Can You Dig It? “Mole People” Tonight!

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A 1950s "underground" science fiction favorite resurfaces tonight on Me-TV- as we bring back Hugh "Ward Cleaver" Beaumont and John "Don't Call Me a Ham" Agar facing two races of subterranean dwellers in "The Mole People"!

This 1956 film always draws a big audience- and features another bizarre Universal '50s creature in the form of the "Mole Person"! The basic plot- archeologists travel to the heights of a mountain to search out a lost civilization- only to find they have to descend underground to investigate further. When they inadvertently become trapped deep below the surface of the earth, they encounter that lost civilization- inhabited by a pale humanoid race and- the Mole People! The strange creatures are mistreated as a subservient race.

The albino-like beings are suspicious of the surface dwellers, who try to convince them that they are emissaries of a god- and plot to disprove their supposed "heavenly" connection. Meanwhile, a lovely slave woman and one of our heroes fall in love- but the treachery of the ruling race, coupled with the unknown nature of the Mole People, puts them in danger from which they may not be able to dig their way out!And- can they withstand the deadly "Flame of Ishtar"?

We'll talk about the actors, the design of the creatures, and , of course, bring on the Sven shtick, including the favorite Svensurround feature "Leave It to Mole".

"Mole People" airs on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and please check for the showtime in your area. Chicago viewers get another look at "Monolith Monsters"( which was very well-received by our Me-TV viewers last week) at 11 am on WCIU- the U!

Join us as the Mole People continue our "Rock in the New Year" January theme- with real rocks; and-please come back here soon for a blog that reveals an upcoming national remembrance of the original Sven- Jerry G. Bishop!