends to assuage his loneliness and to have them entertain him- with no chance of escape, though they make their attempts. Meanwhile, the policeman is getting suspicious because people have been disappearing- could Franz be responsible?

This begins a cat-and-mouse game (and there actually are both in the film)- as Franz forms a sinister plan that will spell the end for them all. Can his tiny treasures get away from him and return to their normal size before he can carry out his scheme?

This is another film with Bert Gordon’s specialty- featuring a menace that is big ( compared to his victims who are small- and puppets only in the sense that they are under his control)! We’ll talk about the cast, including a member of Gordon’s own family, plus John Hoyt, and John Agar, who we just saw last week tussling with the Gill Man. We will also provide a new song- and, as mentioned above- show a couple segments from a Sven anniversary back in 2009.

“Attack of the Puppet People” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. The live-Tweeting during the show continues on Twitter, with viewers using the hashtag #svengoolie – and again making us a high trending topic nationally! This morning on our local Chicago station CW26, those in the area can again enjoy the Gill Man’s return in “Revenge of the Creature” at 11 am.

We are truly touched by the many submissions for MeTV’s #LoveSven February “month of love” initiative every week-we have one more week to go, with the final request being that, starting tomorrow, fans post photos of themselves with their Sven merchandise, again using the hashtag #LoveSven! Speaking of merchandise, until the end of this month, you can still get that 14% discount on purchases using the code LOVESVEN. It’s another way to thank you for the love you show us!

You can show us more love tonight by tuning in to MeTV for the story of a less than lovable villain who prefers to be the next big thing for his victims!

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Lynn 3 months ago
Many thanks for all of your lovely birthday wishes! You are so sweet to me.
Kergooliewyn Lynn 3 months ago
Happy Birthday Lynn!🎂🍨❤🍦👏👏
Catbat 3 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Evening All!
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 3 months ago
Good evening Catbat!
Catbat 3 months ago
Happy 🎂 Birthday 🎈 Lynn! Lu 🤗 Hope you had a Wonderful day ❤️
Lynn Catbat 3 months ago
Many thanks! Yes, I did!
Jack 3 months ago
Regarding Bill’s Colorforms Outer Space Men collection, the images I posted earlier were from a remanufactured series produced as “Adult Collectibles Ages 15 and Up.” Here’s an image of the original 1968 toy series...See, the card even says “by Colorforms”!Colorforms even made a “colorforms” version in 1978! Again, all of this can be found at
MADave 3 months ago
Not sure if I'll make it to new blog time but I'll try I'm just a bit tired from not doing much today due to the snowstorm
PatS MADave 3 months ago
I have a t-shirt that says " how lovely to do nothing all day -- and then rest afterward." There was also a slogan for a resort, "Get up in the morning with nothing to do and go to bed with it half done."
MrsG 3 months ago
Good night and good luck good people ~ will be keeping an eye on ALL of You in the Big Blog race tonight ~ will look fwd to the FAN and ALL the fabulous DEVIL DOLL previews !
🧡 Love Yinz 🧡
Thereman 3 months ago
Hey gang- Happy Eve of Sventurday! What a couple of weeks it's been! Tuesday before last, I was feverishly working on restoring an old (I mean ANCIENT; more tape than paper) score, when my system got demolished by a piece of malware. Didn't know it at the moment- the screen went black, all efforts at getting the video feed back proved futile. Long story short, a new PC later, the forensics are back on the old drives. The security suite did its best, but this stuff was amazingly fast. As it was described to me, it probably went searching for financials first, when it found nothing, it behaved like an out of control kid on a rampage. Photos, recipes, scores, writings, emails, including the on board backup drive- all wiped out. It makes the evil characters on Sven seem like candidates for humanitarian awards!
Fortunately I have other backups, so all is not lost. As for that first day of work on the old music? Call it practice, it WAS easier the second time!
So I'm calling it a day (10 hours seems like more than enough), and I am completely remiss if I don't wish Lynn a very Happy Day of Chronological Disadvantage!
Be well, hope to get some time tomorrow!
Take care/ give care!
Jack Thereman 3 months ago
Katink Thereman 3 months ago
And double yikes!
Lynn Thereman 3 months ago
Thank you kindly. I'm sorry for your technical woes.
Thereman Lynn 3 months ago
After the headaches are done, it's not the "worst of all things." But you should be celebrating, birthday girl!
Lynn Thereman 3 months ago
Oh, I have, indeed.😎
Bill_K 3 months ago
Happy Birthday, Lynn;

Hope it is a good one for you!
Lynn Bill_K 3 months ago
It was lovely, thank you.
MADave 3 months ago
Hey group just got finished watching JAILHOUSE ROCK from one of my Elvis boxsets just kill some time before the blog change in a couple of hours good luck to the in the #1 spot until then keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars
Yvette 3 months ago
Aww 🥰 Happy Birthday Lynn 🎉🎂🎊!
TheKodakKid 3 months ago

Happy Birthday, Lynn! Enjoy turning 29!

Klaatu TheKodakKid 3 months ago
🤣🤣 Exactly!!
Lynn TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Sage advice, KK!
Drang 3 months ago
So we went an did some grocery shopping, and then to Total Wine to pick up a couple of the half liter "juice boxes" Mrs. Drang likes -- and if you think that's ALL we got, think again! -- and then she says "Let's go to Legendary Doughnuts and pick up an apple fritter for breakfast" (their apple fritters are HUUUUGGGGGGE!) and after ordering we're in line to pay, and...
THEN I see that they now do paczkis!
Gal hind the counter says "You know about paczkis?" "I'm from Detroit, of course I know about Polish food!"
But with the line I decided to pass, for now.

This time of year, they also do King Cake.
Katink Drang 3 months ago
Ooooooo. You had me at apple fritter, Drang!
Drang Katink 3 months ago
They're not just immense, they're also loaded with apple chunks.
Katink Drang 3 months ago
So the fritters are practically a fruit serving, right Drang? 🍎
Drang Katink 3 months ago
KeithJ 3 months ago

Everyone got their menu ready for tomorrow?
Katink KeithJ 3 months ago
This is another tough menu match up, Keith! I'm working with some items with a "twist" to go with a dance sequence in the movie. Also might do something with devil's food cake. We are watching Gigi, my cousin's sweet dog, through Monday, so I'm not going to be able to give dinner too much time this week.
KeithJ Katink 3 months ago
Sweet doggos are always worth sacrifices!
Katink KeithJ 3 months ago
They are, Keith! If I can get a cute picture of the girls, I will post it.
PatS KeithJ 3 months ago
IIRC, the movie makes reference to wine and ham...
KeithJ 3 months ago
Jack KeithJ 3 months ago
Interesting trivia I learned yesterday: Arlene Martel was among the actresses considered to play Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in _Star Trek_’s second pilot. However, there was concern that the silver contacts would injure her already sensitive eyes, and so the role went to Sally Kellerman (Memory Alpha).
KeithJ Jack 3 months ago
I also like the well known trivia that T'Pau was the name of the music group in the late 80s that is best known for "Heart And Soul".
Jack KeithJ 3 months ago
T’Pau was played by Celia Lovsky, who was also married to Peter Lorre from 1934 to 1945. Martel played T’Pring in “Amok Time.”
daDoctah Jack 3 months ago
Arlene Martel guest-starred, along with Victor Buono and Zasu Pitts, in an episode of (dare I say the name?) "Perry Mason"!

(She was billed under her real name of Arline Sax.)
Jack daDoctah 3 months ago
Martel also played resistance agent Tiger in four episodes of _Hogan’s Heroes_.
Geo 3 months ago
Lynn have a spectacular Birthday.🎂
Katink Geo 3 months ago
I second that emotion, Geo! Happy Birthday to you, Dear Lynn! I hope there is cake and/Or ice cream on your agenda 🍨🎂🍨🎂
1MikeM 3 months ago
Happy Birthday Lynn! Have a great day!
PatS 3 months ago
I have a note on my calendar, hope it's correct -- Happy Birthday to Lynn in California!
Lynn PatS 3 months ago
Oh my goodness, Pat! That is absolutely correct! Thank you for remembering me. 🌺
MrsG Lynn 3 months ago
So tickled to wish a very Happy Birthday to our SvenBlog *Flower Child* !
🌸 🌷 🌺 💐 🌺 🌷 🌸
The1Butler Lynn 3 months ago
HB Lynn ! 🎂🍾
Tygercat Lynn 3 months ago
Happy Birthday!!🎂🎁🎉🎊
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