For Those Who Asked for a Hammer (and a Stake)- It's "Horror of Dracula"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- you’ve been asking for some movies from England’s Hammer Studios- and we are happy to bring you one of the cornerstones that established Hammer’s reputation as a noted producer of horror films! It’s their version of the origin story of the king of the vampires- portrayed for the first (and certainly not last) time by the great Christopher Lee- facing off against his archenemy Van Helsing ( played by the other half of Hammer’s dynamic duo- Peter Cushing!) in the full-color tale of the “Horror of Dracula”!

The story opens much like Bram Stoker’s novel- with one Jonathan Harker arriving at the castle of Count Dracula- but, in this story, he’s arriving to take the job of –librarian! He encounters a young woman who claims to be held prisoner there- but she disappears before the Count comes to greet his new employee. When Harker is alone, he reveals his real purpose in coming to the castle-but he then is again asked for help by the frantic woman- who is not just the damsel in distress that she seems! The Count reveals his true nature, with bared fangs- and, after collapsing, Harker awakens in daylight- and realizes what must be done. Unfortunately, upon heading down to the castle’s basement crypt- he discovers Dracula’s  coffin is empty- and the Count is right behind him!

We jump to the arrival of Dr. Van Helsing in the area, in search of Harker. With the help of the locals, he learns Harker’s fate- and returns home to give the sad information to Harker’s fiancée and her brother and sister-in-law. Unknown to them- Dracula, having spotted fiancée Lucy’s photo among Harker’s belongings, is already in the area- and making nocturnal visits to the young woman!

When Lucy’s health deteriorates, sister-in-law Mina asks Van Helsing to examine her- and he immediately knows what the cause is! He prescribes the use of bouquets of garlic all around her sealed room- but Lucy thwarts this preventative- and is found dead! Before long, it becomes apparent that Lucy is now among the undead- and Van Helsing must stop her- as well as the vampire count-before Dracula can increase the number of his brood- and add Mina as yet another bride!

This 1958 film does- and doesn’t- follow parts of the Stoker novel, and even goes against some of the traditional vampire lore- but it’s a terrific film that brought Christopher Lee undying fame as the undying Count. We’ll discuss the cast and the production, and present some aid for those requiring dental help- as well as a new song.

“Horror of Dracula” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and , as always, MeTV invites you to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- using the hashtag # svengoolie .Chances are that live-tweeting will again land us in the top trending subjects! In Chicago, viewers can look for “4-D Man” on the U, scheduled currently for the 9 am time, whether there are sports or not.

You still have about a week to vote in the Rondo Awards for horror and science fiction! You’ll find all the information and the ballot at . We’ll also talk about it in tonight’s show- please take advantage of this opportunity to have your vice, as a fan, heard- and vote for your favorites in as many, or as few categories as you wish.

Come get a taste of a true horror classic tonight- and please do your best to stay safe! Follow all the rules and protect you and yours- we can make it through this together!

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NocteLibri 11 months ago
Was so glad to finally see Christopher Lee again as Dracula. He is the King of Vampires. Thank you Svengoolie for listening to our tweets and bringing this legend back to us.
1MikeM NocteLibri 10 months ago
Hey NocteLibri, welcome to the blog!
MADave 11 months ago
Almost 2500 comments this week let’s try for 3000 next week
MADave 11 months ago
Ooooh nice bell bottoms Carol?
MADave 11 months ago
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MADave StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
Has she worn that yet?
MADave 11 months ago
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deadringer42 11 months ago
Is it Saturday night yet?
Stay healthy all.
deadringer42 11 months ago
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PatS 11 months ago
A verbal 'Too Drawn Out' --

Apple almost completely eaten
Light switch with switch turned up
Light switch with switch turned down
Showy purple flower with large hanging petals

1MikeM PatS 11 months ago
PatS 1MikeM 11 months ago
Jack PatS 11 months ago
It could make a good Japanese poem...
PatS 11 months ago
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MADave PatS 11 months ago
I've got it's easy
Hoe+guns+here+ o's
MADave MADave 11 months ago
Administrator hope this isn't too mean?
MADave 11 months ago
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MADave 11 months ago
Today I took a ride to a friend's to deliver his birthday present, I was going to send it but it would've cost $10.00 so my brother offered to drive to his house we stayed at least 6 ft away then I went back home
PatS MADave 11 months ago
I hope six months from now someone reads this and says "Huhhhhh?"
Jack PatS 11 months ago
Just as long as that someone isn't a beagle-sized intelligent cockroach.
1MikeM 11 months ago
I'm a hoping that next week's movie is a Godzilla movie. Gotta wind up the toy tanks. The one with Nick Adams would be good to see.
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Islander PatS 11 months ago
Agreed, one of them is coming if schedule stays true.
1MikeM Islander 11 months ago
London After Midnight? No, that's not the's She-Wolf of London.
Carl_N_Brown Islander 11 months ago
MADave Islander 11 months ago
Geo 11 months ago
I want to take a moment to thank MEtv for helping me pass the time while on my homestay. I hope this doesn't violate a administrator rule. It felt it necessary to say thanks.
Geo Jack 11 months ago
Thanks Jack
Geo 11 months ago
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Jack StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
There's other channels?!
Jack 11 months ago
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Geo StephanieStepStone 11 months ago
Thanks for the heads up.
MADave 11 months ago
I need that rich, wholesome Sven goodness
Jack MADave 11 months ago
"Rich." Heh!
Carl_N_Brown MADave 11 months ago
And why? Koz it's the weekend!!
Geo MADave 11 months ago
Saturdays are even more special now. Thank you Sven and MEtv.
Klaatu 11 months ago
On my stay-at-home 2 week period, my son and I watched Andromeda Strain last night. Eerily similar to our current situation. It would be nice if Corona would mutate itself away like Andromeda did.
Jack Klaatu 11 months ago
It may eventually mutate to a less lethal form: parasites and microbes are generally at adaptive equilibrium if they don't kill their host.
Klaatu Jack 11 months ago
Hmmm, where’s Fox Mulder when we need him?
The1Butler 11 months ago
I wore my sven shirt to the grocery store today , just to take pic in front of empty TP shelf, and forgot . It was M t for sure . Sat sifi is much needed .
Carl_N_Brown The1Butler 11 months ago
I scored two rolls of TP today. Cudda got four but what they wanted me to do was beyond the pail. Or outside the bucket. I have soom standards left.
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Spelling is gone.
The1Butler Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Dont try stealing any from your neighbors, everyone stocked up on ammo !
CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
My son Chris says
thank you for the Birthday wishes ...
🎉🎂🎉 40th is a big
one 😉
scottieO scottieO 11 months ago
As Pat says, everyone deserves great sax on their birthday!
scottieO 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Carl_N_Brown scottieO 11 months ago
Without violins. No grades of shay.
CarrieLynnCastro scottieO 11 months ago
Thank you Scottie so cool Birthday message 🎉
I will show it to
CarrieLynnCastro 11 months ago
Good morning🌷🐝
Hope your all doing
well blog friends❣

Happy Friday have a great day 🎩👀 we are almost there... here we come Sven😱

We had movie night
at home 🎬 with the grandkids lots of popcorn🍿and fun😃
They also danced for
us so funny🕺💃

🎉🎁🎉...Today is my sons Birthday 🎂 his 40th❣
I don't think he likes
it very much🎉
😉 ha ha he will get
used to it 💙
Our only child wow
were did the time go

See you later take
care it will pass and
we will be free again

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CarrieLynnCastro MadameYes 11 months ago
Thank you🎈
CarrieLynnCastro Oscar 11 months ago
Thank you 🎂
CarrieLynnCastro FARMGAL56 11 months ago
Yes it does fly by
thank you 🍰
Thank you I will🍦
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