Finally! We Are Able to Have You Face "Fiend Without a Face"!

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                                                           PLEASE! NO SPOILERS THIS WEEK!

Please don’t reveal the menace, or post the revealing poster for the film or stills showing it (when it becomes visible). If you feel you must, please wait until the show has run in all time zones.

Tonight on MeTV, we finally have a movie we have been trying to get for years! It’s the memorable story of strange incidents happening up in Canada, near a military base that is experimenting with a system run by nuclear power-with unexplainable deaths committed by an unseen force we can only call the “Fiend Without a Face”!

We visit the U.S. Air Force’s experimental radar station in Winthrop Manitoba, where they are working on a new long-range tracking system, powered by their own nuclear plant. Things aren’t working out, though- just when they seem to be on the brink of success, the nuclear power seems to be draining off.

Add to their problems the fact that, in the local farming community, mysterious deaths have been occurring- and the local folk are quick to blame radiation coming from the military base- ignoring the small bit of evidence that each victim has puncture marks at the base of their skull ( a Canadian vampire?)- and – their brain and spinal column appear to be- gone!

Major Jeff Cummings is out to investigate- and bumps heads with a few of the local people in the process, including the pretty sister of one of the victims, who works for a retired British scientist who lives near the base, whose area of research is telekinetic power.

Jeff must combat the locals who theorize that it must be someone from the military who has become a maniac killer, if not the radiation that is causing the deaths- but we soon see that it is an invisible life form that is ready to eliminate the human population!

We won’t go any further in describing what will happen- but we will say that when the faceless enemy is no longer faceless- it’s amazing and shocking!

As I said, this 1958 horror flick is one for which we had a lengthy search for who had the movie and broadcast rights- and we also know that, though some people might not recall the name of this film, they do remember the menace once it is visible!

As you experience this film, we’ll tell you about the movie’s cast and the history of the film’s story, plus find some product uses for the unseen fiend-and bring you a new song to the tune of one of our friend Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon’s big hits! Please note that the song will come up a little later than it usually does in the show tonight!

“Fiend Without a Face” appears tonight on MeTV at 8 pm  eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Twitter was again abuzz ( or, a-Twitter) last week with viewers live-Tweeting during the show, again making us trend high nationally- and you are invited to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie in your Tweets. In the Chicago viewing area, the terrifying tree stump walks again in “From Hell It Came” on our main local station, CW26, at 11 am.

Very soon, you will see that new addition to our store- a Sven item that will be a perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who are Sven fans ( and everybody else, as well)!

Discussion has been going on about us being able to return to our dungeon studio at the station. We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

A quick note of congratulations to our friends Gina Shock and the GoGos who are on their way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Meanwhile, join us tonight when something unbelievable rolls into a quiet Canadian village- and rocks their world- not in a good way!

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KIKI 8 months ago
I cannot believe they got away with the major popping Benzedrine!
Leigh 12 months ago
I really enjoyed this episode. I really didn't expect the fiends. I loved that there was stop motion work.
Geo 12 months ago
Katink I could not scroll back far enough. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
1MikeM 12 months ago
....and dat was Fiend witout a Face...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Patarheel1954 12 months ago
Great movie reminds me of forbidden planet
Drang 12 months ago
Oh, darn, lookit the time.
deadringer42 12 months ago
King Kong on Carol Burnett.
Coincident? I think not.
Islander 12 months ago
Well I was planning on watching The Brain From Planet Arous that Dale mentioned earlier today. But, fishing all day on the pier has wiped me out. I'd never make it thru the movie so I'll save it for Sunday .
Early congrats to our first blogger whomever that may be. I sure won't be around for it.
MADave 12 months ago
Just went to the Svengoolie store (he has a store?) I checked out the new baseball cap it looks absolutely AWESOME there's only one question, does it glow in the dark?
Jack MADave 12 months ago
I tried shining a UV light on the one on my computer screen and nothing happened.
Klaatu MADave 12 months ago
In the fine print, it says “Your head may glow after extended wearing.”😆
Thereman 12 months ago
Happy Sventurday Eve to all- Of note to Gooliacs, tonight's Pierre Masson is a good one. Seems back in season 6, Raymond Burr did land in the hospital for surgery/ recovery. The exact cause has never been revealed, but it took a lot of star power to replace PERRY in his prime. The scenes where he talks on the phone with his substitutes were actually shot in his hospital room. Last night, Bette Davis played attorney Constant Doyle. Monday night, it's TCOT TWO-FACED TURN- ABOUT with Hugh O'Brien; Tuesday night is TCOT SURPLUS SUITOR, with Walter Pidgeon, who nearly got the role of PM on the radio series in the 40's. Tonight however, it's TCOT LIBELOUS LOCKET with none other then Michael Rennie, yes, that very Klaatu in the movie that made some of us fall in love with the theremin. So, enjoy! Mrs. T has graduate students coming for pizzapolouza tomorrow night, but I'll post on the man who not only wrote the music for a bunch of movies from Japan dealing with extra large life forms, but actually invented the Godzilla shriek! Happy Sventurday Eve once more!
Jack Thereman 12 months ago
Pierre Mason?! Enh-henh-henh! 🇫🇷⚜️🐓🗼🥖🍷👨🏻‍🎨🦨
Aceman2 Thereman 12 months ago
Raymond Burr would have been 104 today. He was born William Raymond Stacy Burr on May 21, 1917 and died September 12, 1993 at age 76. Burr was a Canadian-American actor known for his lengthy Hollywood film career and his title roles in the television dramas Perry Mason and Ironside.
Islander 12 months ago
My apologies if some has already mentioned this.
Right now it's 9 0clock, the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
gabste Islander 12 months ago
Wow !
Thereman gabste 12 months ago
The regularly scheduled program seems tame compared to that bit of info!
vettenoir Islander 12 months ago
You should have waited a few more minutes until 21:21, like I did
Jack Thereman 12 months ago
My regularly scheduled program is worrying about catching the digital clock reading 12:34!
MADave 12 months ago
Lookin' forward to cartoons in the morning and frights by night who will win the battle KING KONG or his tin can clone? Find out tomorrow night when we will see KING KONG ESCAPES same Svengoolie time same Svengoolie channel.
gabste MADave 12 months ago
NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
Tom Lowell from 'The Manchurian Candidate', 'That Darn Cat' and many MeTV shows is a beatnik on TAF.
MADave 12 months ago
Good Friday before Svengoolie Saturday group this year's TBB sounds great but as much as ld live to meet you all in sunny CA my mom comes first so I'm sorry again I won't be able to make it but hopefully someday it'll be in either MA or NH home of bostonmark
Kergooliewyn 12 months ago
I am looking forward to the movie Saturday night. Though I've always felt Kong got a raw deal.
CrazyK Kergooliewyn 12 months ago
Yes he did! They made an as out of him! 😂
BelleLugosi Kergooliewyn 12 months ago
This one looks like it will truly be AWFULly good.😂 So excited!
Kergooliewyn 12 months ago
Everybody here is just so great. Thanks everybody for being....well, just so great.
Islander gabste 12 months ago
The Gov lifted the mask mandate. You're free
Drang Islander 12 months ago
*Regional exceptions may apply.
gabste DrClayton 12 months ago
Ha ha 🤣🤣
Drang DrClayton 12 months ago
{Deleted for potential cornfield content.}
DrClayton 12 months ago
"When Life gives you corn(fields), make popcorn." [with apologies to lemons...]
Islander DrClayton 12 months ago
When life gives you corn, you can also thank Anita.
Klaatu Jack 12 months ago
I’ve been to the Cornfield 😵
Mikeyyy DrClayton 12 months ago
Hey I like popcorn! I found a good popcorn store in Pigeon forge thats much better than that lonely cornfield
KeithJ Klaatu 12 months ago
Me too! 🎶I've got friends in cooorn places! 🎶
DrClayton DrClayton 12 months ago
Or should I say, "When life hands you corn, make Corn Dogs!" ?
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