Florida Forecast: Wet with a Chance of “Revenge of the Creature”- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- the most popular  Universal monster of the '50s  makes its way from the Amazon to Florida- to visit a theme park?! It's not his idea- no wonder we're about to witness the "Revenge of the Creature"!

A couple brave guys- including blowhard he-man Joe Hayes, have been sent by Ocean Harbor Oceanarium- a combination research institute /tourist attraction (aren't they all?) - to the Black Lagoon to see if there's a surviving Gill Man that they can capture  for study- they even utilize wacky Captain Lucas from the original film, in his latest boat, the Rita II. They are rewarded with a close encounter with - the original Gill Man! Luckily surviving the brush with the amphibian menace, they take a tip from Lucas, and use a rather explosive method to knock the Creature unconscious- and bring him back to Florida in a coma, for a further examination- IF they can revive him! Professor Clete Ferguson is called upon to  help with the proceedings.

After a delicate endeavor to safely transfer him to a tank in the park,  Joe enters the waters to walk the inert Creature around- which forces water through his gills, a sort of artificial respiration for  gill men. While a pretty ichthyologist, Helen Dobson, explains to a pandering TV reporter what exactly is taking place-the Gill Man revives, and goes on a rampage, until being netted and subdued!

After the  specimen is deposited into a larger tank, and clamped  to its bottom with a heavy chain, Clete and Helen endeavor to train the Gill Man- teaching it to understand the word "stop" by  shocking it with an underwater cattle prod (no, I have no idea why the electrical current from the prod wouldn't travel through the water and shock our cute couple...) It seems to be working- but the Gill Man is NOT happy about his watery incarceration.

Clete and Helen continue to examine the Creature- and , in every test,  he appears to "just miss being human"- could he be the missing link between amphibian and human? The tests and in-tank training continue- until the day the enraged Gill Man finally manages to break his chain- making victims of anyone who tries to stop him- and roams, at large, through south Florida- a prehistoric monster on the loose, with the public in grave danger! Will Clete be able to re-capture the Creature- whose interest has (again) been captured by a young woman- who may just be unwitting bait for the scaly escapee?

Yes, the 1955  "Revenge of the Creature" is the movie that I infamously presented in 3-D on the Chicago airwaves in the 80s- you'll notice several instances of  scenes in the movie meant to take advantage of the 3-D effect! It also has a brief cameo by young Clint Eastwood- watch for him- and we'll give you lots of information about the cast, the differences in the Gill Man costume, and who's inside it. Plus, some Sven Gill Man gags, including a watery weight-loss plan and a song.

"Revenge of the Creature" returns with a vengeance tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings (or at ) for time and channel in your viewing area. In Chicago, viewers get an early Saturday encore of "Black Friday" on our sister station, WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

The Sven event on our Halloween  season tour tonight is sold out, but make sure you check under the "appearances" tab here on our site for the upcoming schedule, including media appearances -there's one tonight overnight on WGN radio! We're still adding things to the list here and there, so check back often.

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Please tune in tonight (or, bring a tuna in tonight)- for the fishy fright of the gallivanting Gill Man on MeTV!