Final Reunion of the Month: “House of Frankenstein”-Tonight!

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"Rotten Relatives Reunion" month winds up with a reunion of Universal's top monsters, an actor who was a cornerstone of their horror reign, and more- as we re-open the "House of Frankenstein"!

This has always been a favorite of mine- from the start, with the great Boris Karloff as the treacherous Dr. Neimann, in prison for his ghastly experiments that were right in line with those of Dr. Frankenstein. He and his cellmate, Daniel the hunchback, end up escaping their cells by a chance act of nature (no, not one of Neimann's crimes against nature)- and, after assuming false identities- set off to gain vengeance on  the doctor's enemies- while encountering Count Dracula, Larry Talbot- cursed to become the Wolf Man every full moon, and even the Frankenstein Monster; for whom the doctor has plans! Complicating things is a young gypsy girl who has joined their creepy caravan- and ends up in some romantic conflict with Talbot and Daniel!

Do I even need to mention- it's panic time once more for the townspeople, as the "House of Frankenstein" again unleashes terror upon them?!

Naturally, Lon Chaney Jr. is  back as Wolf Man Talbot- and John Carradine is the slim trim Dracula, using the nom de fang of Baron Latos. We'll fill you in on the rest of the cast, as always, and add in Sven shtick- plus, a special bonus- a segment featuring a visit to the WGN-AM radio studios for a broadcast with my pal Nick Digilio.

"House of Frankenstein" winds up our themed month tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern and pacific, 9 pm central, and please check your local listings if you're uncertain of what time we're on in your area. In Chicago, "Dracula's Daughter" makes an encore performance at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU- the U!

Today, from 2:45 to 4:15, you can meet me, get an autograph and take a photo with me at the huge C2E2 convention at McCormick Place along Chicago's lakefront. Please make sure you get in line early to make sure you get to visit with me- and, due to the usual high density crowd, we must restrict each person to only one autograph. I don't charge for autographs, but know that, like any other convention, there is an entrance fee.

No entrance fee for the "House of Frankenstein', though... so, come on in! And- get set for next month- with a theme I think you'll really like!

Also- there's only a little time left to vote in the Rondo Awards- yes, I'm nominated for favorite horror host- as are other practitioners of horror hosting- so, vote for whoever your favorite is before the May 5 deadline. You can also vote for our friends like the "Terror from Beyond the Daves" blog, the themed issue of "Scary Monsters" magazine with lots of fan articles honoring...yours truly... and the "Son of Ghostman"film - and, you can vote for one , some, or all of the categories! Just go to and FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS- including voting just once, and including your name with your ballot.The Rondo folks work hard on this ballot and event every year, and encourage you to participate- so, please do!