Death Stalks Anyone Whose Path is Crossed by "The Black Cat"- Tonight!

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We’ve heard that March usually comes in like a lion- but tonight on MeTV, it comes in like a slightly smaller- but just as scary- feline, as we come into an old dark house during a nasty, stormy night! It’s the perfect setting for a killer to be stalking victims- and  for death to be stalking anyone who crosses the path of  "The Black Cat"!

This old mansion is over-run by the many pet cats of its wealthy old lady owner- whose relatives have gathered in anticipation of her shuffling off this mortal coil. Their concern for her seems to be far out-weighed by their hopes of gaining an inheritance from her estate, but, like her multitude of feline friends, old lady Henrietta seems to have nine lives, and keeps returning from the brink of death! She has no pretensions about her relatives' agendas, and opts to read her will to them herself before her time is up. She proceeds, unafraid of letting each relative know what she really thinks of them, but the reading is interrupted by the entrance of realtor Gil- who grew up in the area, and is well known to her. Gil, now a real estate agent, has crafted  a lucrative deal for the old woman's mansion and property, with the only hold-up being that he has to convince her to sell! Accompanying him to the house is a rather screwy antique dealer who hopes to be a part of the deal and stake a claim to the antiques in the house. Unfortunately, Henrietta, though fond of Gil, refuse to sell- as the poor real estate agent spends his whole time coughing and sneezing since he's allergic to the cats that run wild over the whole estate. The old crazy cat lady has equipped the place with every convenience for her four-legged friends who live there, and is even prepared for their passing- she has a crematorium on the grounds. It is there that a mysterious tragedy occurs- and the appearance of the black cat seems to be part of it- odd, because superstitious Henrietta has never allowed a black cat on the premises!

Frighteningly, circumstances point to there being a killer somewhere on the estate- as well as the black cat. Tensions build as the estate housekeeper repeats the unsettling lore that the black cat always appears right before a death occurs! Gil, the giddy antique dealer, Henrietta’s heirs and her household staff begin to suspect each other, as more murderous mayhem ensues- when they wind up trapped in the house, with the power and the phone out, as well as the road away from the estate, as a thunderstorm rages. No one is sure who they can trust, or who might actually be the killer- or the next victim!

I always have to mention that this is the 1941 "Black Cat" -with Bela Lugosi in a supporting role- as opposed to the eerie and unsettling 1934 film of the same name starring Bela and Boris Karloff. In our film tonight, the creepy moments are offset with some laughs, several provided by comedian Hugh “Hoo-Hoo!” Herbert as the wacky antique dealer. We'll walk you through the cast listing, with such notables as Broderick Crawford as the allergic real estate agent, Basil Rathbone and Alan Ladd among the heirs, and Gale Sondergaard  as the housekeeper. We'll have  a commercial for some pizza even a Little Sneezer may not order, a courtroom scene combining this film and a popular MeTV program, and , after the movie, chat with an artist whose work is often seen on our dungeon studio walls- popular comic book artist Christopher Jones!

"The Black Cat" prowls tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if unsure of time and channel in your area- please check local listings or the information you can find at . We are honored to continue to trend nationally on Twitter, with fans live-Tweeting during the show using the hashtag #svengoolie  - we have even trended number one in USA- and MeTV encourages you to join in tonight! And-our Chicago area viewers can once again try on “Strait-Jacket” with Joan Crawford  at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU!

We have big things coming up- including my yearly appearance at the big C2E2 comics and entertainment convention later this month- and, it appears they are about to post the balloting information for this year’s Rondo Awards very soon- you can check to see if it’s up yet at  I have it on good authority that I will again be nominated in the category of “favorite horror host”- with a field of other worthy  hosts- so, cast your vote for whoever your favorite might be- and follow all the rules, or your vote will not count!

...but tonight - stock up on the Meow Mix and Tidy Cat, and be ready for some feline fright!

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MADave 14 months ago
Goodnight everyone see you tomorrow!
Bill_K 14 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

Just woke up from a two hour nap and now have to drive back to the airport to pick up my niece who is flying in from Texas (Yes, and I bet her arms are tired). I thought her flight gets in a Midnight. it's actually 12:10 am.

Thought I would send you all a preview of my review of the upcoming movie. It's a winner!

Will post the rest tomorrow!
Lynn Bill_K 14 months ago
Safe journey, Bill K!
DrClayton 14 months ago
I'm thinking sushi is what's called for tomorrow night.
Raycav00 14 months ago
Anyone been to Davy Jones Locker Lately ?
Ravenwoman 14 months ago
Ravenwoman Ravenwoman 14 months ago
I'll say goodnight with this one! 🤪🗽💓😁🐙🦑🐙

Raycav00 14 months ago
RIP JMV , you were great with the Original Bada** Charlie Bronson in
‘72 “The Mechanic”.....
Bill_K 14 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

Family has flown in from Texas and from Michigan for My Late Mother in Law's life celebration tomorrow.

So far, I have introduced my Brother-In-Law to Five Guys Burgers.

My Wife, her sister and her adopted sister/niece are getting the ceremony together and still managed to get a trip to the mall in.

Now it's time for me (of course) to pick up dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant.

And then, it's off to BWI to pick up my niece from Texas tonight at midnight!
PatS Bill_K 14 months ago
I hope that's not the British West Indies! Sounds like you'll be a busy guy. We'll understand if your posting is intermittent. Good to have some family time IMO.
DrClayton 14 months ago
ScottieO - What - no "International Women of Mystery"??
scottieO DrClayton 14 months ago
They are all "Mysterious" to me, International or otherwise.
SOBX 14 months ago
Marshall Brodien -professional magician and "Wizzo the Wizard" of the Bozo show- has passed away after a long battle with Alzhiemer's disease. He was a good man, had many great stories, and was so very kind. RIP
1MikeM SOBX 14 months ago
RIP Marshall Brodien.
1MikeM SOBX 14 months ago
Thanks for posting this. That's a nice photo.
Raycav00 SOBX 14 months ago
Good Ole Larry Harmon
Now thats a Bozo No No
MADave SOBX 14 months ago
Thanx for all the fun Wizzo RIP
1MikeM MADave 14 months ago
Wizzo and the Stone of Zanzibar. "Doody-doody-doo!"
Lucyc 14 months ago
Good afternoon, gang.
First off, my condolences to you, Carl, on the loss of your mom. I hope your family and friends will be a comfort to you.

Wow, Jan Michael Vincent has now passed away, too. Drugs and alcohol do age you. When my ex-husband-my son's dad-passed away, there was an autopsy done. His sister told me that it was noted that his internal organs looked like they should have belonged to a much older person-a result of his drinking and doing hard drugs since he had been a teen. He was 35 when he died-a result of his unfortunate penchant for not staying out of other people's arguments. Marrying him was probably one of the dumbest things I ever did, but I loved the guy. Love can be both blind an stupid-certainly was in my case.

On a happier note, I would like to comment on the subject of the next BBIV. As for me, personally, I would have more of a chance of attending if it were held in Knoxville. However, if those board buddies who live in the west think that they might be able to attend if it were held, say, in Sacramento, then I think it would be more fair if it were held out there. So, I guess my vote is conditional-my first choice being to meet out west. If our Westies have no personal preference, then I like the Knoxville idea. Some of my paternal grandmother's family was probably some of the first settlers there after the Revolutionary War, having received a land grant for service in the War, so part of me would love to visit there.
PatS 14 months ago
Best octopus I ever had was "pulpos en ajo", Mexican soup with lotsa octopus and lotsa garlic. May have helped that it was at the beachfront in Puerto Vallarta at sunset... Octopus, calamari and some other sealife are delicious (IMO) but you gotta be careful cooking 'em or they're as chewy as rubber bands.
Lynn PatS 14 months ago
I don't know that a fabulous location can save a bad meal, but I think it definitely enhances a good one.
MADave 14 months ago
Former miss teen universe Lotte Vanderzee died after a heart attack at age 20
MADave 14 months ago
A happy note to share with y’all I received a phone call this morning letting me know I will be returning to work on March 18th so I hope I can do something fun next week like a movie o4 something?
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Lynn MADave 14 months ago
Good for you, MADave!
scottieO MADave 14 months ago
Very happy that you are going to be back to the old grind, MADave.
Bill_K MADave 14 months ago

Congratulations on that! Bet you are glad to be getting back.
daleuhlmann MADave 14 months ago
Good for you. David!
Catbat 14 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
In 4 short hours I pick my Beloved Beau up from the airport! In the meanwhile I'm at James and Riley's new place. Life is good 😊
Headed to Carrie's tomorrow for our mini Svengoolie get together!
Kodak Kid, Freddy Prinze Jr is but a pup. Haha
Lynn Catbat 14 months ago
The1Butler Catbat 14 months ago
You are lucky ,have a great time ! My gougirl is coming across the state to watch sven with me in the woods !
Bill_K Catbat 14 months ago
Hope you both have a great time together!
daleuhlmann Bill_K 14 months ago
Thanks, Bill! My connection flight from L. A. to San Jose to meet Catbat has been delayed by about an hour, but, hey, that's what travel's all about--ha-ha!
daleuhlmann Catbat 14 months ago
As you know, dear, there's going to be about an hour's final flight delay to San Jose after a close to a 5-hr. flight to L. A. 😴, but I'm hanging in there!😁
Bill_K daleuhlmann 14 months ago

Better a delay than a cancellation, right?
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Dale, you’re getting used to flight delays by now aren’t you?
Ravenwoman 14 months ago
A second love; Italian Calamari in a slow-simmered tomato gravy! Ugh! 😋🗽

Ravenwoman Ravenwoman 14 months ago
Note to self: I am so hungry now!
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