Gigantic January Winds Up with the Wacky "Godzilla's Revenge"-Tonight!

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MeTV’s Gigantic January  comes to a close with  what some have labelled one of the oddest Godzilla movies ever- it has multiple monsters in battle with the King of the Monsters, plus- his son ( no mention of who the mother is- perhaps we should call Maury Povich) –along with criminals, a gang of bullying children, a wacky inventor, and lots of lessons for each and every one of us- it’s enough to make your head spin, or, at least have you scratching your head in confusion-  as we bring  you- "Godzilla's Revenge"!

Previously titled "All Monsters Attack"- this film is part of the late 60s-ealy 70s  period in which Godzilla had moved from being a creature deadly to all mankind-  to a powerful friend, prone to comedic movement, specifically made to appeal to younger fans of giant monsters. We’re introduced to one of those fans- Ichiro, whose family loves him, but are kept busy by work and social engagements, leaving the little fellow alone much of the time.  He is blessed with a vivid imagination- which makes him the perfect target for the  local bullies- who are bigger than he. He has only two kind and understanding  friends- one, a young lady who is one of his classmates- and the other- and an off-the-wall toy inventor! When he visits the toymaker, the inventor  shows him his latest creation- which  Ichiro asks him to augment and tie in with his favorite monsters- the top two being the legendary Godzilla and his son, Minya ( also known as Manilla). Ichiro explains that they live, with other creatures, on far away Monster Island.

Heading back home, left alone once again, his imagination kicks in- and, in a sort of dream state, Ichiro actually visits Monster Island! Of course, there are various dangerous monsters there to menace him, along with other pitfalls- one of which has him ending up rescued by none other than Godzilla’s son Minya!  Minya is close to Ichiro’s size, and speaks in a semi-annoying voice more suited for a cartoon  mascot in a cereal commercial. The two bond over the similarities in their lives ( not including their badly dubbed voices); bullies tend to target both of them, with Minya the victim of  horrid creature named Gabara -which , amazingly (and I say that with my voice dripping with sarcasm ), coincidentally happens to also be the name of Ichiro's worst tormentor!

Once Ichiro has reluctantly returned to reality , he explores an old abandoned factory- not realizing that a couple desperate  bank robbers are holed there! Ichiro takes some souvenirs from  the stuff left lying around the factory- which unfortunately includes one of the crooks' driver’s license! The bad guys realize that he has taken the license, which could lead to the police finding out where they are- so they decide the best course of action  is to kidnap the kid!

Ichiro, meanwhile, books a return mental journey to Monster Island- where he witnesses Godzilla taking on a bunch his enemies. Young Minya tries to be like Dad-facing off briefly  against the evil Gabara- but ends up fleeing in terror. Father knows best, and trains Junior to fight back, using his atomic flame breath to comedic effect (he did the same thing in a similar scene in the film "Son of Godzilla")- and, it looks like they are making some progress when- Ichiro is rudely drawn back into the real world- when the robbers nab him! Will Ichiro escape  his captors? Can he face all his problems of the real world successfully? Can Minya follow suit and triumph as well?  ( Can I stop asking questions to wind up this paragraph?)

Many viewers might be puzzled by a film loaded with stock footage from previous Godzilla movies, the heavy-handed moralizing in the film,, and some of the other mind-boggling content. This film starts off slowly-  so, we beg for your indulgence as we drop in a little extra Svensurround  entertainment in the first segment of the film. We promise you more fun  in our Sven segments, including a classic edition of the beloved drawing game "Too Drawn Out"- and bring back a song highlighted by a trumpet solo by our own Doug Graves!

"Godzilla's Revenge" takes place tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings- or at for time and channel in your area.  We want to pass on some info for certain areas of our viewership:

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 A couple other changes will be coming- we’ll fill you in on those soon.

Chicago area viewers , meanwhile, can get last week’s movie, “Godzilla VS Mothra”  at the same time – 11 am this morning- on the same channel- WCIU, the U !

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 With that said, get ready for the conclusion of Gigantic January with  bizarre fun featuring juvenile ‘Zilla!