First Arrival of 2020 Isn't a Bouncing Baby- Because "It Came from Outer Space"- Tonight!

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Tonight on Me-TV, even though it’s after the holidays, we still have company coming! Be prepared for some visitors who try to be like us- literally! One local resident sees what's really going on- but, as it always seems in our movies, can't convince his neighbors that some of the other neighbors aren't acting like themselves- because- they AREN'T really them! Beware the deceptive duplicates spawned when “It Came from Outer Space”!

In a story from master of science fiction, Ray Bradbury, the normally peaceful desert town of Sand Rock, Arizona, is witness to a bright object streaking across the sky-and striking the ground in the near distance!  Author John Putnam, an amateur astronomer, and his girlfriend Ellen see this celestial wonder – and John, eager to explore this phenomenon, arranges for a copter ride to the point of impact. After arrival, he heads down into the crater created by the object, expecting to see the remains of a smoldering meteor. To his surprise, it’s not a meteor at all- but a strange spherical metallic object- with a hatch in it! He's positive that he sees something about to emerge from inside the object- but an unexpected avalanche occurs, and he barely escapes a premature burial under the collapsed dirt and rocks that cover up whatever it is he saw!

 John begins to try to explain what he saw to his copter pilot pal and skeptical girlfriend- who both find it hard to believe his story. Regardless, Ellen is willing to stand by her man, and aid him in trying to get the facts about what's now buried – but she can't really help him convince the local authorities that there's something unusual out in that desert area. Soon, however, she herself doesn’t need any further convincing- when the two of them get a fleeting glimpse of some sort of creature- not to mention some unexplainable glittering slime trails on the ground. Things get more unsettling when some of their local friends are missing- and abruptly re-appear- but don't seem to be acting like their normal selves! When the authorities finally do realize something is terribly amiss- and want to do something about it- it ends up being John’s responsibility to convince them that taking the wrong course of action could mean the end for all of them! Will they discover what's really in the crater- and- will their fear of what it might be lead to their own destruction?

Our friend Nick Digilio of WGN Radio ( you saw him interview me about my career in our “Wolf Man” show) has told us that, when he interviewed John Carpenter, he related that, as a youngster in 1957, this movie frightened him so badly that he ran from the theater in fright- and that it so affected him that it began his interest in creating his own scary movies! We've pointed out before that this was originally a 3-D film, Universal’s first- and you’ll notice a few specific scenes designed to take advantage of the 3-D effects. We’ll go over our cast, featuring Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush, as well as a recognizable face from “Gilligan’s Island”- and, naturally, there are plenty of Sven antics to break the tension.

"It Came from Outer Space" comes at you tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- or check for the time and channel in your local listings, or at   Join the multitudes who live-Tweet about us during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag # svengoolie .In Chicago, at 11 am on the U, viewers get an encore of the stop- motion Ray Harryhausen “Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”.

The first Svengoolie public appearance for 2020 is already set for Saturday, January 18th- in- where else?- BERWYN! We’ll be at the new “Pet Supplies Plus” store at the Harlem and Cermak Plaza ( formerly the home of the famed “Spindle” sculpture- now long gone) 7133 Cermak Road from 1-3 pm! And- there will be more to come, including a lot of Sven fun at this year’s C2E2 convention at Chicago’s McCormick Place in late February! Keep checking our appearances section here on our website for details.

Tonight- it’s classic science fiction where you can’t be sure who’s who- or where they actually came from!

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MADave 13 months ago
60 degrees tomorrow and the same for Sunday but with rain and then it’s back to winter oh well I guess the Gilman will have to enjoy the weather while it lasts here in the Boston area
Klaatu MADave 13 months ago
Winter?? Can the Creature claw his way up through an ice fishing hole?
JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Thanks for all the great music tonight!
R.I.P. Mr. Peart!
Berwyn1979 JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Your welcome Jeff. We will miss him. I looked him up on Youtube and it's amazing how many videos have just been uploaded, this one video called 10 Times Neil Peart Was the Best Drummer on Earth was posted 5 hours a go and it's at 83 thousands views, and counting.
Berwyn1979 13 months ago

It's not Neil Peart, but it's something.
Berwyn1979 13 months ago
As a drummer, I'm sad to say Neil Peart, the drummer of RUSH and one of my heros has died at 67. Earlier I said it has been a day of good music,and it's so sad to hear that a maker of great music and in my opinion the greatest drummer of all time. R.I.P Neil.
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Berwyn1979 FARMGAL56 13 months ago
I'll miss him, I really will.
FARMGAL56 Berwyn1979 13 months ago
2112 was the album of my first year of college. Funny how we sometimes use music to remember certain periods of our lives.
daleuhlmann Berwyn1979 13 months ago
Very sad news. RIP, Mr. Peart.
1MikeM 13 months ago
I just found out that actor Don Sullivan (THE GIANT GILA MONSTER) has passed away on Jan. 7, 2018 at the age of 89. R.I.P. Don.
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 13 months ago
1MikeM daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Thanks Dale. I've seen those movies. I checked his film credits on IMDB and he appeared as a ranch hand (uncredited) in CURSE OF THE UNDEAD. That's the movie about a vampire (played by Australian actor Michael Pate) in the Old West. Svengoolie showed this one on his program.
Berwyn1979 13 months ago
He gang, I hope everyone had a good day. I went to a record store and bought two albums. The Monkees Headquarters (The mono version) and Retrospective The Best Of Buffalo Springfield. Does wondering anyone else have these albums? Just wondering. On my way home, they were playing Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon on the radio. Every time I hear you know what first comes to mind. The Svengoolie Stomp what else. Today has been a day of good music, and I can't wait for the music from The Black Lagoo (along with the creature.) PEACE AND LOVE!
Jack Berwyn1979 13 months ago
If you have only one Buffalo Springfield album _Retrospective_ is the one to have. Lots of great early songs by Stills and by Young, and a real jewel by Richie Furay, “Kind Woman.” Young’s “On the Way Home” has this Motown vibe that makes me wonder if it was part of the Mynah Birds abortive recording stint on that label. Young later re-recorded “Mr. Soul” as an electronic remake for his album, _Trans_. if you have playback that allows for synching two tracks, it’s lots of fun matching the “old” and “new” versions.
Berwyn1979 Jack 13 months ago
What do you think of Broken Arrows?
1MikeM Berwyn1979 13 months ago
Hey Berwyn 1979, I have The Monkees Headquarters album. My sister bought it back in the day. Now I have it. Unfortunately the album cover is misplaced. This album that I have is in stereo I believe. The Monkees wrote the songs and played the instruments on this album. I've heard that Glen Campbell played guitar on some of The Monkees' albums.
Jack Berwyn1979 13 months ago
“Broken Arrow” the song, rather than the 1996 album? I like it. It’s Neil Young’s Sgt. Pepper phase. It’s three different songs on different subjects (mebbe?) held together inside another song. the chorus lyric

   “...the empty-quivered, brown-skinned Indian
   On the banks that were crowded and narrow
   Held a broken arrow?”

scans like an agglutinative language, such as many Native American languages. Finally, in the recorded version, I always get a kick out of the jazz combo—it sounds like Vince Guaraldi from a Peanuts cartoon.
JournalJeff2 13 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve!
Suppose to start snowing here around 11PM and not stop until around noon on Sunday. Not the kind of weather the Creature wants to return to! The Black Lagoon will be frozen over and white, I fear he will get lost! Also, no white swim suits to chase down, not in this weather.
TheKodakKid JournalJeff2 13 months ago
The white suit might be good for camouflage if he were chasing you though.
Lynn TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Yeah, but not much of it...
Lucyc 13 months ago
I like this sequel to TCFTBL. I'm looking forward to any new movies that Sven can get. Since Sven said he now can get some Warner Bros. Productions, it would be great if he could get some of the Hammer movies that WB distributed, like Dracula Has Risen from the Dead, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, and The Devil Rides Out. These are probably the tail end of the movies that are considered successes for the studio.

I see Steph already mentioned the bad storm that is heading into our region. The storm is already knocking on our door to the west, though the possibly bad stuff will get here much later
So please keep us in your thoughts. Weather guy just said we are about to be put under a tornado watch.😞
Berwyn1979 Lucyc 13 months ago
Lucyc I don't think were in Kansas anymore.
Lynn Lucyc 13 months ago
Sending good vibes, Lucy!
MadameYes Lucyc 13 months ago
We'll be thinking of you all...take care. 🌻
FARMGAL56 Berwyn1979 13 months ago
Tornado sirens blew in Coffeyville, KS today! Everything’s okay, though.
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Did you know ...
... while John Agar is remembered for movies like REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, on the sideline he invented a gelatin medium for growing bacteria cultures in petri dishes?
Lynn Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Thank you for the cultural enrichment.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
(TexasDeb here) LOL!!
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Did you know ...
... that after the concession car of the Mississippi and Missouri Railway received complaints about the sticky mess left by consumers of conventional chocolate bars, they developed a hard sugar coated chocolate center candy and called it the M&M -- "Melts in your hand, not in your seat"?
MADave 13 months ago
Happy super sci fi Saturday Eve Eve gang I hope things go swimmingly for the Gill man tomorrow night? LarryTheTeainGuy happy birthday enjoy! Robert Donner who later Mork's friend Exidor on mork and Mindy on the first episode of Adam 12
Lucyc 13 months ago
Greetings, gang.
Happy Birthday to Larry The Train Guy. I hope that you get to ride the Sunshine Special, figuratively speaking(of course)all day

Carrie, I hope you get to feeling better. I'm sure having your grandkids back will cheer you up. I've been through messy domestic situations personally, and I know that your grandkids will not forget providing love, support, and security for them.
Looking forward to fun Sven stuff.
TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Just found out that Lee Merriwether attended the unveiling of Burt Ward’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (located next to the one for Adam West, outside the Guinness Museum).
daleuhlmann 13 months ago
Forgot to mention that one of yesterday's ADAM 12 episodes featured Dick Foran (Steve Banning in THE MUMMY'S HAND and THE MUMMY'S TOMB) as a businessman charged with a DUI.
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