Claude Rains in the Classic “Invisible Man” Tonight!

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Get ready for one of the most gripping performances that you'll ever "never" see- the outstanding Claude Rains in the original "The Invisible Man"!

Based on the H G Wells novel- Rains portrays the  brilliant scientist Griffin- whose experimentation has produced shocking results! On a snowy night, we see a  heavily bandaged man arriving  on foot at  a small bucolic town- entering the local pub, and demanding a room - even though it's not the renting season-and he wants privacy as well as lodging. The landlord and his wife  speculate about what he’s up to-with all sorts of chemicals and beakers in his room-and his odd behavior. After a while, when the innkeeper demands  rent money that the stranger has not been paying-the mysterious man assaults him and tosses him down the stairs!! The townsmen who frequent the bar call in the police- but a shock is in store for them, when the man  reveals that beneath his bandages and clothing- he is invisible! He escapes, causing mayhem as he goes, and heads for the home of a fellow scientist, Dr. Kemp. who works with the father of his fiancée. The transparent visitor takes over Kemp’s house, forcing the cowardly Kemp to assist him in his grand plans for murder and attaining power. He must watch Kemp carefully, since his "old friend" is just the type to double-cross him ! Before long, the invisible madman has all of England cowering in fear- and even his beloved fiancee  cannot calm his deranged mind!

This is definitely one of the best of the classic horror films- for the time, the invisible effects are quite remarkable (we’ll talk about how they were done…) Claude Rains' incredible voice makes his work in this film totally convincing- and we'll tell a little about him and the other cast members, especially the actress who plays Griffin's fiancee  Flora- who you probably know from a role she played in her old age!  Plus- a good measure of Sven shtick- and- watch for a brief visit with none other than Regis Philbin!

"The Invisible Man" appears (?!) on MeTV Saturday night at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, check your local listings. Be aware that some stations have delayed the show an hour for sports or news- the good news being, they do that so they can present the entire show, rather than join it in progress. In Chicago, viewers get a second look at "Time of their Lives" on WCIU at 11 am.

Best wishes to all who will be celebrating Easter- if only those  Brits had tossed egg dye at Griffin, they'd have revealed that hard-boiled character!