Females with Spears (not Britney) Welcome You to the "Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women"- Tonight!

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Talk about a “Fantasy Island”- tonight on MeTV, we transport you to a lost atoll whose population may be just what some people would dream of! However, there’s more than one kind of danger when a planeload of men makes a forced landing on the “Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women”!

The story – also known as “Island of Sister Theresa”-begins with footage that explains how these beauties, while still children, happened to end up on the island- then picks up about 25 years later, with the airplane of Duvall, a wealthy conglomerate owner, lost on its way to the mainland. On board is a collection of five other male characters that includes a complaining  ex-employee, the boss’ bodyguard, an alcoholic pilot  ( THAT’S a big help), and a couple of workers, one blinded by an accident and in need of medical help.

Worried that they can’t contact anyone due to a malfunctioning radio, and unsure where they are, they decide , before they run out of fuel, to put the plane down at an island they have spotted. Little do they realize that this is the island  that has become home to a group of fetching females, protected and advised by the mysterious unseen “Sister” , who sends her words to the women through their leader, Lizabeth. The women, armed with spears, have been taught that men are bad, a declaration supported by horrible visits from a neighboring island’s male headhunters! Lizabeth and her tribe have seen the plane land- and try to stay hidden from these intruders.

Meanwhile, Duvall and his group have stumbled upon a few things- like a skull on a pole, and an old Air Force jacket. Could there be a plane crashed in the jungle here, with possibly some fuel still in the tanks? They also find some footprints in the sand, indicating that a small boat may have left two men off, which puts the guys on their guard. Before long, they are surprised to see a pretty young woman running up the beach, being pursued by- headhunters! They shoot one, and try to get hold of the girl, who escapes.

Two of them try to track her, and arrive at a waterfall where the beautiful women are- only to end up captured by the female tribe, barely escaping with the help of the girl they saved from the headhunters. When the men are preparing to bury  the one they shot, the women show up, spears at the ready, to take away the body of what they call a “head-chopper”. The men are divided on what to do- but feel they must try to make peace with the women warriors, since they may know where to find some fuel. They attempt to negotiate and offer protection- but Lizabeth wants to follow Sister’s orders- and the belief that men are evil and should be eliminated. Some of the other women, though, have other ideas- and, those nasty headhunters are still in the picture. Can Duvall and his crew find what they need to get off the island alive- and can they finally face off with the mysterious Sister?

No, this 1979 epic, part of our package of made-for-TV movies, isn’t necessarily a horror film, but it is a pretty intriguing story. Speaking of pretty, there’s no shortage of that , either, with lovely loin clothed ladies like Jayne Kennedy, Jamie Lyn Bauer, and Rosalind Chao ( someone our friend Jamie Farr has worked with). On the male side, we have Peter Lawford, Clint Walker, and Steven Keats. The scenery is also striking ( I don’t mean the women! Or do I?)- with the production shot in Hawaii. And, to add to your enjoyment, we decided to use tonight’s show as a showcase for a few of our most-requested commercial parodies- as well as a new song.

“Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women” is our destination tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings, or at , to find the channel and time. If something other than MeTV is on the channel where you usually find us, use the MeTV site to find the correct current channel. We’ve been hearing that the national listings service has again changed what they are labelling the show- in many places, going from “Svengoolie” back to the movie title, which has some of our DVR users confused. Please check your DVR before tonight to make sure you’ll be recording our show, if that’s what your plan is. MeTV ,as always, invites you to “live –Tweet” during the show on Twitter, using the  hashtag #svengoolie . Meanwhile, Chicago area viewers can find “Tarantulas: the Deadly Cargo” doing an encore at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

From what we’re hearing, the national Rondo Awards voting may be starting tomorrow.  Rumor has it that I will again be nominated in the category of “favorite horror host”.  We’ll let you know for sure as things progress, or, you can try to check out   Since the awards are chosen strictly by the votes of you- the fans- it’s a great way to make known your favorites in the field of horror and science fiction in various media.

 Before that, though- get set for darling dames and danger tonight on MeTV!