Daddy, Can I Borrow the Hearse? “Dracula’s Daughter” Tonight!

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Looks like we're shaking the Dracula family tree once more tonight, as we follow up last week's "Son of Dracula" with his sister-"Dracula's Daughter"! This is actually the sequel to Bela Lugosi's "Dracula" (though, in this one, the part of Dracula is played by a dummy-no, not Jim Belsuhi)- and picks up seconds after that movie's conclusion! The police find vampire hunter Van Helsing, who readily admits to staking the count and is taken into custody. He enlists a former student to help clear him- meanwhile, as Drac's body lies in the police headquarters- a mysterious woman shows up- and soon- the body is gone! Even worse, NEW bodies start piling up- and Van Helsing realizes that the count's legacy is continuing. His former student- along with his wacky secretary- get involved and soon,the mysterious Countess decides on some new targets! This 1936 film again underlines the efectiveness of the black and white atmosphere of the early Universal horror movies. Gloria Holden truly has an eerie prescence as Countess Zaleska (nee Dracula),who provokes many a fan debate regarding her sexual preferences-and it's funny to note her Shemp-haired assistant went on to other film fame that we'll explain. This show also includes a favorite fan bit, as I interview Dracula's grandson-who seems perfect for a "big adventure"! "Dracula's Daughter" appears on our Sven show tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern, 9 pm central, or, check out your local listings for our run time in your area. In Chicago, you can tune in at 11 am on WCIU-the U- for "Son of Dracula"! In a personal note- my doctors have okayed my return to work soon- with limited hours as I get back to full strength. As I've said, it will take a while for me to catch up and plan new shows- but- it's coming up down the line! One final reminder- it's time to reset your clocks-you know the old saying; spring ahead, fall on your...well, you know...