Cushing Nails the “Evil of Frankenstein” for “Hammer Time”!

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"Hammer Time"- this month's theme featuring  British Hammer Studios films from our library- has one of the studio's iconic players  this week- as the distinguished actor Peter Cushing is back as  Dr. Frankenstein, trying to reclaim his estate, his good name, and his frightening creation, in "Evil of Frankenstein"!

The doctor, still trying to create a living being, is forced to flee his current whereabouts, along with his young assistant Hans.he decides to return to his old hometown, where he created his original monster- and arrives during a festival, only to find that his  estate has been looted, and corrupt local officials had a hand in it! The locals send him on the lam again- but, getting some help from a poor mute girl they aided earlier, he and Hans discover the doctor's original creation frozen in a glacier!

When they thaw out the monster, it is still alive- but unresponsive. Dr. Frankenstein thinks that a hypnotist, Zoltan, whom  they saw at the festival in town may be the key to getting the creature back to being more sentient- but he doesn't realize that Zoltan has his own evil agenda- and the battle to control the powerful monster brings more death and destruction!

This 1964 film is a great example of the Hammer features most people know- brilliant color and great visual style. We'll tell you about the cast.reprise a beloved Brit bit, and -give you more of our visit to the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention.

"Evil of Frankenstein" starts tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or check for time in your area. Chicago fans get another look at Hammer's "Shadow of the Cat"- along with our visit with Jerry "the King" Lawler- starting at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

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Oh- and,if you missed my interview with my good friend Nick Digilio on WGN radio (how could you miss it- it only ran at 2:15 am!?) -here's a link to the podcast-

Enjoy "Evil of Frankenstein" tonight as all the Sven summer fun contunues!