From the Amazon to FLA.- The Gill Man Gets the “Revenge of the Creature” Tonight!

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I've said it before- one of my all-time favorite monsters has to be the Gill Man- and tonight, get set for the Amphibian Amazonian (did I ever mention that one of the MeTV program teases calls Wonder Woman the "Amazonian Princess"- and it bugs the heck out of me, since she's traditionally referred to as the "AMAZON Princess"? But I digress...) where was I?- oh- get set for the Amphibian Amazonian to make the journey from the Black Lagoon to the Sunshine State of Florida- not by his own choice- which may just be the reason he seeks the "Revenge of the Creature"!

This 1955 sequel to the original "Creature from the Black Lagoon" has another expedition headed to that dangerous part of the Amazon- since the Gill Man's demise at the end of the first flick didn't seem to take. The lovable laughable Captain Lucas again is the guide to the Creature's  dwelling place, bringing Prof. Clete and blustery he-man Joe to find the monster- though he warns them they may not be too happy if they DO find him! The pair wants to bring the Gill Man back to a Florida theme park "to study" (oh, and , by the way, they may just be selling tickets to SEE  the Creature)- and after a nasty encounter with the scaly fellow, decide that "fishing with dynamite" might just subdue the Gill Man enough to capture him and bring him home.

And- what do you know- it works! They bring the unconscious Creature to their Ocean Harbor park- and work diligently to try to keep him breathing and revive him. When it happens, of course, there's chaos- until the Gill Man is finally subdued and moved to a safer tank-that includes a nice shackle for his flippery foot! Clete- working with a lovely young lady who happens to be an ichthyology student (what a coincidence!) begins trying to train the Gill Man- with the aid of a large underwater electric prod. Our scientist pals do indeed  make some discoveries about the Gill Man- who has discovered that this new blonde is just as enticing as the gal from the first movie- and he eventually becomes enraged enough to escape- and bring terror to the state of Florida! Is there any way to recapture him- before the number of victims grows, and he claims his latest female crush as his own?

This movie  is a fun continuation of the Gill Man saga- with  John Agar as our leading man, aided and abetted by John "Mr. Sportsman" Bromfield, and the lovely Lori Nelson as the Gill Man's latest "love interest"-and, yes, you will see a brief cameo by a young Clint Eastwood (I thought I'd throw that in, since, I have a feeling,as usual, that some viewers won't be paying attention to the part of the show where I mention it, and we'll see their comments- "did you know...?") We'll give you some background on the cast, including who plays the Creature and when, and where you might see one of those guys OUTSIDE the suit in the movie- as well as some fun Sven shtick, including a new song. And, yes, this is indeed the infamous movie I presented in 3-D back in the 80s in the Chicago market- don't worry, you won't need any two-toned glasses to enjoy this version!

"Revenge of the Creature" washes up on MeTV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check listings in your area for the time you'll be able to tune in. In Chicago, viewers get a second look at Peter Cushing in "Island of Terror" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU!

A quick note: sad that we lost B B King, a true blues great. He was a fantastic performer, and a hard worker."The thrill is gone", indeed.

I hope you get a chance to check out my visit to Jim Cornette's podcast- it will remain posted until next Thursday at . If you ever wanted to know some of my early history,or even who the first wrestlers I watched were, you'll find it there, along with the very clever comments of Mr. Cornette!

Tune in tonight to see the Gill Man take on all comers for the south Florida championship- maybe he'll be pinned by a pinniped! (Look it up!)