Daddy’s Little Ghoul: “Dracula’s Daughter” Tonight!

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With Father's Day tomorrow, it seems rather fitting to provide our MeTV fans with a legendary horror name's  offspring that certainly does her daddy proud- it's the like father, like-daughter demonic "Dracula's Daughter"!

Much like last week's "Bride of Frankenstein"- this film picks up right where the original movie of the series ended- as police enter Dracula's rented abbey and catch Van Helsing (for some reason, named VON Helsing in this one) red-handed with weapon in hand- and the inert body of Count Dracula with a stake in its heart! He is taken into custody and the body is locked up in the police department-until a mystery woman uses some sort of hypnotism to purloin it and give it a "decent" burial (don't ask how, then, Dracula returned in later films!)- thinking this will free her of the family curse of vampirism. However, before long, her weird servant, Sandor, points out that her behavior indicates that she still has the yearning for blood!

Von/ Van Helsing enlists one of his former students, a brilliant psychologist, Jeffery Garth, to help  convince the authorities of his innocence. By coincidence, he meets a visitor new to this part of the world- an artist named Countess Marya Zaleska (in reality, Dracula's daughter!) Upon hearing Jeffrey talk about how he can help patients overcome cravings, she asks for his help (without exactly mentioning what the cravings are!) Meanwhile, victims of vampirism keep cropping up- Jeffrey's secretary (and would-be girlfriend) grows suspicious of the Countess- and it looks like Transylvania will be the location of the final chapter in the Countess' story- and maybe in the lives of our principal players!

This 1936 film, made 5 year after the original "Dracula", is loaded with atmosphere and the unearthly presence of Gloria Holden's Countess. Edward Van Sloan returns in the role of Dracula's nemesis, Von Helsing, and Otto Krueger, last seen on our show as yet another reviver of the ape woman, Paula Dupree, stars as psychologist hero Jeffrey. We'll talk about the cast, and provide ample Sven shtick- including a much-requested interview with another Dracula "relative"!

"Dracula's Daughter" shows up tonight, Father's Day Eve, at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings. In Chicago, our viewers get a second look at another frightful female -"Bride of Frankenstein"- at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

Thanks to the many viewers who sent their good wishes this past week on the anniversary  of my first hitting the air as "Son of Svengoolie" (speaking of Father's Day! Let's pause and remember "Dad"- the original Sven-Jerry G Bishop)- I'm happy that your support has kept the Svengoolie family going!

Tune in tonight for the daughter -who sure ain't drinking water - on MeTV!