Cushing Brings the “Evil of Frankenstein”- Tonight!

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Our month-long "Franken-Fest" continues tonight on Me-TV- with a different take on Dr. Frankenstein, provided by the magnificent Hammer house of horror- as the reactivation of dead flesh continues- in"living" (?) color- with the "Evil of Frankenstein"!

This 1964 British release continues the story of Dr. Frankenstein, who is still experimenting with bringing life back to the dead- but, after an altercation, is forced to flee with his assistant Hans. They decide to return to the doctor's old homestead and retrieve  the doctor's belongings, in hopes of selling them to raise money to continue experimentation. Along the way, they encounter a wild mute young woman who will figure in their endeavors later.

Upon arriving in his old hometown, where a festival is conveniently being held, allowing some ease in moving about, the doctor discovers his old mansion has been looted and left in ruins. Worse yet, as they arrive at an inn, they find one of the local officials dining- and he is wearing a ring of the Doctor's that he must have appropriated, and, in a nasty confrontation, the Doctor must escape again! This eventually leads to  finding the same mute woman hiding in a cave- where the Doctor is shocked to find his original "monster" frozen in ice!

Once thawed, the Monster is alive- but unresponsive. The doctor decides a hypnotist they encountered at the festival might be able to awaken the creature's semi-dormant brain- but the slimy hypnotist has his own agenda! Before long, the Monster is again on the prowl, and the doctor is caught between deception and the raging townspeople.

This film is just one of the series of Frankenstein films done by Hammer, and featuring the great Peter Cushing as the doctor. the fact that Universal was the film's distributor meant  the filmmakers could use more elements similar to those of the classic Universal version of the story, but there are still distinct differences. We'll talk about the film, its cast, and more- and add the usual Sven shtick into the mix!

"Evil of Frankenstein" hits the Me-TV airways tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and at a time in other areas that you can look up in your local listings. In the Chicago viewing area, you can make a return visit to the "House of Frankenstein" with Karloff and company at 11am this morning on WCIU- the U!

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Next week- it's one that so many viewers have been asking for- with Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Monster, and...heyyyy Abbott!