Cushing Hammers Home a Horror Hit- "Revenge of Frankenstein" Tonight!

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Have the past few weeks of color feature films made you grown accustomed to non-black and white? We’ve decide to let the trend continue tonight- but revert back slightly to more classic horror, led by a familiar scientist whose creepy creations have caused movie mayhem in various forms, but this time- thanks to Britain’s Hammer studios, the creator  is out for more than just reanimating tissue- he’s out for the “Revenge of Frankenstein”!

In this 1958 Hammer horror, the brilliant Baron Victor Frankenstein, having escaped a death sentence, has taken on a new identity in the town of Carlsbruck, where he has now spent a few years in practice as the physician to wealthy women, some of whom are actually ill. He also is giving back to the community by running a clinic for the poor- but is recognized by Hans, a young man who is part of the local medical board.  Victor can avoid exposure by taking on Hans as an assistant in his secret experiments- since Hans is fascinated by the Baron’s nature-defying work.

In the Baron’s  laboratory, along with hunchbacked Karl ( who is hoping for a new, healthy body) the duo strives to transplant a brain into a single full body, rather than one assembled out of various people’s parts. With Karl the willing donor of his brain, the experiment is a success!

Meanwhile, a pretty young lady has joined the staff of the pauper’s hospital and is tending to the “new” Karl. When Karl gets wind of talk about putting him  on display, more or less, around the world as a scientific achievement, the poor man wants no part of it, and escapes from the hospital.

A deadly problem arises regarding one of the animal specimens that the Baron did a similar transplant on, which starts Hans worrying that Karl may experience a like effect. Victor doesn’t see any possible problem- but then, the murders begin…

This film stars the great Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein ( or whatever alias he uses), a role he had previously played in Hammer films. There are other familiar faces from that studio, and we’ll give you the lowdown. We’ll also bring you some “Svensurrounded’ scenes that turn the film into some classic sitcoms, present a familiar looking new creation of the Baron, and take a turn at parodying a certain British comedian!

“Revenge of Frankenstein” appears in lurid color on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings, or at  . Once again last week during the show, we were trending near the top of the list on Twitter ! MeTV invites you to join the throng who are “live –Tweeting ” during the program, using the  hashtag  #svengoolie . This morning, Chicago area viewers can again be “bee-wildered” by “Terror Out of the Sky”  at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

There has been some confusion regarding our March schedule- obviously, what we had posted in the March newsletter is the correct schedule.

We’ve gotten some nice comments about our visit with Bill and Wendy on WGN radio this past week, at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcasting, where the tremendous “Saturday Night Live” exhibit  is a must-see. ( Hear the broadcast as a podcast at

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The fascinating exhibit takes you through the full week , day by day, of a typical SNL production, with all the steps leading to the actual broadcast on Saturday nights. You’ll see lots  of real costumes, sets, make-up and more from the program. If you go, let me again remind you to hit the third floor for some classic Chicago TV displays, including my original set and coffin! More info is available at   and , yes, the museum is now open on Sundays!

Tonight, though, the term “live” applies not to Saturday night, but to reanimated flesh- as Baron Frankenstein shows us why he’s such a wild and crazy guy! See you on MeTV!