Back on Our Show After a Quarter Century- The "Night of the Lepus" is Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s a movie that viewers have been requesting for a long time- returning to our show after a twenty-five year absence ! Yes, it’s a wild premise with wild hare everywhere- as Arizona must endure the “Night of the Lepus”!

Out on the range-when coyotes seem to be a thing of the past, their main food supply- rabbits- begin to multiply like- well-rabbits! One rancher whose livelihood is endangered by too many bunnies decides to ask for help from an old friend at the university to find a way to cut down on the rabbit population without using poison.

Two researchers, Roy and Gerry Bennett, have some ideas – and take a few of the rabbits, on which to experiment.  They inject one rabbit with a special serum- but, unbeknownst to them, their daughter, who has grown fond of the bunny, switches the injected rabbit with one from the control group. That may have muddled the research, but it gets worse- her favorite rabbit escapes!

When the rancher and the researchers go out to inspect burrowing sites, they are confused to find some large animal tracks. Meanwhile, the bunny-switching daughter and the rancher’s son go to visit a friend at an old gold mine- where they discover – a huge rabbit with blood smeared on it!

Suddenly, mutilated bodies are being found in various nearby places –and it’s decided that the no-kill plan for handling the rabbits just isn’t feasible. The rancher, a couple of his ranch hands, his university pal and the Bennetts head to the mine with explosives in hopes of blowing up their burrow- and them with it.

Needless to say ( or we’d have a much shorter movie) it doesn’t work- and the giant rabbits begin a bunny hop of horror, invading a small town and infiltrating the surrounding areas! As they head for the main town, devouring citizens and destroying everything in their path, the National Guard is called in- for a showdown between man and the killer cottontails!

This 1972 movie with the absurd premise ( actually based on  a novel “The Year of the Angry Rabbit”!)  has long been a cult classic. We’ll introduce  the cast, including big names like Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, Stuart Whitman, and Star Trek’s “Bones” himself, DeForest Kelley- and bring you a few segments from our original showing of this movie a quarter of a century ago- a look at the “special” effects- plus a new song! We have edited some of the more grisly shots- and hope you will be gratified to know that no rabbits were harmed in the production of this film- especially when we tell you what the “blood” you see on the bunnies actually is!

“Night of the Lepus” ( did we mention lepus is Latin for rabbit?) begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. MeTV invites you to join the many fans who live –Tweet on Twitter during the show, using the hashtag # svengoolie. Local Chicago viewers get a second look at “The Blob” at 11 am on the U- please keep in mind that next week, the Saturday morning show moves back to our main local channel, CW26- still on at the same time.

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A final note- we hope everyone took time yesterday to remember all those we lost on 9/11. Never forget.

Come watch the fur fly- and expand- tonight on MeTV!

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1MikeM 3 days ago
...and dat was da Night of da Lepus...and dat's da name of dat tune.
Woodsy 4 days ago
Dr. Cyclops looks terribly constipated.
MADave 5 days ago
19 minutes to new blog my bet is Bill with dale in a close second
Katink MADave 4 days ago
I am going to try to stay awake to see if you are right!😨😴😪
The1Butler MADave 4 days ago
I'll keep an eye out for you all .
Katink The1Butler 4 days ago
You'll see better if you leave it in, won't you?
Jack MADave 4 days ago
And the winner is… Beetlebomb.
Islander MADave 4 days ago
Adjust your meds Dave. L ol
daleuhlmann 5 days ago
Jack: Here's a side view of the fossil. It's too big to be a squirrel, because our squirrels don't get that big here. We do have a lot of groundhogs here, so it could be a groundhog. Does this help?
Jack daleuhlmann 5 days ago
Check the comments below. Aceman and I concur that it’s a groundhog/woodchuck, assuming it’s the right size, i.e., between three and four inches in length. I can’t make out the printing on the bag, so I’m a little unsure of scale, but I figure it’s smaller than a T-shirt bag. It also looks fairly chewed up, prob’ly by another rodent for the calcium.
daleuhlmann Jack 5 days ago
Yep, the approximate measurements match up, too. Thanks, Jack!
Islander Jack 4 days ago
Do a DNA sample. I'm telling ya it's a Morlock
Islander 5 days ago
Wow, Ruth Ginsburg has passed away. That's HUGE news!
MadRich 5 days ago
Truth is stranger than fiction. I heard something about a human brain (with flowers) wrapped up and washed up on a beach somewhere. Has anyone else read/heard about that?
DrClayton MadRich 5 days ago
"Construction worker finds a BRAIN wrapped in aluminum foil with flowers and Chinese money washed up on shore of a Wisconsin beach
Jimmy Senda, 47, made the horrifying discovery as he walked along the shore of Lake Michigan, neary to Samuel Myers Park on Tuesday morning."

Clearly, since it was wrapped in aluminum foil, it must've been a leftover from a picnic of THE BRAIN EATERS.
Carl_N_Brown MadRich 5 days ago
The Racine County Medical Examiner told Newsweek it appeared to be an animal's brain.

Removing the foil, unfortunately, made it open to control by UFO aliens.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 5 days ago
Humans are animals.
When baking , make one inch slit in top of tin foil.
MadRich MadRich 4 days ago
Yeah, the more I learn about it, the weirder is seems.
But, I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason for it. Or somewhere there is some kid sitting at home thinking, "I can't believe my show and tell brain made it on the news"
DrClayton 5 days ago
Will I be able to see eye-to-eye with Dr. Cyclops??
daleuhlmann 5 days ago
I need Jack's help on this. A few weeks ago, I discovered, in our back yard, this skull. Catbat thinks it may that of a rabbit (although not one of the big bunnies we saw last Saturday). Jack is our resident zoologist here, and I'd like his expert opinion about this fossil.
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Islander daleuhlmann 5 days ago
That's a Morlock. 5 footer I'd say.
Jack Aceman2 5 days ago
Woodchuck, groundhog, marmot, groundpig, big ol’ ground squirrel… Dimensions wouldn’t hurt.
Jack daleuhlmann 5 days ago
Dale, is the skull between 3 and 4 inches in length? That would pretty much cinch it as a groundhog.
Katink Jack 5 days ago
And that brings to mind another insurance commercial: "Hey, you woodchuck! Quit chucking my wood!" (The woodchucks chuckle in reply.)
MADave 5 days ago
Great news I just got a call regarding Covid results both my mom and I are negative I'm going to celebrate watching Sven tomorrow night
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TheKodakKid MADave 5 days ago
So glad to hear. Definitely been in need of some good news today.
Carl_N_Brown MADave 5 days ago
Good to hear!
gabste MADave 4 days ago
Very cool.
1MikeM 5 days ago
Here's another on this day in history. It was 50 years ago today that was the first episode of Svengoolie (Jerry G. Bishop) The program was called Screaming Yellow Theater. It was on WFLD-TV in Chicago.
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1MikeM daDoctah 5 days ago
Bert Convey was also in that movie.
Lynn 1MikeM 5 days ago
Thank you, Mike!
1MikeM Lynn 5 days ago
You're welcome Lynn!
Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 5 days ago
Dick Miller was a real trooper.
Klaatu 5 days ago
Is Dr. Cyclops related to THE Cyclops?
PatS Klaatu 5 days ago
Nah. Cyclops is legit. "Dr. Cyclops" is just a nickname. Both plenty scary, though, and unpredictable.
PatS Klaatu 5 days ago
Now that you mention it, THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD would qualify as another giant/shrink film. Besides the trick photography for the (non-shrinking) sailor scenes, there was the business with the princess.
CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Good morning ☕
Thank goodness it
Sven time 🎩
👻Looking forward to
the show 📺🍿

Hope all are doing
well so much going
on everywhere thank
you Sven 😱 for the escape❣

Snoopy report 🐶
He went home and
mom too, two days
ago 🏡 He is doing
great happy and
running and playing
eating well 💙
He has gotten used
to his a new norm of only having 3 legs 🐶
He truly is a amazing little dog 🎉
A long two months of care but the results turned out so worth it 💝🐶💝

🍁Have a nice Friday
everyone see you
later 👻
Oscar CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Glad good ol Snoopy is doing well, we never had a doubt he would.
PatS CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Bet he's glad to be home with Mom -- and bet she's glad, too.
Aceman2 CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Glad to hear good news
MADave CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Yay! Now Snoopy can hang out with his pal Woodstock
Jack 5 days ago
In yesterday’s _Dick Tracy_ (tip o’ the yellow fedora to Kodak!) the villain’s vampire fang device looked awfully familiar...Then it hit me. When Hammer started doing vampire films, the standard issue Hollywood fangs wouldn’t do, what with all the Technicolor blood and the attacks about the décolletage zone. So for _Dracula_ (1958) the wizards of Oakley Court rigged up this gimmick, wherein the fangs would drip blood when the future Sir Chris pressed the reservoir with his tongue.
Tygercat Jack 5 days ago
Boy, that must have been uncomfortable for Sir Christopher to wear. The one in Dick Tracy looks equally cumbersome, but then the Tracyverse has always had a odd way of getting things to fit. I'm thinking of the Diet Smith TV-stove from the early 70s here, with a ridiculous number of people seated around it...
MadRich Jack 5 days ago
Wow, that's pretty cool.
Oscar 5 days ago
Hey we will probably top 2500 comments this week, nice!
Jack Oscar 5 days ago
But how many are flabby and tangential?
CarrieCastro Oscar 5 days ago
Good morning
Oscar 🍁☕🍁
Oscar Jack 5 days ago
More than a few I wager, I myself have posted comments of the sort, but they still count so.
Oscar CarrieCastro 5 days ago
Good morning Carrie, always nice to see you, hope you are doing well
Katink Jack 5 days ago
I'm trying to figure out if I'm more flabby or more tangential. 🤔
Katink Oscar 5 days ago
And we hit 2500 at 5:00 pm central time!😁😁😁
deadringer42 5 days ago
On this day in history Sept 18th, 1964, The Addams Family premiered on tv.
(Ok, Now I have song stuck in my head. Snap snap)
Question: are you an Addams family person or do you prefer the Munsters?
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Klaatu deadringer42 5 days ago
As a kid I preferred The Munsters (corny slapstick humor), but as an adult I much prefer The Adam’s Family with much more adult humor.
Great career; tragic ending at only 53
Jack 5 days ago
I must have pre-coffee dyslexia—I was looking at the _Doctor Cyclops_ poster Aceman had posted and managed to read that Jackie Coogan was part of the cast.
Aceman2 Jack 5 days ago
Jazzed up poster for the Blu Ray version. I went back and looked at the poster and made the same mistake; you clouded my mind Shadow.

Jack Aceman2 5 days ago
It also looks like the poster artist was trying to explain the two-eyed Doctor Cyclops!
daDoctah 5 days ago
Bear in mind Saturday night that the original Cyclops, the one that Odysseus had to deal with, wasn't actually named Cyclops. That was his "race" if you will. His name was Polyphemus.

But because that was such a mouthful, all his friends just called him "Paul".
MadRich daDoctah 5 days ago
'Sup Paul? Yeah, that sounds about right
Catbat 5 days ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
I have some mom bragging to do. My sister alerted me to a FB post about my youngest son. I just wanted to share with you. The man in the pic is not Remington.
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Cool beans!...or in this case: pepperoni, sausage, but hopefully no anchovies, or even worse-pineapple.
BelleLugosi Catbat 5 days ago
You have a great kid!
Hey! Don't knock my pineapple on pizza!
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