Gill Man Revisited: “Revenge of the Creature” Tonight!

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Our "Gal and a Gill Man" month rolls on, with the second part of the Universal Gill Man trilogy-  the movie I presented in 3-D back in the early 80s in Chicago- this time out, in shocking 2-D - "Revenge of the Creature"!

Sure, we saw the wounded Creature slowly sinking , unmoving, to the depths of the waters at the end of the last movie- but- wait a minute- is the Gill Man still alive? Our old pal Captain Lucas is bringing a new expedition to the Black Lagoon, with them hoping the Creature is still alive - and the captain saying if it is, they'll probably end up wishing it was dead! All too soon, they discover the Gill Man is still alive and still dangerous- and set out to capture him and bring him back to the States!

After a few tussles, they actually succeed- but may have taken too much of a toll on the comatose Creature. he's brought to a marine park/tourist attraction in Florida, where a doctor specializing in animal behavior is summoned to help study and handle the strange beast. Also in attendance is a pretty young woman who also wants to study the Creature (and, as in every Gill Man movie, will attract the attention of the amorous amphibi-man!)

When the Gill Man is revived from his stupor, and proves to be a menace to the scores of park visitors who have come to get a peek at him- the research team finally helps get him into a viewing chamber, attached to a huge chain that will keep him from going after the guests.

While two of the human males involved vie for the affections of the lady researcher, the Gill Man also notices her- and, as they attempt to get him to obey commands much in the way they train dolphins, they also discover he is closer to the human end of evolution than the aquatic animal sector. He also seems remarkably intelligent- smart enough to, maybe, figure out how to escape his imprisonment?! Before too long, the deadly Gill Man is on the loose- and striking terror into the hearts of Floridians who fear he may be after them next.While some think he is most certainly heading back to his home in the Amazon, we remember what our theme is this month- and that the Creature just might still be pining for a certain pretty prize!

This  1955 film was indeed offered as a 3-D movie when it came out, and, yes, we'll acknowledge our 3-D TV showing of it in the past. We'll go over the cast, featuring John Agar, John Bromfield "Mr. Sportsman", and Lori Nelson- plus the infamous , possibly first movie appearance of a young Clint Eastwood, as well as the return of Nestor Paiva as Lucas.We'll give you some background on the movie, and, of course, submerge in the usual Sven shtick.

"Revenge of the Creature" appears on Me-TV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, and please check local listings for the run time in your area. In Chicago, viewers can catch up on the first movie,"Creature from the Black Lagoon", at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Don't forget- next Saturday, the 26th,I'm appearing at the Taphouse Grill in Des Plaines, IL, from 1-3 pm- signing autographs, posing for photos, and hoping you'll enjoy the Sven menu specials, the many fine beer offerings, and more! I'm also hoping that some of my old Maine East high school pals  who are still in the area will come by to say hello! All the info is on our site under the "appearances" tab.

Be watching for more exciting news- including my appearance with Robert Englund at Flashback Weekend in Rosemont- and - the big event this fall at the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications where my original coffin will be put on permanent display! Not to mention the usual Sven Halloween season tour...

But, wait- we still have ONE MORE part of the Gill Man Trilogy to go! Come back next week for more on that...