“Franken-Fest” Winds Up with Bud and Lou, the Monster, Wolf Man, and Drac -Tonight!

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Our much-favored  "Franken-Fest" winds up tonight on Me-TV with a movie that is truly one of the most requested all year long- the movie that revived a comedy team's career by reviving the classic Universal monsters- "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"!

I think most of you know the story- a couple goofs , Chick and Wilbur,at a shipping company have to deliver the supposed remains of the Frankenstein Monster and Dracula to a "house of horrors" exhibit- but are warned by a phone call from a certain Larry Talbot that  the shipment is part of a nefarious scheme. The phone call ends when Talbot transforms into-the Wolf Man! Meanwhile, a foreign accented beauty is inexplicably dating tubby Wilbur...but perhaps she has a hidden agenda...

The delivery to the "house of horrors" ends up with the "remains" rising and leaving- putting Wilbur and Chick in line for legal action from the display's owner!Meanwhile, Wilbur's "girlfriend", who is actually a scientist who has studied Dr. Frankenstein's work, welcomes Count Dracula and the Monster to her island compound-where she plans to transplant a new brain into the Monster- a naive, simple brain that will respond to any commands- a brain like (gulp) Wilbur's!

When Larry Talbot arrives, he knows he must stop this experimentation that could make the Monster an unstoppable tool of Dracula- but Talbot must try to work around his curse- or the Wolf Man could only make matters worse! A pretty insurance investigator gets involves as well, thinking she can fool the boys into revealing where the "stolen" exhibits are-only to end up at the mercy of the Count-while Wilbur seems doomed to become the brains of the powerful Monster!

This 1948 classic horror-comedy is a big favorite of many Sven fans- with lots of surprisingly scary moments for a Bud and Lou comedy! The addition of Bela Lugosi , back as Dracula, along with Lon Chaney Jr. in the role he owned- plus, Glenn Strange as the Monster- makes this a notable "final curtain call" for the Big 3 Universal monsters.We'll fill you in on the cast,background of the film, and more- all in all, the perfect ending for "Franken-Fest"!

"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" plays tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or check your local listings for the airtime near you. In Chicago, you can see the Hammer horror "Evil of Frankenstein" on WCIU, the U at 11 am! A reminder- if you want a Sven shirt or button set as a Christmas gift- PLEASE order here on our site NOW- so you can get them in time! Depending on the demand (which invariably becomes pretty overwhelming around the holidays) you'll be cutting it close- so, do it now!

Also, next Friday , just west of Chicago, "Sventa Claus" makes one of his rare appearances this Friday night at the Comic Collector in Riverside! All the information is under the "appearances" tab!

Enjoy "A & C Meet Frankestein"- as Drac, the Monster, and Wolf Man try to follow Black Friday by making Saturday a dark day for our heroes!