Florida Should Be for Retirement, NOT for "Revenge of the Creature"- Tonight!

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One of our top requested monsters-the Gill Man- makes his return to MeTV tonight-taking up residence far from the Black Lagoon and the Amazon-when he is brought to Florida, not just visiting a theme park- but becoming its main attraction! No wonder it evokes the "Revenge of the Creature"!

This sequel to the original "Creature from the Black Lagoon", the second part of the Gill Man trilogy, reacquaints us with unsophisticated but lovable Captain Lucas, the skipper of the Rita from the first film. He is again hired to be guide to that dangerous part of the Amazon where the Creature dwelled, because the Gill Man, though assumed dead at the end of the first film, has been rumored to still be alive and well in his lagoon lair! These stories have encouraged a new expedition- requested by good-hearted scientist Clete and his macho pal Joe- hoping to once again locate the monster and even capture it for study. Lucas is nobody’s fool, but he warily leads them to the lagoon, warning the anxious researchers that actually finding the Creature may not be a joyous occasion. Regardless, they plan to secure the Gill Man for study at- a Florida theme park! ( Always a popular site for research – not to mention charging tourists to watch the “research”!) The first encounter with the living creature that has escaped evolution plays out just as Lucas warned, with injuries and peril- but that doesn’t deter these guys. They opt to utilize a dangerous tactic often employed by poachers - "fishing with dynamite"- in a final attempt to subdue the Gill Man. The idea is that perhaps they can use the explosive impact to stun him enough for capture - but also risk doing fatal damage to the Creature. Hopefully the plan will work as they hope, so they can bring him back alive to Florida.

And, the explosive scheme does indeed work! The unconscious Creature is shipped to the Ocean Harbor theme park- uh,oh,yes- and research center. The comatose specimen must be kept breathing- and the researchers work tirelessly to insure his survival and bring him back to consciousness. Finally, he begins to stir- but, once conscious again, begins to rage and attack his “captors”! The Gill Man is finally subdued after a fierce battle, and the decision is made to move him to a more secure underwater enclosure. Realizing that they must prevent him from escaping or attacking the public and the research team, they clamp his webbed, clawed foot into a metal shackle affixed to the tank floor. Professor Clete enlists the aid of one of the observers-an attractive blonde ichthyology student who just happens to be a hot blonde ( place your bets now that she looks pretty fetching in a while bathing suit). They will attempt to discover the intellect and adaptability of the Gill Man, and teach him to follow simple commands, with the help of a large underwater electric prod (and again I’ll ask- isn’t water a CONDUCTOR of electricity? Wouldn’t the people in the water also feel the shock? Never mind, I’ll suspend my disbelief once more…) The scientists make progress in charting the Gill Man’s intelligence and physical make-up- while the Creature, true to form, is again smitten with the new woman in his life – maybe it IS just the allure of a white bathing suit, just like in the first movie. The Gill Man eventually finds its frustrations with imprisonment- and reactions to certain outside stimulus- enough to spur him to use his intellect and power to escape confinement, leave the park- and begin a reign of terror to plague Florida! Clete and the authorities are the only hope to recapture the powerful amphibian/human hybrid- before he claims more victims- including his latest female crush !

This 1955 movie is almost equal to the first film in the Gill Man saga, kind of taking a “King Kong” approach, in a slightly different environment. We’ll run down the cast including John Agar , John "Mr. Sportsman" Bromfield, and lovely Lori Nelson, as well as a young Clint Eastwood in a brief cameo role as a somewhat absent-minded lab assistant. We'll give you some insight into who plays the Creature -and when ( and where you might see one of those guys OUTSIDE the suit in the movie) along with the usual Gill Man gags. This is another show that blends some of our old footage with new, so you will see our original coffin and set along the way. By the way, YES- this IS the infamous movie I presented in 3-D back in the 80s in the Chicago market. This version is in the digital splendor of 2-D, though I would encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity, to see the 3-D version. I got to see the original film in 3-D when it was presented as a special screening at a local theatre, and it was impressive!

"Revenge of the Creature" surfaces tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check listings in your area ( or at ) for the time and channel to tune in to watch. Twitter fans keep live-tweeting during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and making us trend in the most-tweeted about topics nationally- so feel free to join in! In the Chicago viewing area, due to sports programming, our usual showing of last week’s MeTV feature on the U, “It Came from Outer Space”, hits the air at a special LATER time- 1:00pm! And, look for the U’s Sven show NEXT week at an earlier time- 10 am!

This just in- our appearance for 2020 at the new “Pet Supplies Plus” store at the Harlem and Cermak Plaza in Berwyn for January 18th has been rescheduled – come see me on Saturday, February 1st at the store at 7133 Cermak Road from 1-3 pm!

Tonight- submerge yourself in aquatic terror as the Gill Man makes his comeback!

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MADave 6 months ago
Watching Perry Mason and awaiting the new blog to pop up good luck everybody!
MADave 6 months ago
I do miss Tim Conway he was a classic especially when he played with Harvey Korman they are now making God laugh!
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
It will be a dark and stormy night in an old dark house (on MeTV) tomorrow. I know I'm supposed to turn my nose up at a William Castle movie (the critics write) but quite frankly I remember Castle movies as cheesy fun, and if anyone knows how to serve up cheese, it's our cinematic chef Svengoolie.
MADave 6 months ago
Not sure if I'm going to stay awake before the blog change but I will certainly give it a shot but if I don't good luck to the first poster
CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Catbat have a great
time with Remy 💝
Love to him from us
kids say hi 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️👩‍⚕️
CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Thank you Lynn I
feel great 😊 today!
A new day and just in
time for Sven and a good movie🎩🏰📺🍿
Have a nice evening🌠
See you later 👻
CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Dale thank you I feel
super better 😱
It feels like missed so much on the blog 😉
But it was only last weeks movie🎩
Have you been able to watch
'Perry Mason?'
Isn't it amazing to have kids to take care of and to keep you busy?
Glad you're better.
- Steph :-)
Lucyc 6 months ago
Good afternoon, gang
I've been MIA since last Friday, which turned out to be harrowing, as my little corner of the world was, fortunately, only sideswiped by two tornadoes. My son and I hunkered down in our hallway, hoping we'd be okay. We did light some candles beforehand, and while we were in the hall the electricity went out. So it was about 12 hours before they got it back on. Though I missed socializing with y'all last week, I really was just both emotionally and physically tired, so I went to bed way early.
As for this week's feature,
I don't think I have ever seen this movie, and I don't think I've seen the original, either. So Im looking forward to seeing it tomorrow and blogging with everyone.
CarrieLynnCastro Lucyc 6 months ago
Glad your safe💝
Hope enjoy the
show 🎩
daleuhlmann Lucyc 6 months ago
Happy you're safe, Lucy.
StephanieStepStone Lucyc 6 months ago
Your PTSD stage is, now you need fun and laughter, and some processing through a comic horror movie.
Dr. StepStone prescribes a day of watching Svengoolie Movie
'The Old Dark House,' and blogging with we loving, funny people on
'Svengoolie.Com' Blog.
Stay safe.
- Steph :-)
Lynn Lucyc 6 months ago
I'm so glad that you're safe, Lucy. That must have been quite an experience!
Carl_N_Brown Lucyc 6 months ago
I appreciate your ordeal. A few years ago my wife and I spent a tornado alert night hunkered in our hallway, she in her wheelchair, me on the floor, with our maglights and handheld scanner radio tuned to weather service. A family in her sister's neighborhood lost their home.

Getting back to normal included catching up on our favorite shows we watched together.
DrClayton Lucyc 6 months ago
Glad you're OK!!
StephanieStepStone 6 months ago
No Personal Chicks,
And Happy Birthday,
Rose Nylund
- Steph :-))

The1Butler 6 months ago
I've never seen the ol dark house ! Yes a brand new movie ! Ha ha ha
MADave The1Butler 6 months ago
I've never seen this either butler
Munsters 6 months ago
Going to pull a 12 hr shift ....will be home by 6pm EST. Will have time to load on on a few snack essentials prior to the 8pm showing Sat evening......
Get some caffeine in early on
- Steph :-)
Oh yes...many DD trips during my 12 hr tour....
CarrieLynnCastro Munsters 6 months ago
Get some good 😨snacks to keep you
going through the Sven 🎩
Happy Sven day
Glad you will make
it to Sven 🎉
Klaatu Munsters 6 months ago
You can do it!! When I worked in TV Post-Production, especially when at 20th Century Fox, 15hr shifts were common, and throw in a few all-nighters for good measure. A bit of caffeine and you’ll get a second wind and be ready for Svengoolie. Svengoolieland needs all donors of humor and fun👍.
Munsters CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
I am thinking pizza , soft pretzels, pop corn, and maybe a cold brew or 2..:)
MADave 6 months ago
The second Darren Stephens on ep 25 of Adam 12
StephanieStepStone MADave 6 months ago
Didn't he used to date the 2nd Becky from Roseanne?
- Steph
Catbat 6 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Today is the day. My son is on a plane headed this way right now! I can't wait! Putting the final touches around the house. Best weekend Ever. I hope y'all excuse me for my lack of blogging but I'll be in and out. Dale and I won't make first blogger tonight cause we'll be driving back from Cleveland airport. Most precious cargo on board. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Lynn Catbat 6 months ago
StephanieStepStone Catbat 6 months ago
Miss you, but will give MaDave another chance.
IF he can stay awake!
- Steph ;-p
MADave StephanieStepStone 6 months ago
I'll certainly try Steph
daleuhlmann Catbat 6 months ago
Yes, indeed, dear. Looking forward to seeing Remy again, and having him meet my brother and our sister, who will be stopping by tomorrow. It's going to be cold tonight, but no winter storms predicted, thankfully.

As for my movie review, expect it some time in the wee morning hours.

The1Butler daleuhlmann 6 months ago
I have big winter storm coming. Metv could be questionable !
daleuhlmann The1Butler 6 months ago
Sorry to hear that, Butler. Stay safe.
CarrieLynnCastro Catbat 6 months ago
😁💙😁 Catbat have
a great time with Remy...🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ and Dale too🎉
MADave 6 months ago
Hi gang I picked up season 5 of The Flintstones today and I have season 6 on order but first I have to finish up season 4
Catbat MADave 6 months ago
Yabba Dabba DOO!
Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Ok, it's MeTV Sci-Fi Saturday Night Eve featuring as centerpiece Svengoolie. Yeah!
OK, Easties.
Let's have no spoilers about the movie for the sake of the Westies.
No plot reveals.
Like, it's about a house.
Or, that it's an old house.
Or, that the house is dark.

To my knowledge, the Westies have never posted spoilers while us Easties were watching the movie.
It would only be common courtesy for us Easties to refrain from posting spoilers while the Westies are waiting for the movie to open in their time zone - ♪ ♫ deedle-deedle deedle-deedle ♪ ♫- oops wrong zone theme music.
Munsters Carl_N_Brown 6 months ago
Ok if ya say so. from beautiful, Cape May NJ
Agreed! Must be super- careful while reading Wikipedia for Kevin Bacon reaearch, If I haven't seen movie yet.before.
Some people just don't think, in the excitement of waiting for me or someone else nice, to post
But the Easties provide such a dense, intense, Mensa-worthy, Pop-Up Mob Popcorn Popper-full of Posts and comments, that even the fastest reader with the fastest, overclocked computer can read no more than a small percentage at once. Even without posting yourself, and without actually watching the movie itself.
(Tho I always watch Svengoolie himself, and Doug and the every-week skits and events, as if I'm brainwashed, hypnotized, and programmed, addicted to Sven.)
I can read everything else in real time, unless I fall asleep late Sat nite. I make an appointment to re-read the Easties later. I save the You-Tubes for later.
They help relax me.
- Steph :-)
The old soap opera forums had huge conflicts between those who blogged while seeing the show, or just after-
and those who read while on a coffee break, waitlng to see the episode on VHS tape or on Soapnet Channel.
But with many different threads, we could write,
"Attention! Spoiler Alert!" In thread title, and you'd know whether to read that now, or later- and now maybe go read the thread on Luke and Laura psychology, or the history of Erica Kane's husbands.
Worked out, but the entire blog style was different, more like Wordpress or OverStack,Com, than our Disqus or Medpage.Com style.
- Steph :-)
We need more bandwith during Easties, and maybe the Westies, but I'll save more computer-y comments for later.
- Steph :-)
Jack StephanieStepStone 6 months ago
The website wiki-catalogs the tropes occurring in various media, including, yes, TV. This means that entries sometimes risk giving spoilers. To cope with this, the “spoiler” is “redacted” with a graybar.

If the reader desires to see the spoiler—even at the risk of totally ruining the story—they can make the redaction bar disappear by clicking it with their cursor. Perhaps this can be added to the Svenblog’s capabilities (in the bin with the emoji, YouTube, and image buttons?) so that Easties can share spoilerish content in real time and Westies can choose to view it whenever they want. An added feature would be that it could be used for question-answer jokes.

P.S.: I’m not expecting you to do anything about this, Steph, but your comment got me thinking that direction, so responding to your comment seemed the best place for the ADMIRAL ADMINISTRATOR to find it and pass it on to the blog’s IT.
1MikeM 6 months ago
In a few weeks you'll pick up the Gill Man in Seattle. He'll be working at a car wash. There'll be no fight.
1MikeM 6 months ago
…..and dat was Revenge of da Creature.....and dat's da name of dat tune.
daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Happy 98th birthday to Betty White today.
Catbat daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Happy 🎂 Birthday Betty!
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 6 months ago
Happy Birthday Betty! Thanks for the laughs!
YouTube "Census Taker vs. Old Lady - SNL". Hilarious.
See nearer the top (or bottom) for the posted video. Thanks for inspiration!
- Steph
CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Good morning ☕
Happy Friday 😱
Feeling so much
better 🤧🎉

Looking forward too
"The Old Dark House"
not sure if I have seen
it 🍿📺 Hopefully it's Haunted🕷🕸👻🕸🕷

We had heavy rain yesterday started in
the afternoon when
kids got out school🌧
got a little wet ☔
Today nice but still a chill in the air🐧🌞🐧

Have a nice Friday
Be safe if you are
going through bad weather❄🌬

See you later.

Hi, Carrie! Glad you're feeling better! 😊
Glad you're feeling better now, Carrie!
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Hooray! I'm so glad that you are feeling better, Carrie. Be good to yourself!
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