Everybody Must Get Stoned- When They Meet "The Gorgon"- Tonight!

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Hammer horror fans will be in heaven tonight- with both of the studio’s top stars- Peter Cushing AND Christopher Lee aboard- not to mention the heavenly beauty of Barbara Shelley as well- as a mythological monster lurks in early 20th century Prussia- turning its victims to stone- as petrified victims of ‘The Gorgon”!

We come in on a modelling session, in which a barely-clad beauty is posing for her artist boyfriend.  When the lass dares to bring up the subject of the two of them being wed, young Bruno brushes it off, claiming he has business to attend to before he even considers marriage. The young lady becomes upset, and reveals the (ahem) reason they NEED to get married.  Bruno is, despite his Bohemian lifestyle, an honorable man, and, since he wants to do the right thing, heads out into the night to speak with the girl’s father. The poor young woman, not sure if that’s the best course of action, chases after him to stop him- only to run into something unexpected –and deadly- in the dark woods!

The girl’s body is delivered to the medical facility of physician Dr. Namarov by the local police inspector, who requests an autopsy. Perhaps they should enlist a mineralogist rather than a physician- because the girl has somehow been turned to stone! Unable to explain the woman’s condition, the police set out to locate and question Bruno- only to find him hanging from a tree limb-dead!

A coroner’s inquest is held, and the prevailing opinion is that Bruno murdered his sweetheart, and then committed suicide.( But how exactly did he turn her to stone?!) Heitz , Bruno’s father, knows his son’s character, and refuses to believe it. He vows to stay in the area to clear his son’s name, only to find himself harassed by an angry mob! The local police barely seem to offer any help, and even Dr. Namarov will not go into any detail about the incident-which leads him to believe that there is something the locals are hiding from him.

That night, Heitz suddenly finds himself answering some strange siren’s call which draws him to the nearby ruins of a castle- where he encounters something so terrifying that he flees, screaming, back to the house! His butler is shocked by his appearance, as a transformation is occurring, changing his master in a hideous manner. Heitz struggles to write a letter to his other son, Paul, and, before his horrid condition overtakes him, entreats the butler to summon the son, and give him – and no one else -the letter.

Soon enough, Paul arrives in town, only to find the authorities- and most everyone else- have no interest in helping him find out what has happened to his father. When he asks to see the body, the request is refused. Paul doubts Dr, Namarov’s claim that his father simply had a heart attack- and his suspicions seem valid when Namarov’s lovely nurse Carla, seemingly taking pity on the young man, reveals she has reason to believe that an ancient supernatural evil that once plagued the area has returned- and is behind recent deaths! Paul shares the belief, after having read his father’s letter- and then actually has his own encounter with the legendary creature, barely surviving!

It is five days later after the encounter that Paul awakens in the hospital. Though he is in bad shape, he gratefully has not succumbed to the petrifying curse that has befallen the others. Carla shows feelings for him, while rejecting the advances of her boss Namarov.

Meanwhile, Paul’s old teacher, Professor Meister, arrives in town, determined to discover what has happened to his student- and what is plaguing the town. Suspicions are raised about Namarov- and soon the realization that the thought-to-be mythological Gorgon now lurks in the shadows of every full moon leads to secrets finally being revealed- while the chance of being turned to stone becomes an ever-present danger!

This 1964 full-color Hammer film boats a cast with  Cushing, Lee, Shelley, and even an actor best known to most as one of the first reincarnations of the Dr. Who character! We’ll talk about them, and explain some facts about the Gorgon of mythology- as well as showing a commercial for a Gorgon business offshoot- and serenading you with our weekly song (or is it, weakly serenading you?)

“The Gorgon” appears on  MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- you can find out when and where it airs in your area in your local listings and at Last Saturday night, we were trending nationally again on Twitter, thanks to all of you who live Tweet during the program- please remember to use the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago viewers need to note- today, our program will air ONE HOUR EARLIER than normal at 10 am on the U, due to a sports event. Enjoy an encore of “The Invisible Man” at this special time- we will be back at the usual 11 am time next week- before another  one-week change on Thanksgiving weekend, which we’ll explain here soon.

Coming soon- some appearances by Sventa Claus-  watch for info soon under the “appearances” tab here on our site.

The 4th and final chapter of “Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe” will appear in select DC Comics this Wednesday the 20th- in several of the DC books that come out on that day. Your comic book store staff can help you find the ones with the Sven story. We’ve been very pleased by the great reaction to the story, and very proud to be a part of the DC Universe!

Also- we are grateful for your support in having the Svengoolie Surprise Fan Boxes- all one thousand of them- sell out in just over a week!  We are working on more Sven merchandise for you- make sure you answer the survey that was in your box, so we can tell what you might want more of in the future!

Tonight’s show is just a stone’s throw away- tune in for some petrifying horror!

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1MikeM 14 months ago
and dat was da Gorgon.....and dat's da name of dat tune.
Islander 1MikeM 14 months ago
dats right !
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
Good evening 😱my
Friends👻 It's almost
Sven fun time 🎩we
are so ready 🐸

Just checking in too
see you all 🤖💻👀
Have a nice night🌒
See you later 🌠

Klaatu 14 months ago
The only thing better than a Svengoolie Saturday is if we had Svengoolie Friday & Saturday.
MADave Klaatu 14 months ago
Double your pleasure with doublemint gum
Catbat Klaatu 14 months ago
And Sunday
MADave 14 months ago
I'm having trouble logging to the wolf blog it says my email is invalid and I do not have another account should I just give up and stay here on the Sven blog or what?
Catbat MADave 14 months ago
It's the Disque whatever set up. Like we used to have here. Try your old email and name or create new.
MADave Catbat 14 months ago
I tried both emails and nothing 😩
Catbat 14 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
So tomorrow night we all go for a dip right? Hope the lagoon is heated. I know the guys will be. Hope y'all are having a nice day. I'm off to work in a bit. Guess I should bring some fish home for tomorrow night's snack. Crab 🦀 cakes! I know, ocean dwellers, oh well. With employee discount I get em for 50¢ each!
Carl_N_Brown Catbat 14 months ago
Well, the Black Lagoon is set in the hot steamy Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, just before Sven is the "Screaming Javelin" episode of Wonder Woman.
Klaatu Catbat 14 months ago
Since I have today off from work (Friday) as well as Saturday, my wife and I are relaxing in our own “Black Lagoon”...our spa, with the assistance of a Martini and a Hoyo de Monterey cigar. I’ll show that Creature!!🤣 🍸
Jack 14 months ago
The Greek Orthodox congregation in our nearest metropolitan area has an annual bake sale that my folks liked to buy from. My mom was reading this year's order form which now lists "fresh baked Romanian bread"?!?! Hmm, I wonder whether it has any prophylaxis against vampires?
FARMGAL56 Jack 14 months ago
Only if it’s got garlic in it! Or maybe If it’s prosphora (the bread used for communion, I’m Orthodox).
DrClayton Jack 14 months ago
The garlic bread does.
TheKodakKid 14 months ago
Ah, Friday! The big day is almost here, and I can’t wait. No, tomorrow is going to be extra special. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, deer hunting season opens.

Of course, that’s not the only reason that it’s special. A few months ago, several folks from this blog gathered together here in Kodak at the Optimist Building for our annual Big Blogcast Viewing Party. Well tomorrow, I’m going to be back at the Optimist Building for a one year old’s Birthday Party. Hmm, I wonder how much higher the maturity level will be at that party? Well, I’ll be there to help hold it down so it doesn’t outshine the level of the Viewing Party too much.
Catbat TheKodakKid 14 months ago
Are you sure it's not duck season?
Islander TheKodakKid 14 months ago
Special show indeed. Hair salon appointment at 10 then pick up the tux from the dry cleaners just after lunch. The caterer. , the photographers much more to do. Ha ha. Right Kodak ?
TheKodakKid Islander 14 months ago
So the salon promised you you could pick up your hair at 10AM? Well, just keep it in the box until tomorrow night, after you put on the tux.

Hope you remembered to tell the cleaner not to put so much starch in your fishnets this time.
Islander TheKodakKid 14 months ago
You sooo funny. You make me Waugh long time.
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
Happy Friday🍁🌻🍁
It's 44* this morning
had my coffee ☕ I'm awake and cozy.
This afternoon a nice 68*🌞

How about that Sven
is just about here 🎩
A Classic for tomorrow
night 🐸 I just love them all 😱📺😱

I watched a couple of
maybe B movies 🤔
yesterday and some parts if these movies
are really good and some a little silly but
I really enjoyed them
not bad 😉🍿

A movie called 🦇
"The Vampire" sorry
do not know the year
not the Vampire movies we are not used to seeing it sure was not "Hammer" style 😨

Another couple of movies but did not
catch the names of
them 🤤 one was a
Werewolf movie looked
like a 60's It ran in his DNA a rich family and his sister killed him he was going too attack her. I think it was (Barbara Rush) Another movie a crazy guy killing people buy dipping them in some kind of plaster they looked like statues.
They did him in at the end when they came back alive saving
a another person young girl from his crazy 😬 ways! Not sure if that was also a 60's
movie 🎥
Very interesting movies
I liked all the...😱 backgrounds of theses
Movies 🕸🕷🕸
Sorry my my info is so
weak 🤖

Hi Dale 🤠 I bet you might figure out some
these movies info you
do that so well 🤓

Next week is 🦃 Thanksgiving week all
Of California is getting a very cold storm from Alaska ❄🌬 it's a whopper they say!
So Lynn and Oscar,
Scottie and I will be
be in a deep freeze ha ha⛄ I'm cold being
in the 60's 😄

Have a great day 🦋 everyone keep warm
and cozy 🔥❄🔥
See you later 👻
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Carl yes that's the one thanks for the
info 🐺 it was gramps fault 😉Ooo yikes what a thing to inherit 😨
Take care Carl 👻
see you later 🍁
Hi Dale 🤓
Thanks for the info🤖
I don't think it was it was A Bucket of Blood 🕸🤔🕸
See you later Dale
😱 Take care!

1MikeM daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Thanks Dale, I remember seeing BUCKET OF BLOOD on tv when I was kid. That was some heavy stuff. Bert Convey played one of the victims. Yep, the game show host guy. Convey was also an actor. He was on one episode of NIGHT GALLERY. The one with "Tim Riley's Bar"
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 14 months ago
I was always surprised by Bert Convey's appearance in that movie, too, Mike M.
JournalJeff2 14 months ago
Happy Friday!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
PatS 14 months ago
A bit in advance, but let's give some credit to Ginger Stanley. While Julie Adams portrayed a lovely, smart, gutsy but vulnerable Kay, it was Ginger who did the swimming parts.
daleuhlmann PatS 14 months ago
Yes, she did, Pat. Here's a publicity still featuring Ginger in the arms of the Gill-man. From the position of his left claw near his ear, doesn't it looks like he could be gabbing on his cell phone at the same time?
DrClayton daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Gillman looks like he's on a cellphone!
Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Yesterday Dale mentioned we are preparing to "retire our Gorgons" in preparation for tomorrow's Svengoolie movie THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON on MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night.

That got me wondering. To where do Gorgons retire? Gorgon Retirement Villages? Assisted Residential Living? Old Gorgons' Homes? Abandoned Rock Quarries? What options are there?
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Good question, Carl! 😄
MadameYes Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Mt. Olympus?
MadameYes Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
The Rocky Mountains? Snake River?
PatS MadameYes 14 months ago
California's Mount Gorgonio?
MadameYes PatS 14 months ago
Good one, PatS! Also...Happy Belated Birthday! (Took me a while to catch up on my blog reading.) 🎂🥳🍨
Islander Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Gorgania just south of Transylvania
SOBX 14 months ago
Catbat SOBX 14 months ago
Carl_N_Brown SOBX 14 months ago
Oh, so cool Beauty and the Beast.
daleuhlmann SOBX 14 months ago
I remember you having earlier posted this in February, when Sven last showed this film--very masterful!
daleuhlmann 14 months ago
As we prepare to retire our Gorgons by Saturday, I had forgotten to mention the third installment of an anthology of stories that, according to IMDb, aired on the Boris Karloff program THRILLER in May 14 of 1961. That night's offering, which was shown on MY LOCAL ME TV AFFILIATE (I have one, too, Islander!) during this past summer, was called "A Trio for Terror." Its third tale was called "The Mask of Medusa." Set in the Victorian era, it is the story of a serial killer, played by Michael Pate (the vampire gunslinger in CURSE OF THE UNDEAD) who seeks refuge in a small museum that displays statues of famous murderers. It is run by an eccentric gentleman played by John Abbott (the ill-fated museum tour lecturer in CRY OF THE WEREWOLF). Apart from the statues, his most prized possessions is the one he keeps hidden from the public: the actual head of Medusa, which, as his uninvited guest that evening soon discovers, still has the power to turn people into stone. All three of those stories that evening were directed by Ida Lupino, who was not only a fine actress, but an accomplished director, too.
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Among Lupino's most memorable films as a director was the 1953 cult classic THE HITCHHIKER. Based on the real-life story of psychopathic killer Billy Cook, it's the tale of a psychotic hitchhiker who abducts and terrorizes two men who are traveling to Mexico for a fishing trip. The kicker is that he is played by William Talman, best known for his role as Hamilton Burger on PERRY MASON!
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Watched "The Hitch Hiker" just the other day. A good movie
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 14 months ago
Yes, it is. 👍
Islander daleuhlmann 14 months ago
As they say, Ripping !
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 14 months ago
Ida Lupino's THE HITCH-HIKER. Not to be confused with 1986's THE HITCHER (starring Rutger Hauer). But like Jim Morrison's unreleased experimental film HWY (1969) all sorta based on the career of Billy Cook.
1MikeM 14 months ago
About half an hour ago I was listening to MeTV FM on the radio and they played The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by Gene Pitney. Now there's a song that they don't play that often on the radio these days.
Carl_N_Brown 1MikeM 14 months ago
That song came out in the 1960s when I was in high school taking chemistry (the science subject). I made up a song about The Chemist Who Found the Lithium Valence. I'll blame MAD magazine for warping my mind.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 14 months ago
Great song, Mike M, and a great movie!
Catbat 1MikeM 14 months ago
I'm sorry I missed it. Great 👍 song.
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
Good morning 🍁
A crisp morning of
45* ☕ warming up
into the 60's 🌞

Well this week came
and almost gone 🙄 Keeping busy helps it
go by fast I like that.

I hope to catch me
some Metv 📺 later! Time too do some garden fall clean up
🌾👩‍🌾🌾 The flowers
blooming like crazy.
So I'm trying to enjoy
them before they are gone 🌷🌻🥀 until next spring.

Have a great day everyone🍃🌻🦋🌻🍃
See you later 👻

PatS 14 months ago
Just catching up the next morning. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Celebrating included lunch out two different days (a rarity on our budget), a movie, champagne and chocolate. Plus a blog connection -- I baked myself a "Blackout Cake". inspired by our New York bloggers (BigBlue, I think). I count my many blessings -- including all of you -- and need no material presents.
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
Good evening 🌌
Hope you all had a
great day🍁

I know 58* is not very
cold compare to your
all weather❄
But I was cold all day
no kidding 🌬😉
Had to go out this morning 🚗...
might still get a little
rain tonight 🌧🤞🌧

Going fast torwards our favorite person Sven🎩 yay! See you soon Sven📺🍿👻

Good night 🌒keep
warm and cozy ☕
CarrieLynnCastro 14 months ago
🎉Happy Birthday🎉
Pat S Hope you had a great day 🎀🎂🎀
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