“Furry February” Begins with Larry Talbot- “The Wolf Man”-Tonight!

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You know the old superstition- if a werewolf sees his shadow under the full moon- that means six more weeks of those two improv morons in those "Sonic" commercials. What I mean is- on this "SuperHowl Saturday"(it's not Harbaugh- it's hair ball)-we score a touchdown by bringing you the original movie when Larry met hairy- the classic original "Wolf Man"! This is the movie that established Lon Chaney Jr. as the one and the only true Larry Talbot-who returns to his ancestral home in England to repair his relationship with his father,the fine actor Claude Rains- and finds a lovely young woman to pursue. One night, out on the foggy moors, Larry battles what he thinks is a vicious wolf, who bites him in the struggle- but-when investigators find the body of a man- suspicions are raised.Hair is also raised- a lot of it- when, upon the next full moon, Larry sprouts fur and fangs and becomes the Wolf Man! This movie added another cornerstone character to the Universal horror stable-and cemented Lon Jr.'s place in film history,finally bringing him some fame similar to that of his father, the great silent movie star and make-up wizard (though Jr. did not do his own make-up). The performances by Rains, as well as Maria Ouspenskya as the gypsy woman and Bela Lugosi as her doomed son,make this a true horror classic, almost a decade after the original monsters made their mark. "The Wolf Man" appears tonight on the Me-TV network at 10 pm eastern, 9 pm central,etc. One thing that will be missing is- a mail segment in the show.Due to my abscence from work while I recuperate from the double bypass,and a lack of suitable re-usable material, we had to forgo adding a mail segment to this show. Never fear- Kerwyn will return. For our Chicago viewers, you can catch the encore of "The Black Cat" Saturday morning at 11 am on WCIU, the U!!! "Furry February" will make it seem like there's a full moon all month long! Letb us know if you like the idea of themed Sven months!