Got Room for a LITTLE More? Serving Up "The Incredible Shrinking Man"-Tonight!

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Though, if you're like me, after Thanksgiving the LAST thing you're doing is getting smaller- tonight on MeTV, we have an individual who is not only getting a smaller waistline- but the rest of him is growing smaller as well- and it's not a small world, after all- but a HUGE one for 'The Incredible Shrinking Man"!

In this classic 1957  science fiction favorite, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year,we start out on the waters with Scott Carey and his wife- as they relax and enjoy lounging  on their boat off the California coast.Louise heads to the galley to grab some drinks, while hubby Scott, topside, sees an approaching mist of some sort- a glittering fog that envelopes him, then abruptly fades away by the time Louise is back on deck. The couple is confused, having no idea what it was or where it came from.

A few weeks later- Scott notices that his clothes don't fit right- and it's not just a little weight loss- his whole body seems a little smaller! He heads to his doctor, who declares he's in perfect health- and mentions the fact that, never in medical science has anybody started to get shorter (other than through something like osteoporosis, we'd add) !  Scott finds it hard to believe what the doc is telling him- especially when he's noticed that he and his wife are now suddenly the same height- when , previously, he was taller than she.

Finally, all concerned parties  agree that something strange is happening to Scott- and he becomes a subject at a medical research  lab. Tests confirm that Scott is getting smaller-and they have a theory as to why. Things take a bad turn for the diminishing dude when the media get hold of the story- and he is plagued by paparazzi. All Scott can do is stay in isolation, a prisoner in his own home- unable to work , or keep his frustration a secret from his wife.

Possible hope for a cure comes - along with some encouragement from  a winsome little person Scott meets by chance- but the reality that he continues to shrink brings an end to  any hopes of a normal life.The normal aspects of his home become a savage new world he must face alone- as the world around him  continues to become larger and more threatening at every turn. Scott finds simple everyday objects and creatures present incredible danger -as he fights to survive in a land of giants!

This movie is a big favorite of our viewers- not just for the effects, but also for Grant Williams outstanding performance as Scott, who conveys his frustrations, fear,and sense of isolation so well. We’ll brief you on the cast members, including a few familiar MeTV faces, including a future “Beverly Hillbillies” actor- and a small star with a large resume!

“The Incredible Shrinking Man” starts tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, to find out time and channel where you are, please check your local listings- or at . Our Chicago area viewers get another look at the classic "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Speaking of the Chicago area, Sventa Claus makes his first appearance for this holiday season at  the Holiday Stroll event in Riverside, IL next week Friday night-December 1st- at one of his yearly stops- the Comic Collector- 3246 Harlem Avenue! Check out gifts for your favorite comics fans while visiting with  Sven,in full Sventa regalia, from 6 to 8 pm! More Sventa appearances coming up, so make sure to check back at the "appearances" tab on our site.

Tonight, though- meet that shrinking fellow who would definitely be an unwilling candidate for "Elf on the Shelf"!