Crash-Land in a Brash Land of Prehistoric Perils- "The Land Unknown"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- like a thermos that can go from holding cold liquids to hot-we have a valiant group of naval personnel go from the chill of the Antarctic- to an impossible tropical throwback to prehistoric times! The mind boggles as they find themselves stranded among long extinct giant reptiles, killer plant life, and a dangerous two-footed menace in "The Land Unknown"!

Our Navy not only stands by to protect us, but can also help find answers to scientific phenomenon- such as planning an expedition to the frigid waters of the Antarctic-not for defense purposes, but to investigate what appears to be an area of unusually warm temperatures amidst the deep chill there! Commander Harold Roberts sets out with a crew of three- one being Maggie Hathaway, the obligatory female investigative reporter, and, as their helicopter flies towards the target area , they get a dire warning about a dangerous approaching storm. They attempt to fly around it when “something” strikes their helicopter’s rotor- and they are headed for a crash landing !

They miraculously find a landing space- actually below sea level- and, in the middle of what appears to be a steaming tropical jungle!? Unable to make radio contact to insure their rescue, they must attempt to fix the copter ( with its legendary damaged push-pull rod)- without parts vital to the repairs. Things only get worse when they realize that, not only has the plant life not evolved (in fact, some of it appears to need more than water and oxygen to survive-but protein of the living kind! )- but neither has the animal population- as they see what incredible thing may have struck their aircraft, and then- encounter living dinosaurs! And- as they continue to search the area, they notice what appear to be -human footprints!

They attempt to escape the lost world, with its many perils- and find that a mysterious human inhabitant of the jungle may be the most dangerous creature they have to face! Can they escape- will they be able to survive, trapped by fate and multiple menaces- or will some lose their lives, while others remain as residents of this strange throwback world?

This 1957 sci-fi film is best remembered for its dinosaurs- one in particular- and we’ll tell you about them, along with our cast ( watch for a still picture of Tarzan- we’re still not sure if it actually is our leading man Jock Mahoney or the guy who played the Tarzan-like jungle guy on an episode of “Gilligan’s Island”!). Again, with all our conventions cancelled due to the coronavirus – we are bringing back plus some of the sights and special guests we encountered at a past C2E2 comics and entertainment convention in Chicago- including cosplaying convention goers, and visits with two celebrity Sven fans- one being "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast member and "Big Bang Theory" guest star Wil Wheaton- and, the other, the one and only wrestling legend, artist, and quick wit Jerry "the King" Lawler!

Let it be known that the “Land Unknown” is becomes known tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at for time and channel in your neck of the woods. Remember to join the fans on Twitter who live-Tweet during our program, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and help us trend high nationally every week. In the Chicago area, viewers get a second look at the classic Lon Chaney Jr. “Wolf Man" at 11 am on the U.

Join us tonight on MeTV for a journey that remains a chiller-even in the temperate prehistoric zone!

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Saturn3 5 months ago
By this time tomorrow it's Sven!
MADave 5 months ago
56 minutes to go I have my bets on Berwyn
The1Butler 5 months ago
Count down to sifi Saturday night !
The1Butler Jack 5 months ago
Nice !
dh The1Butler 5 months ago
I like this one :)
gabste Jack 5 months ago
I love ren and stimpy ! 😅
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Another sad detail in that story I had related yesterday about Lon Chaney, Jr.'s soda commercial with Henry Brandon: According to Brandon, Chaney's side was notably protruding.
Chaney told him it was due to his severely cirrhosis-damaged liver, which he had already arranged to donate, upon his death, to the UCLA Medical School, whose staff had informed him that it was the most bloated liver they had ever examined at the time. Like the rest of you, I'm sure, I prefer to forget stories like that and try to remember Chaney in his younger, healthier days.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 5 months ago
It’s a shame that fame and fortune has ruined the lives of so many talented actors, musicians, etc. Lon Jr was so handsome and talented. I think of him often in my monster-related thoughts.
The1Butler Klaatu 5 months ago
Monster sized liver , ewww
daleuhlmann Klaatu 5 months ago
Agreed, Klaatu!
MADave 5 months ago
I'd like to thank everyone who gave their thoughts and prayers for the loss of my friend Beth, I think Kodak said he remembers me talking about her before 6 years ago she went into the hospital and was really sick now 6 years later she went in again last weekend and if she was saved she would not be able to walk or talk but now she is in a better place and I miss her very very much. Thanks again to my Sven family YOU ARE THE BEST!
Oscar MADave 5 months ago
The gang sure comes through whe one needs em most, that's what I like most about this group.
MADave Oscar 5 months ago
Yes indeed Oscar there are a lot of good hearted folks here
dh MADave 5 months ago
My most sincere condolences to you.
gabste MADave 5 months ago
So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Beth. ⚘
Geo 5 months ago
This may get pulled, but here goes. I am seeing the stay at home box for sale in pieces online. I am a fan, but this just seems wrong and people trying to get more for what you pay for. I mean why purchase the box in the first place? Unless your not a collector.
Klaatu Geo 5 months ago
I wonder how long before the Svengoolie box of goodies shows up on Collector’s Call?
Geo Klaatu 5 months ago
That would be interesting and a set visit to coincide. I have not ordered the stay home kit, but being the fan I am it may be soon.
Klaatu 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
TheKodakKid Jack 5 months ago
Jack, maybe Jim Roche’s mustache brush instead of Geraldo’s. Which would make it more valuable to a true Sven fan.
Oscar Jack 5 months ago
Hahaha good one!
NoPersonalChicks Jack 5 months ago
If it's Geraldo Vandré, I'm in!
Lucyc 5 months ago
Wow, this week has flown by. I've been busy-son's got a new job on the hook(yay!!!)

Sad that we've lost more of our classic movie/tv stars. I think that Olivia de Haviland was probably one of the last of the major studio stars to pass on. My son and I had a discussion before about Hollywood's Golden Age. I was surprised that it's cut off date is 1959. So, John Saxon just did get under the wire with that date.
I thought I remembered seeing John Saxon playing "Troy Donahue" type roles, as I got interested, in my mid to late teens, on watching late fifties/early sixties movies that had been aimed at the teen/young adult audiences at the time. I had to look it up, but I thought I remembered seeing John Saxon in a movie with Sandra Dee, and he did make one-titled "The Reluctant Debutante." He was also in a "Tammy" movie.
About those Gene Roddenberry sci-fi pilots, there were two of them. The first one, with Mariette Hartley as a mutant with two navels(the one thing most people remember about it,)starred Alex Cord as the main character, Dylan Hunt. The second time around John Saxon played the character. Roddenberry must have thought that was a prime name, as it was recycled once again in the Andromeda series. I think Roddenberry might have passed on by the time they did that series, but the ideas were still his.
The late Mr. Saxon did have quite a few horror movies in his filmography-with at least one werewolf one, "Mom Was a Werewolf."
Jack Lucyc 5 months ago
Hartley’s spare navel was prob’ly making up for when her original navelhad to be hidden in the_Star Trek_ TOS episode "All Our Yesterdays,” unless… Omagawd! Mariette Hartley is a real mutant with two navels! Conspiracy theorists: on your marks, get set, go!
daleuhlmann Lucyc 5 months ago
Thank you for the clarification, Lucy--very informative.
NoPersonalChicks Jack 5 months ago
What would you call Sinbad's first fictional book about bellybuttons he wrote at sea?
A novel naval navel novel?
PatS NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
Unless it was a longish short story -- a novel naval navel novella. Featured on NOVA? Broadcast in Nova Scotia and Nevis? With a host named Neville?... (Wooooh, this way lies madness...)
Jack PatS 5 months ago
And what if said novella were science fiction that crossed franchises, and some of the navels were on humans from a watery planet on the Mid Rim, who were traveling with ten foot tall striped blue humanoids with tails, and a wormhole in space sends them to a Mississippi river town on the Illinois/Iowa border just before the death of the leader of a new American religion? Naboo and Na’vi in Nauvoo? Mebbe they can take a side trip to southern Indiana, to Gnaw Bone?
dh Lucyc 5 months ago
Great post :)
Saturn3 5 months ago
One more day 'til Sven's movie.

Sven's movie.

Sven's movie.

One more day 'til Sven's movie.

Silver Shamrock!
Geo Saturn3 5 months ago
That's scary
TheKodakKid 5 months ago
I’m a little bummed this morning. Yes, it’s Friday. Tomorrow is Super Sci-Fi Saturday, and we get the newsletter. However, I can’t help realizing that if the world hadn’t fallen into a mask wearing, social distancing frenzy, today I’d be arriving at O’Hare Airport to spend the weekend with a bunch of folks from this blog, and to see Sven in person.

Special note to Dale. If any of your students can correctly diagram that last run-on sentence, go ahead and give them their Master’s Degree in English.
Jack TheKodakKid 5 months ago
And while you rode the El to wherever the con venue would have been, you could’ve kept an eye out for subway werewolves…. Oh, sorry! I just made it worse.
Lynn TheKodakKid 5 months ago
Looking forward to better days! But I'm glad you said it. I promise you, you weren't the only person thinking about it!😎
abc123 TheKodakKid 5 months ago
now i am even more bummed! i would have been there too! i was unable to get a video of my movie announcement to be small enough to post, and good enough quality to enjoy. next time, maybe.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 5 months ago
Will do, Kodak!
Lynn 5 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Saturday Eve, for sure, everyone! Looking forward to walking down the street doing the werewolf of London.
Oscar Lynn 5 months ago
Have a great Friday Lynn, hope you are doing well
Lynn Oscar 5 months ago
You also, Oscar!
CarrieCastro 5 months ago
Happy Friday 😱
Have a great day
it's "Friday" 🤖
Another hot day 100*
plus 🏖 keep cool!

Good movie 🎩for Saturday night "yay"
for us all so much
fun 🕸😄🕸

My snacks are 🍿
unknown for now
I was thinking a
upside down 😉
pineapple cake🍍
Has nothing in 📺🐺
common with movie
but a nice idea 😉

Go out and do happy
for yourself 🌷🐝
See you later 🙄

TheKodakKid CarrieCastro 5 months ago
Yum. Pineapple upside down cake sounds good. Save me a piece.
The1Butler CarrieCastro 5 months ago
happy all day and saturday night !
Oscar CarrieCastro 5 months ago
That sounds delicious Carrie!
daleuhlmann CarrieCastro 5 months ago
Save some for me, Carrie!
JournalJeff2 5 months ago
Finally it is Friday! Yay!
One more day of suffering until Sven comes and spares us with some great entertainment!
Foggy London and a hairy gent
No better way can a Saturday be spent
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
Catbat 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Get all your snack stuff and chores done today. Then tomorrow nothing to do but watch MeTV and wait for Sven.
Have a good day. I'll see y'all later.
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Oscar Catbat 5 months ago
And a good day to you too Catbat, say hi to Dale for me.
Carl_N_Brown deadringer42 5 months ago
There should be five movies, too.
Carl_N_Brown The1Butler 5 months ago
He can stay down with a barrel on him.
Better make make it three.
The1Butler Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
That jaws character drinks like a fish !
CarrieCastro 5 months ago
Good night blog
friends 🌠🤖🌠
See you later 👻
Bill_K 5 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone....

Just checking in before I hit the hay! Since you all have been talking about both The Little Rascals and WWoL for awhile - how bout something they both have in common.

Hint: She was blind by the time she appeared in this Saturday's feature.
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NoPersonalChicks Jack 5 months ago
...and also in 'They Died with Their Boots On' with Errol Flynn and the recently passed Ms. de Havilland.
Carl_N_Brown Jack 5 months ago
Looked at Jane Darwell's Wikipedia article: Selected Filmography listed 169 movies 1914-1964.
Wow, she was The Bird Woman in MARY POPPINS.
daDoctah Jack 5 months ago
Fun WIZARD OF OZ fact regarding Charley Grapewin: he was the only character from the "Kansas" part of the movie not to appear in some form in Oz (Professor Marvel became the Wizard, Miss Gulch became the Wicked Witch, even Aunt Em appeared as an image in the Witch's crystal ball). On the other hand, Glinda appears to have had no "real world" counterpart.
PatS daDoctah 5 months ago
In many contemporary stage versions of the musical, Auntie Em doubles as Glinda.
MADave 5 months ago
A sad note my friend Beth died over the weekend please I need good vibes right now.
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Catbat MADave 5 months ago
I'm so sorry for your loss MADave. All good vibes to you and Beth's family.
deadringer42 MADave 5 months ago
Sorry for your loss. Have peace knowing that she has moved on to a better place.
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
So sorry for your loss, Dave. My sympathies to Beth's family.
The1Butler MADave 5 months ago
may your friend rest in Peace .
Saturn3 5 months ago
Henry Hull

Klaatu Saturn3 5 months ago
Cool pics. Kinda looks like the pucture sequence to show: Well to do and employees; Part-time employed; wanna-be part-time; our of work; destitute.🤔
PatS Saturn3 5 months ago
The many faces of Hull! Since I've never seen him in anything but WWOL, I appreciate this collection of photos.
Saturn3 PatS 5 months ago
He sure had a long and varied career!

Watching it this time, I might enjoy his performance more seeing how wide a range he had.
Bill_K PatS 5 months ago

WWoL was one of the few, if any, lead roles Hull ever played. He was a great character actor in supporting parts. If you're serious about not seeing him in anything else.....try "Great Expectations" (also directed by Stuart Walker), "Lifeboat" (directed by Hitchcock), "Objective, Burma" and "Inferno" just to name a few......
daleuhlmann Bill_K 5 months ago
The 1934 GREAT EXPECTATIONS may not be in the same league with director David Lean's 1947 remake (which, coincidentally, featured Hull's WEREWOLF OF LONDON leading lady Valerie Hobson as the adult Estella), but is still well worth a look. Interestingly enough, Francis L. Sullivan played Mr. Jaggers, the lawyer in both versions.

Another Hull of a supporting performance by Henry Hull (see what I did there?) was in the 1941 Humphrey Bogart crime classic HIGH SIERRA. Hull played the town doctor, Doc Banton.
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Here are two interesting stories about Henry Brandon. When interviewed about his role as the villain Barnaby in the Laurel and Hardy classic BABES IN TOYLAND (AKA MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS), he claimed that the two comedians were true gentleman and real pros.

In a different interview, with author Gregory Mank, Brandon recalled his experience working with Lon Chaney, Jr., late in Chaney"s life, on a soda pop commercial (I forget for what brand). However, it wasn't pop that he remembered Chaney drinking on the set that day, but vodka. The booze attracted a good number of fruit flies that swarmed around Chaney's head and followed him to the sound stage on his way to shoot the rest of his scenes--very sad story.

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PatS NoPersonalChicks 5 months ago
I could stand an hour of Little Rascals / Our Gang, in place of the second hour of Stooges...
Jack PatS 5 months ago
Two hour of Stooges and Little Rascals/Our Gang, randomly mixed so you don’t know what’s next!
daDoctah Jack 5 months ago
Mix in everything you can find from the Hal Roach studios and set it on "liquefy". Laurel & Hardy, Little Rascals, the Boy Friends, Charlie Chase, Thelma Todd & Zasu Pitts (and later Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly), Harold Lloyd, Topper and its sequels. The guy has 1204 (!) titles listed just under "Producer" at IMDb, most of them part of one series or another.
Jack daDoctah 5 months ago
Weigel should hire us to do programming!
Oscar 5 months ago
What do you call a sleeping werewolf? An unaware-wolf!

Please refrain from throwing rotted fruits or vegetables my way.
Oscar Oscar 5 months ago
Rubber chickens are allowed.
Carl_N_Brown Oscar 5 months ago
When I tell a bad joke please throw fresh fruit or vegetables, but no canned goods.
PatS Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Ow, ow, OWWWW!
The1Butler Oscar 5 months ago
what do you call a werewolf ? where is he ? what is he wearing ? what is his wereabouts ?
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