Daddy Issues Keep Her Up at Night- “Dracula’s Daughter” Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it's the often requested tale of the female offspring of an infamous count- who , unfortunately, takes after her father in a way she regrets- and yet, can't fight the irresistible thirst she has inherited by being- “Dracula’s Daughter”!

As many viewers know,this film picks up right where the original "Dracula" ended- in the dungeon of Carfax Abbey, with Van Helsing (named VON Helsing in this film) ,weapon in hand, standing over  the inert body of Count Dracula -sporting a wooden stake through its heart! The police burst in upon him, and immediately take him into custody for murder. Dracula's body is locked up in the local police department-where a mysterious woman uses a strange hypnotic power over the lone policeman on duty, allowing her to make off with the Count's body- and engulf it in a funeral pyre that she thinks may free her of her family curse (I guess we will never know , after this fiery final rest, how the Count managed to return in future films!)- Her salvation is not to be- as her "assistant" Sandor underlines that  her behavior still indicates that she has not lost her desire for human blood!

From his incarceration, Von/ Van Helsing contacts a brilliant, but somewhat skeptical  former student, Jeffery Garth, to help prove that he is sane- and that vampires do exist. As a part of the hoi polloi, Garth attends a party, and encounters a stranger who has arrived as a visiting  artist- Countess Marya Zaleska (in reality, the daughter of the Count that Von Helsing slew!) Jeffrey converses with other guests about his work in curing his patients' cravings,  which captures the Countess' attention- and she inquires if he might help her to defeat an unnamed craving. He agrees to help her, while still in the dark about what her affliction might be.

However, a rash of attacks, with victims drained of blood brings about suspicions. Jeffrey’s secretary (who is hopeful about being his girlfriend as well) takes an instant dislike of the Countess- for good reason- as the story continues through suspicions that a vampire does exist-and that said menace must remove any threats to its existence- taking us back to the Transylvania castle where it all started- and where lives may be finished!

This 1936 film, made 5 year after the original “Dracula”, boasts an eerie atmosphere , in no small part due to the unearthly presence of Gloria Holden’s Countess. Edward Van Sloan makes a second  appearance as Dracula’s nemesis, Von Helsing, and Otto Krueger, last seen on our show as yet another reanimator of the ape woman, Paula Dupree, stars as psychologist hero Jeffrey. We’ll talk about the cast, and provide Sven shtick- including a much-requested interview with another Dracula “relative”-but- watch for several new segments- and- by popular demand- a pre-Halloween reprise of the "Svengoolie Stomp"!!

Meet “Dracula’s Daughter” tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings (or for time and channel where you'll be watching. In Chicago, our viewers get a second catch of "Revenge of the Creature" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U.

We will be appearing tonight in Elgin, IL, in the "safe zone" at the "Nightmare on Chicago Street" event- featuring roaming zombies and a great costume contest! Please check under our "appearances" tab for full details, and additional Halloween season appearances.

Remember , you have a date tonight with "Dracula's Daughter"!