Go Bats in the Bayou- as Lon Chaney Jr. Causes Consternation on the Plantation as the "Son of Dracula"-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we bring back Lon Chaney Jr. in his only role as part of the most famous vampire family of all- as he makes his way to the American bayou land, and endeavors to inflict the curse of the undead upon an unsuspecting family! He drains the love out of a romance- as well as draining blood from his latest victim- as a young woman with a fascination for the dark side falls under the spell of the “Son of Dracula”!

In what is actually the third film in the Universal Dracula series- coming in the canon after "Dracula's Daughter"- this 1943 tale  begins at a party on a plantation down south- being held to welcome an aristocratic  count met overseas by one of the wealthy plantation owner’s daughters- a young woman named Catherine, who has what her sister Claire and boyfriend Frank feel is a rather morbid interest in the occult!

The train the Count is scheduled to arrive on comes into the station- but- he doesn’t appear to be on board! However, the train’s freight  does include some heavy boxes with his family crest – as well as his family name- “Alucard”. (Hmm - run that one by us again, backwards, maybe?) In spite of his absence, the big party must go on at the plantation- but tragedy strikes when the wealthy father of the girls suddenly passes away- coinciding with the very late-night arrival of Count Alucard, who has finally made his way to the plantation.

The father's will is being read- when Catherine suddenly produces an updated version - that provides for all the money to go to Claire, and the “Dark Oaks” mansion and grounds to Catherine. Things get more bizarre when Catherine reveals that she and the Count are a couple , shocking her supposed fiancé poor Frank! Before long, Frank has a confrontation with the newcomer- and tragedy strikes again! As the situation becomes more baffling- an expert in certain matters is called in- and soon, the Count's true identity is revealed. The Count has plans to take control of his  new bride-and then, this new country he has taken residence in-ready to eliminate the remaining family and friends who stand in his way!

Lon Jr's being cast as the Count (and- though he's called the son- some theorize that he is actually the original Count?! ) seems –well- out of character for Mr. Chaney- but you have to agree- this character definitely has some differences from his role as the tortured Larry Talbot- with the air of aristocracy and a more suave manner. Our cast also includes Evelyn Ankers, who's been a Chaney co-star several times (and often wasn't  treated very well by Lon Jr!)- and the lovely Louise Allbritton as the sister with dark desires. We’ll present some info about the cast, and a little background material about the film- including an error that most people who have learned their vampire lore from these movies will easily spot! Plus- we have a nice dosage of Sven shtick to round out the final Saturday night of September!

“Son of Dracula” arrives tonight- not by rail, but on Me-TV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, or, if you are unsure of what channel or time you can see us where you are, just check the local listings in your area or at Remember that MeTV invites you to join in on the live –Tweeting during the show on Twitter- and make sure you use the hashtag  #svengoolie .In the Chicago area, viewers get a second look at “Dr. Cyclops", back on our original local channel, CW26 at 11 am!

I’m making a return appearance in the world of Dick Tracy- as I’ll be showing up in the famed newspaper comic strip in a storyline about some supposed vampire attacks ( no, I’m not to blame!) You can see me in action – in color- in this Sunday’s comics- and I’ll be involved for about a week or so. My last visit with the legendary detective was over three years ago!

But tonight - see Lon Jr. in his epic appearance as a member of the Dracula family- no matter how you spell it- forward or backwards!

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1MikeM 5 months ago
and dat was da Son of Dracula...…and dat's da name of dat tune.
Aceman2 5 months ago
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Bones! What a body needs!
The1Butler 5 months ago
Look at the time !
Katink The1Butler 5 months ago
We've almost made it through another week!
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Before we leave the deep South for the east coast of Ireland, here's a salute to SON OF DRACULA producer Ford Beebe. Beebe started at Universal directing the studio's Flash Gordon and Buck Roger serials. He then graduated to feature films. Among the films he directed were NIGHT MONSTER and THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE.
Catbat 5 months ago
My playlist is off to a great start gang. Keep em coming!
I got to play some of it at work tonight, on the store stereo. Svengoolie Stomp was a hit 🎯Played it several times!
The1Butler Catbat 5 months ago
We had a great spooky sounds record when I was young . It was played year after year on Halloween. 🦇🎃
SOBX 5 months ago
Scarcer than hen's teeth.
Catbat SOBX 5 months ago
Haha 👍
Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
I entered for a chance to give a retired rubber chicken a good home.
Have you?
Aceman2 Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
As a matter of fact I have.
MADave Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
I tried so many times and never won just like entering the joke (laughter) of the week
Catbat Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
But of course!
Lynn Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
Hope springs eternal.😎
Carl_N_Brown Lynn 5 months ago
Oh, I envisioned Gabste creating an animated emoji of Hope springing eternally through fields of dancing daffodils and axolotls.
Jack 5 months ago
Here's an internet game we can play this month--look for images of a Halloween costume you wore when you were a kid, you know, Collegeville, Ben Cooper, etc. Extra points if it's you in the picture. Homemade costumes only count if it's a picture of you, or if it was something so unusual that it's surprising to see that another kid had the same idea, e.g., a ghost under a bedsheet doesn't count, but if you find another kid who trick-or-treated as Cthulhu in the 1960s....
MADave 5 months ago
Hey Cat at would The Addams Family by Vic Mizzy count?
MADave MADave 5 months ago
Stupid autocorrect on my phone that's supposed to say Catbat
Catbat MADave 5 months ago
Sure it does 😊Keep em coming
Jack 5 months ago
Hey group [and especially Kodak]!

I was thumbing through _Kentucky Monthly_--a thin imitation of _Texas Monthly_--and noticed that the October 2020 calendar shows Here Come the Mummies will be playing the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington on the 20th.
TheKodakKid Jack 5 months ago
They played in Kodak at the baseball stadium a couple months ago. Of course, it was a night when I was working.😞
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Here's another for Catbat's Halloween playlist: "Remains of the Day," from the Tim Burton movie CORPSE BRIDE.
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gabste 1MikeM 5 months ago
Yes ! 😃
gabste Islander 5 months ago
Hubby loves Loving Spoonful
1MikeM daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Here's one for the playlist:
It's Halloween by The Shaggs
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Some information about J. Edward Bromberg, who played Professor Lazlo in SON OF DRACULA. He was branded a Communist sympathizer when he was named by director Elia Kazan, who, along with fellow director Edward Dmytryk, was one of the most notorious of Hollywood artists to give names to Congress during the Communist witch hunts in order to preserve their own cushy careers in Tinsel Town. As a result, Bromberg, who was subsequently blacklisted, had to go to England to find work. There, he died in 1951, at the age of only 48, of a heart attack. Friends and family claimed it may have been a direct result of the tension he had been undergoing because of the Red Scare--just as it had undoubtedly contributed to the fatal early heart attack of actor John Garfield, who had also been blacklisted for the same reason--very tragic, and, in both instances, inexcusable.
Katink daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Wow! So sad 😯!
Jack 5 months ago
Svengoolie has a phone case?! Now he needs cases that'll fit a ZTE, and mebbe a case that looks like Boddy Sorrell!
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Catbat Catbat 5 months ago
It's a Gallaxy J3 Prime
Jack Lynn 5 months ago
Omagawsh, they added a bunch? When I looked there were only three and those were listed as "Sxx"s. Now they need cases that'll fit a ZTE "Maven"!
Jack Catbat 5 months ago
That sounds more like a _Star Trek_ location than a phone!
Catbat Jack 5 months ago
Don't it though?
Jack 5 months ago
If Sven is on every Saturday night at the Tracy household, how come Dick doesn't blog? Can't he use the two-way radio wrist watch outside of work? And what did Catbat send Sven this time?!
TheKodakKid Jack 5 months ago

My thoughts as well. Actually, I was hoping that we might get a peek at the “Svengoolie as Batman” drawing that MADave did, which is waiting back at the MeTV studio, while Sven is having to cool his top hat at Stately Sven Manor.
MADave TheKodakKid 5 months ago
I certainly do hope it’ll be shown when this Covid-19 pandemic is gone?
gabste 5 months ago
Can't wait for Sven night ! We got snacks and masks ! Will miss you Belle Lugosi !
The1Butler gabste 5 months ago
Dang what's for lunch
Oscar gabste 5 months ago
Snacks?!? Will be there at 8 sharp
gabste The1Butler 5 months ago
gabste Oscar 5 months ago
Cool !
Aceman2 5 months ago
Happy Sventurday Eve to all! A sunny high of 64 expected in south east PA. High School football is a big deal in PA and despite the pandemic, games start tonight under the lights . No fans allowed but many games will be available for viewing on the internet. Hoping all participants stay safe.
Catbat 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Great Newsletter Sven!
What a killer line up of movies. Thanks
I think I have a way we can do my Catbat's Playlist and still stick to the rules.
Just name the song and the artist. DON'T post links. I can look them up myself .Example : Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris "Pickett and The Krypt Kickers.
Where there's a will there's a way. Speaking of will you can always post the videos on the Wolf Blog.
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1MikeM Catbat 5 months ago
This is not really a Halloween song but Boris Karloff does a cover of The Peppermint Twist. Pop a pop a doo-bah!
Jack 1MikeM 5 months ago
That is correct, sir!
Catbat PatS 5 months ago
Catbat 1MikeM 5 months ago
1MikeM 5 months ago
Has anyone heard from JournalJeff lately? I don't think he's posted comments in awhile.
gabste 1MikeM 5 months ago
No haven't seen him 😯
daleuhlmann 1MikeM 5 months ago
No, he's been MIA for about six weeks now. Hope nothing serious has happened to him, ditto, Trout.
gabste daleuhlmann 5 months ago
I miss Trout ! Terrible ! Heartbreaking 😢
Lynn daleuhlmann 5 months ago
I miss Journal Jeff, too.
daDoctah 5 months ago
I think I just solved the mystery of why going to the MeTV website always assumes I'm in Milwaukee instead of Arizona, and I have to manually change my location to get the right schedules (Milwaukee doesn't run some of the late-night programs, opting instead for some local programming). It seems to remember me from the last time I was there, which means if I click through from an email I get the Milwaukee banner.
Jack daDoctah 5 months ago
Great! Now, would you happen to know my Mom's wifi password so she can use the iPad?
deadringer42 5 months ago
Watching Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. Great way to start October, but it misses something without the Sven shtick.
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The1Butler deadringer42 5 months ago
Yes blogging along makes movies ! Lots of comments without someone talking over the movie !
daDoctah deadringer42 5 months ago
Isn't that the movie with the gratuitous Coshocton reference?
Islander daDoctah 5 months ago
Abbott & Costello Go To Mars
Klaatu deadringer42 5 months ago
I saved on my DVR when Svengoolie aired A&B Meet Frankenstein just so I can re-enjoy the schtick.
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