Even a Nightlight Can’t Stop the Fright of the “Night Monster”- Tonight!

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As a remedy to the recent hot weather, tonight on MeTv we're serving up  a chiller - mixing mysticism  with murder as , one by one, victims fall to the “Night Monster”!

In this 1942 fright film, reclusive invalid Curt Ingston inhabits Ingston Towers, the family mansion located far from town amidst the swamp lands. Milly, a hired housemaid, doesn't like recent development around the mansion, including what appear to be blood stains in various areas of the house, the odd behavior of Ingston's troubled sister Margaret, the lecherous advances of Ingston's chauffeur Laurie, and  a strange death that has occurred nearby.  The death is attributed to some sort of monster from the swamp- a creature whose very presence is rumored to be enough to silence the nighttime croaking of the frogs  that abound in the area! Milly wants out, and decides the job at the mansion isn't worth it- and, on her way out, she battles the sinister family butler Rolf, as well as the sleazy Laurie!  We will see that she is not quite through with Ingston Towers yet...

After having Milly elude his less than charming overtures, Laurie heads into town to pick up three renowned doctors who have been invited by Ingston  to witness an amazing breakthrough that he and his tenant, an Indian mystic named Singh have made. The three men,who tried to treat Ingston for an odd sort of paralysis to no avail, are somewhat skeptical- not to mention wary of Singh's alleged supernatural powers.

Ingston's sister Margaret has also summoned a practitioner-one Dr. Lynn Harper, a psychiatrist. On her way to Ingston Towers, the doctor’s car ceases to function- and when her attempt to get to the mansion by foot in the swirling fog becomes a little too intimidating, she is fortunate to be picked up by an acquaintance of Ingston's - mystery writer Dick Baldwin, on his way to the mansion for one of his regular visits. Though Dick is greeted warmly by Ingston, Dr Harper 's presence seems unwelcome to most of the rest of the household- especially since, due to her car problems, she will joining the three visiting doctors as an overnight guest. She joins Margaret and the rest for the evening's main event-in which Singh goes into a trance to demonstrate  the mysterious miracle he and Ingston have been touting. The result is a bizarre and shocking display that upsets the witnesses- and is just the beginning of a night of terror, which brings death and proof that a monster indeed stalks the night!

The cast includes Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill ,among others that we will fill you in on, as well as bringing you the usual Sven shtick. We understand that the show will be watched by a group of our constant blog commenters, who will be gathered in Metropolis, IL, for their event dubbed "the Big Blogcast"- and send them our best wishes!

"Night Monster" is on , appropriately, this very night on MeTV- 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings (or at ) for run time and channel where you are. In Chicago, viewers will get another look at that less-than-Olympic event based in  Brazil, provided by "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U.

Special thanks to all the visitors we had last weekend at the Flashback Weekend horror convention in Rosemont- as always, we had a great turnout and a great time!

Join us tonight on MeTV for silent frogs, sinister fogs, and bloodstains on rogs- I mean, RUGS- that betray the presence of...???