Double the Destruction Is Due to the Epic Brawl of "King Kong VS Godzilla"-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it isn’t the recent computer-generated battle of the behemoths- but the old-school version from 1963-when two of the biggest monsters in horror history collide in an epic battle of building-flattening fury- as Japan's greatest horror export faces off against the legendary giant ape who first thrilled America (in slightly different form!) in 1933-it's "King Kong VS Godzilla"!

Things begin with a tense situation, with an American submarine in peril- trapped by the collapse of an iceberg. A rescue aircraft overhead witnesses an astonishing sight- a strange glow within the iceberg! The shocking reason for this light show is revealed when iceberg's collapses, freeing the massive monster Godzilla, who had been frozen inside it! Now liberated from its icy prison, the huge reptile instinctively heads for an area he is all too familiar with- Japan!

Meanwhile, we get a taste of how the TV industry works, as a greedy pharmaceutical company's boss is fighting the curse of diminishing ratings on shows he sponsors- and, upon learning of a legendary giant beast supposedly living on a distant primitive island, decides that would be just the thing to get people to tune into the shows and generate big ratings with this sensational find! ( He's patterned to be a kind of the Asian Carl Denham, for fans of the original "King Kong"- but a little more goofy) He bankrolls an expedition to the far-away island to find the big beast and bring it-whatever it is- back to civilization- alive and ready to exploit!

In the meantime, Godzilla is making his way back to his old "stomping grounds" (yes, using that phrase was intentional) in Japan- sending its people into a panic, as they remember all the destruction Godzilla has previously caused, again and again. At the same time, the TV exec’s  island expedition discovers that the mysterious giant beast on the island is none other than King Kong-and, with the help of a mystery substance the island people have used to tranquilize Kong, manage to get him onto a giant raft to ferry him back to Japan. Naturally, things don't go as planned- Kong escapes, and makes his own way to the Asian nation - where the inevitable meeting with the atomic-flame spitting Godzilla pits the two giant menaces against each other- with innocent bystanders in danger as the two heavyweights battle to prove which is the mightiest monster!

This meeting of the horror giants came before "King Kong Escapes", which we've shown earlier this year- and I think that the Kong (costume) in this one is slightly better than the one in the later film. As usual, we'll talk about the cast, including who you might recognize, reveal some of the production details of the film, including how it evolved from possibly being shot as a stop-motion animation feature- with a possibly different monster line-up (and whose idea it originally was)- to become the production you'll be seeing. As always, there's lots of Sven fun- including a favorite bit of many of our viewers that suggests the movie's headliners could team up for some two-man (or monster) road shows- plus a song, and, even a glimpse of our old original coffin!

The big battle begins tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you are uncertain of where to see us, check for channel and run time in your area at or your local listings. In Chicago, we'll give viewers another chance to be shocked by Lon Chaney Jr’s “Indestructible Man" on our main local station, CW 26, at 11 am.

The Sven bobblehead is selling VERY briskly- if you are interested in purchasing it, please do so now- the entire huge inventory is already diminishing rapidly! And make sure you hit the Sventa Claus Holiday Shoppe as soon as possible as well- I’m sure you’ve heard the warnings in the news about possible lengthier shipping times as we enter the holiday season.

We hope you will enjoy "King Kong VS Godzilla"- speaking of which, may you enjoy a big turkey or two and have a happy Thanksgiving next week!

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daleuhlmann 8 months ago
Hey, group: Catbat phoned me, and her dad is doing okay. The surgery, which lasted nine hours, was successful, and he's resting comfortably in the ICU. He'll probably be moved out of there some time tomorrow and will stay in the hospital for about another eight days before returning home. I'll post this again on the new blog in about three minutes.
Katink daleuhlmann 8 months ago
Thanks, Dale!
gabste daleuhlmann 8 months ago
Thank you 🙏
deadringer42 8 months ago
Happy Friday night.
Who will win the great race tonight?
Place your bets now.
Betting window closed at 11:59:57pm tomight.
vettenoir deadringer42 8 months ago
1 hour to go. Tick tock...
Aceman2 deadringer42 8 months ago
10$ on Pocket’s friend to Win.
MrsG Aceman2 8 months ago
Merlin may have something to say about that !
Katink deadringer42 8 months ago
I'm looking for a top 10 finish, but probably not top 5.😈😈😈
MrsG 8 months ago
Lookie who made it to AARP magazine @ 84 , looks great !
MrsG MrsG 8 months ago
Also ~ if I just please may add ~
Cannot end Hispanic Heritage Month without a nod to the late great Roberto Clemente ~
MrsG MrsG 8 months ago
Thank You ~
I will behave !
Jack MrsG 8 months ago
Oh my!
KeithJ 8 months ago
MrsG KeithJ 8 months ago
Keith ~ Call Dial-A-Prayer STAT !
Klaatu 8 months ago
I played Santa to my ex-coworker tonight. He’s a bit down and out so I fed him a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and beer and whiskey. I also sent him home with a very large turkey leftover care package. I feel vey good about helping a friend who needed help.
KeithJ Klaatu 8 months ago
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
Aceman2 Klaatu 8 months ago
Great 👍
MrsG Klaatu 8 months ago
He’ll never forget it Klaatu !
You should feel good !
Klaatu 8 months ago
I jumped the gun and turned on my Christmas lights tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy Sventurday to all👍
MrsG Klaatu 8 months ago
The Spirit is just consuming You Brother K !
I am jealous !
Mikeyyy MrsG 8 months ago
Spirit or spirits?
Klaatu Mikeyyy 8 months ago
Hick! Klink
TheKodakKid 8 months ago
A passing of note. Stephen Sondheim has died at age 91.

Besides all his more famous connections to the world of musical entertainment, he has a direct connection to the Svenblog. Pat S. has based some of her parodies off his work.
Klaatu TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Ahh yes. I just read this in the headline news. Sad😞.
Jack TheKodakKid 8 months ago
Send in the clowns...
MrsG Jack 8 months ago
Truly a favorite , especially sung by Anthony Newly (sp?) ~
MrsG 8 months ago
Goodbye to one of the Greats ,
Stephen Sondheim ~
sorry Thereman ~
PatS MrsG 8 months ago
R.I.P. Stephen. I said "OH NO!" out loud when I saw the obit on my online news, just after NYT posted it. He'll miss the opening of the new 'West Side Story' movie in three weeks (would have opened over a year ago if not for the pandemic). His own most strenuous critic -- hated himself for the thorns where we all saw roses. Right after having had Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Guess there are worse ways to go.
Lynn PatS 8 months ago
Thank you, Pat!
Bugs_Bunny4_Life 8 months ago
Good-eve-n-ing my favorite people! I have two bits to speak, and then I may be finished.
Thing number one, I convinced about 50 or so people in NY so far to tune into Svengoolie tomorrow night, more Svengooliacs!!.
Thing number two, who all is going to be present at the midnight race tonight?
MrsG Bugs_Bunny4_Life 8 months ago
#1 great Sven PR work !
#2 no way José , looking for that repeat Bugs ~ good luck !
. . . . . just dangling that carrot !
Drang Bugs_Bunny4_Life 8 months ago
I'll be settling in for a long winter's (late autumn's) graveyard shift.
KeithJ 8 months ago

Working on the lights.

What? 😋
MrsG KeithJ 8 months ago
, , , and then there’s KeithJ’s decorations , , ,
KeithJ MrsG 8 months ago

My Christmas village usually has the Doctor visiting (that's a TARDIS!).
Drang KeithJ 8 months ago
I wanna party with you, cowboy!
KeithJ Drang 8 months ago
Every Saturday night!
Aceman2 8 months ago
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Aceman2 Jack 8 months ago
Only you could find a way to wreck my Christmas. I’m not going to let that happen even though I see your point
Jack Aceman2 8 months ago
There was a reason I didn’t post a picture!
Katink Aceman2 8 months ago
Ok, I see it now! 😆
MrsG Aceman2 8 months ago
That tree aglow really lights up the board when scrolling along Blog lane !
10-Q Aceman !
Shayla 8 months ago
Gee, I have to go.😥 See you Monday. "Clear the airlanes. Clear all airlanes for the big broadcast." The Three Stooges and Svengoolie here I come! Y'all enjoy!
Islander 8 months ago

Milk Shake anyone ?
Shayla Islander 8 months ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrsG Islander 8 months ago
Puh-leeeeeeze , with tequila Sir !
Yinz do know how to celebrate the season Islander ~ very festive !
Shayla Islander 8 months ago
I'd eat the one on the right!! What is that place? Where is it? What kind of dessert is that?!!!!
Mikeyyy Islander 8 months ago
Looks nice! My niece and her husband like the marble slab in Knoxville for ice cream.
Katink Islander 8 months ago
OMG, those sure are pretty, Islander!
DrClayton Islander 8 months ago
The one on the right looks like it was done by that famous cryptid, the Giant Great Smoky Mountains D**g Beetle!
Islander Shayla 8 months ago
It's a milk shake shop called the Crazy Mason. The shakes (about 30 or so themed shakes) come in a mason jar you take home. This one was in Gatlinburg, TN.
MrsG 8 months ago
Earlier we were wondering about # of record Blog posts ~ ~ don’t forget , we get credit too for the count in our special Turkey Blog from Sven for this week ( 57+ ? ) ~ ~ woohoo !
Shayla 8 months ago
Plans do change. I'm back for a little!!
daleuhlmann 8 months ago
I'm still waiting on word from Catbat about everything. By the time she arrives in San Francisco, it would be about 7pm, easties' time. At any rate, please keep the good vibes, and prayers, up for her dad. In the meantime, I could use just a few good vibes myself, because our two kittens, Loki and Gordon, are running amuck and close to driving me nuts! Even their older "sister," M. J., has thrown up her paws and told me, "You deal with them!" I think they know "Mom" is out of town right now and are fully intent on enjoying full run of the place. (LOL)
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daleuhlmann Lynn 8 months ago
Sure will, Lynn!
daleuhlmann Shayla 8 months ago
Will do, Shayla!
DrClayton daleuhlmann 8 months ago
When the Catbat's away....
DrClayton daleuhlmann 8 months ago
And good luck with everything!
MrsG 8 months ago
Watch out for the Mummies !
Egypt opened the Avenue of the Sphinxes after 3000 years !
Shayla MrsG 8 months ago
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