Did He Inherit a Dastardly Dual Identity? "Meet the "Son of Dr. Jekyll" Tonight!

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We kick off our Halloween month tonight on MeTV- with somewhat of a sequel to one of the most famous horror stories, both on film and in print- in which an earnest and intelligent young scientist learns the shocking truth about his ancestry- and inherits not only his father’s estate , but his reputation! Tales of his father as a good man turned savage monster urge him to set out to repeat his dad’s experiments and clear the family name- only to face persecution and perilous dangers of the formula that ruined his father- and could ruin the “Son of Dr. Jekyll”!

His story opens at the end of another man’s story- as we see the senior Jekyll fleeing from an angry mob after committing a terrible murder! He heads to his estate and laboratory, and, while trying to escape the mob, meets his demise. Two of his closest friends –Utterson and Lanyon- witness his death, and hurry to the scene of the crime he had fled from. They find Jekyll’s baby son- now all alone in the world. They take charge of the poor orphan, and decide that it would be proper for Utterson to raise the child- never letting him know about his real family’s horrible history.

Thirty years later- grown-up baby Edward is a brilliant science student- engaged to Utterson’s niece Lynn. His brilliance may be leading him into dangerous territory-for he is being expelled from the science academy for performing “unorthodox experiments”! Coincidentally, Utterson and Lanyon decide that , since he is of age, and due to claim his inheritance, Edward should finally learn the truth about his real father. Edward accepts the facts, and takes possession of the key to his father’s old place. Undeterred by the public’s attitudes about his father- and now, him- he decides to move into the family estate. Finding his father’s old laboratory, he is compelled to continue his dad’s work- and prove that his father was NOT a monster in real life, and that the formula he created was the cause of his change of behavior. He also begins a constant battle against the public’s perception of himself and his father- and, in a situation that seems very contemporary, ends up “set up” in what appear to be violent circumstances by the local “news” people. This causes his neighbors to become even more frightened that, like father, like son- there is now a sinister successor to the original evil Hyde!

His experimentation continues, regardless- but there are hidden agendas in motion, putting his career and life in peril! Has Edward’s use of his father’s formula sent him to the dark side of human nature- and unleashed another Hyde to prey upon the frightened populace?

This 1951 film is considered by some as a sort of sequel to the 1941 Spencer Tracy “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”- adding a plot twist to that film’s conclusion. We’ll go down the list of cast members, headed by Louis Hayward, present an edition of the popular Sven game, “Too Drawn Out”, and introduce a less-than hair-raising product, as well as favoring you with a Sven song.

"Son of Dr. Jekyll" makes his appearance tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if you need more information on where and when to find the show in your area, just check your local listings, or at .You can also join the horde of Sven fans on Twitter during the show, who live-Tweet as the show runs, using the hashtag #svengoolie . All that Tweeting continues to keep us trending nationally every week! In the Chicago area, viewers can get one more look at our special edition of Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula” – with the unique added musical soundtrack-this morning at 11 am on the U, at its new channel location. We’ve gotten e mails from Chicago area fans asking why the show is no longer on Saturday mornings- we assure you, it is- just go to the channel that formerly housed the UToo!

I’ve made my way back from the New York Comic Con on a redeye flight to attend the “Haunting in Hammond” this afternoon! And, we’ve listed all the Halloween appearances booked so far - including the special event at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications honoring my “40 years as Sven” anniversary-  under the “appearances” tab on this website. We’ll add any additional live or media appearances as they come up, so make sure to check back often. It looks like we’ll have one this Tuesday night on WLS-AM ( 890)- with Jennifer Weigel at 10 pm central time. Also- the remaining limited edition Sven anniversary shirt is now in our store- please order as soon as possible- like the others, it WILL sell out rather quickly!

And- we’re only a week and a half away from the first chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” in all the major DC titles! We could see how excited fans are about this when we were at the New York Comic Con yesterday!

But tonight- instead of a superhero- we meet a man with a dual identity- walking a thin line between good and evil! Join us on MeTV for a story with plenty to “Hyde”!


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Catbat 16 months ago
Just to make y'all jealous. My dinner! I don't usually post pics of food but Frankinberry is Happy Halloween Happy Sven!

Catbat 16 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Evening All!
Sorry I haven't been posting much. Tis the busy season. Trying to get ready and adjust to new schedule. Don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween yet. All (and I mean All) my stuff is in California. I'm planning , Been watching tons of my "October Only for Halloween" movies. On DVD of course.
Well Mr and Mrs Islander paid us a visit yesterday. We had a Great time! We talked about how much we loved Svengoolie and made plans for next year's TBB5! The Islanders brung us many gifts 🎁 Among them Sour cream and onion Crickets! The pics attatched prove we will do anything for Sven! Even eat a bug (Mrs Islander ate one too! )

MMM! That's Gooood! 👍
Jack Catbat 16 months ago
MADave Catbat 16 months ago
Haha looks like you had fun and I love the picture of Gomez and Morticia in the background you and Dale should see the new movie it was really different
Jack 16 months ago
While we waiting for the witching hour, here’s a Silly Symphony with the Disney take on the danse macabre...
PatS Jack 16 months ago
Love the music on this! Vintage Carl Stallings. I like to use the melody that starts at 2:36 for ballet class; don't think anyone's figured it out yet. The end is actually a close parody of Grieg's 'March of the Dwarves.'
Catbat Jack 16 months ago
A Real Disney Halloween Treat! Magic Mirror Rules!
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
This Calypso tune may not sound very scary, but it's about the Trinidad Dance of the Dead. Here's the Kingston Trio's version of "Zombie Jamboree."
Jack daleuhlmann 16 months ago
How ‘bout something with “highly deadly black tarantulas”? What if it were used in _Beetlejuice_, does that count?
PatS Jack 16 months ago
Nitpicky answer -- I think it's "A beautiful bunch of ripe bahnahnah / Hides the deadly black tarantula..." Dayyyyy-ohhhh...
Jack PatS 16 months ago
It’s “hide the deadly black tarantula”? Wow! That certainly goes with the dialect better than my version. I picked out the lyrics from listening to my mom’s 45—with “Night-oh” on the B-side. All these years I thought it was “highly deadly.” Chalk another one up to misheard lyrics!
Catbat daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Ahh fond childhood memories. Thanks Dear
daleuhlmann Jack 16 months ago
I think so.
LarryTheTrainGuy 16 months ago
ok here is a monster song for Halloween
Catbat LarryTheTrainGuy 16 months ago
Thanks Larry the Train Guy! No Halloween playlist would be complete without it.
MADave 16 months ago
Hey would the Addams family theme and the Munsters count as Halloween tunes?
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MADave daDoctah 16 months ago
Where can I find his show I haven't heard him since I lived in Illinois and Wisconsin
MADave 16 months ago
This comment has been removed.
PatS daDoctah 16 months ago
Puh-leeease, give us a source to find Dr. Demento on whatever our local radio may be. Does he have a website? A station-finder like MeTV's? I remember him from WAY back in the '70s, pleased that more generations are Staying Demented.
daDoctah PatS 16 months ago
No longer on radio. His show is only available from his website at, and you have to subscribe (or pay for each episode). (And since I'm having issues with PayPal, the only available way to pay for the subscription, I will probably lose my own access to the show very soon.)
Jack 16 months ago
We’re having a norther in Texas, with temperatures in the upper 40°s—finally! I had carne guisada for lunch. The restaurant turned on the árbol de Navidad lights—but that may because they’re connected to the main light switch.
MADave 16 months ago
I just got back from seeing The Addams Family awhile ago and I tell ya it’s dark and twisted just like the Charles Addams series which they resemble, I’m sure dale and Catbat would like this movie as well as anybody else who likes dark and twisted humor! Duh duh dum dum snap snap
abc123 MADave 16 months ago
Going first showing tomorrow morning. No Spoilers!
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
We will have soaked mummies here in Wisconsin. Our temps will drop and the rain will turn to snow for Svengoolie Day! Yuck!
MADave JournalJeff2 16 months ago
JournalJeff2 I think I asked you this before but are you anywhere near Racine? I used to live there after I moved from Illinois where I was born
Jack JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Speaking of soaked mummies, I was considering going as one of my ancestors this Halloween, but I’d prob’ly be arrested and thrown in a bog if I showed up wearing nothing but a belt, sheepskin cap, and noose!
JournalJeff2 MADave 16 months ago
Yes you have, but that is OK! I live in West Bend, which is about 40 miles NW of Milwaukee. I think I am about 50-55 miles NW of Racine.
JournalJeff2 Jack 16 months ago
You would get arrested here too! Being that you are from Texas they would throw you in a special snow jail cell. A little northern hospitality! LOL (?)
MADave JournalJeff2 16 months ago
That’s right now I remember my brain is a little dusty teehee!
CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Talking about Gomez and the term saying
cara mia 😱
Italian meaning my "beloved" endearment.

In spanish a accent mark over the "i" cara mia!
The term more used in spanish of endearment is "mi amor" I have
heard that term many times "My Love" 💝
If I'm off a bit I will correct 🤓
Gomez love how romantic he is🕸🥀🕸
Jack 16 months ago
Not to compete with Satchmo—there is no comparison—but Pat's contribution reminded me of this Betty Boop cartoon. “Minnie the Moocher” isn’t that spooky, but the imagery is, including Cab Calloway rotoscoped as that most terrifiying of Halloween horrors, the Ghost Walrus...

[The full cartoon can be viewed at]

CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Good Morning Friday!
Hope all is well in Sven land 👻

Had a nice day out yesterday with my dear cousin 🍁😁🍁

Here we are It's Friday
Yay 😱 Looking forward
too "The Mummy" 🤕
makes me feel all cozy and wrapped up tight!

Sorry to the people for there loss of there homes🏡 out in SCal
yesterday by fires 🔥
The Santa Ana winds were on a war path 🌬
did what is what it
does never fails 😒 I hope our blog friends that live down that way
are safe Lynn and Oscar
keep us posted 💝

I do not know much about the The Mummy
that I can will leave
that too our well 🤕informed bloggers
thank you friends!
I really love this movie
so perfect for October
I'm ready 🎩 thanks

Enjoy your Friday everyone 🍁🦋🍁
See you later👻
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
I am completely out of the way of this, although I used to pass through Sylmar and Porter Ranch several times a week for several years. Best wishes to everyone touched by this ongoing event.
TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Well, before we leave The Son of Dr. Jeykell, there is definitely one song that needs to be added to Catbat’s playlist.

PatS 16 months ago
Another Bing Crosby tune would be "The Skeleton In The Closet." Written in 1936 by Arthur Johnston and Johnny Burke for PENNIES FROM HEAVEN.
Several good versions on Youtube, but it's hard to beat Louis Armstrong --

MADave 16 months ago
My question is where did the term Cara Mia come from when Gomez was always with Morticia? Was that just a pet name for her?
PatS MADave 16 months ago

I would bet John Astin came up with that one and the writers agreed. It's Italian for "My Dear" or "My Dear One" -- and doesn't he usually say it with passionate intensity when she's speaking French? (Even though he appears to be Hispanic and it's Italian...) Someone asked this online, too -- Yahoo Answers -- with a lot of garbled responses. See also the song from 1954 by a UK group, "Jay and the Americans."
MADave PatS 16 months ago
Thank you Pat and do know the group you are referring to even tho they are a bit before my time
Jack PatS 16 months ago
I also figured it was part of the eclectic weirdness that made up the show, and Gomez’ character in particular, sorta the way _Gomez_ and _Addams_ go together.

Gomez—like the rest of the family—was unnamed in the original cartoons in _The New Yorker_. According to Wikipedia, when the TV series was developed, Charles Addams came up with the names Gomez and Repelli and gave John Addams the final decision. Gomez was given a Castilian background, which was codified in season 1, episode 14, "Art and the Addams Family,” so I guess his name should be pronounced “Gometh."
MADave Jack 16 months ago
Thanks Jack I'm going to see the new movie today so the trivia will kinda help
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
This classic addition to Catbat's Halloween playlist offers some words of wisdom: "You can't reason with a headless man."
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