Gunfighter VS Neck-biter - It's "Billy the Kid Vs Dracula" Tonight!

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We kick off the Svengoolie anniversary month with the first of four new shows for June- with John Carradine again portraying the vampire count- but not in the old country, nor in the Louisiana bayous- in the rather unusual setting of the wild west! He’s out to claim a ranch- and its pretty young owner-  as his own – even if he has to face one of history’s greatest gunslingers- in “Billy the Kid VS Dracula”!

 As this 1966 cowboy chiller opens, it’s nighttime, and a caravan of immigrants is sleeping- only to be visited by what appears to be- a vampire! The well-timed appearance of a cross seems to thankfully turn him away from their young daughter. Soon, we meet another  group travelling by stagecoach- one, a tall, thin, well-dressed fellow, was picked up in the middle of nowhere! His fellow travelers include a liquor salesman ( who enjoys his own samples) and a woman who owns the Double Bar-B Ranch, along with her brother, whom she is entrusting to take over management of the place, assisting her and her beautiful daughter Betsy. The mysterious stranger orchestrates an attack on the stage- enabling him to assume the identity of the brother- and move in on the ranch!

Meanwhile, Betsy is awaiting the return of her mom and uncle at the ranch- with her fiancé, the ranch foreman, Billy Bonney. Yes, THAT Billy Bonney- Billy the Kid- but, he’s now reformed. That doesn’t matter much to Dan Thorpe, the man he replaced as foremen –and as Betsy’s beau! He’s looking for any excuse to get back at the ex-gunslinger.

Word comes about the stagecoach massacre- but somehow, Betsy’s uncle was not there, claiming he rode ahead of the stage,  and has taken a room at the town’s saloon/inn. Also arriving at the saloon is the immigrant family we saw at the start of the movie- and they have no doubt that the attack was perpetrated by the vampire they saw. That very fiend appears in the saloon, but uses his hypnotic power to keep the daughter from revealing who he is! He obviously is not done with the immigrant lass- and afterward moves on to the ranch, where he proclaims himself guardian of the lovely Betsy as well as owner of the ranch. Billy, warned about who dear Uncle might be by the immigrant mother ( yes, she’s  Virginia Christine- best known as “Mrs. Olsen” from the “Folgers” commercials), interrupts a one-on-one meeting between Unc and Betsy- and so begins the vampire’s scheme to eliminate Billy from the picture and  take control of the ranch and his “niece” ( ewww!)- with very UN-uncle-like intentions! Rival Thorpe does all he can to help- while Billy’s battle against the supernatural menace is joined by the immigrant mom and a friendly female doctor. And then there’s the family’s old mine…

This film, which John Carradine wasn’t very fond of, has some less-than-special effects we’ll point out to you- and we’ll go over the cast and the director’s reputation, while also providing the usual Sven fun!

“Billy the Kid VS Dracula" blazes a trail on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central – if unsure of time and channel, check local listings or at . Once again- if you’re setting your DVR to record- check what they are listing our show as- the show title Svengoolie or the movie title.  Lots of Sven fans live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- you can join them, using the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago area viewers can relive the tail end of our “Monstrous May” with “Ghost of Frankenstein”  at 11 am on WCIU, the U !

Next Saturday, I’ll be appearing at The Franklin Park Fest, in Franklin Park, IL from 11 am to 1 pm! Come meet me, get an autograph  and take a photo while enjoying this family-friendly festival  with live music, a carnival, and more! Check out the “appearances” tab on this website for more information.

We are SO CLOSE to revealing some big news- please be patient, and keep checking back here!

Meanwhile, saddle up for corpuscles in the corral tonight on MeTV!

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MADave 16 months ago
I have a question regarding PERRY MASON, the commercial that metv shows where the lady says I don’t know, I don’t know? who is the actress and what was the name of the case and what season? Dale I’m pretty sure you have the answer
Catbat MADave 16 months ago
The case of the Frightened Fisherman
daleuhlmann MADave 16 months ago
Best guess:. Marian Collier, "Case of the Frightened Fisherman "
MADave Catbat 16 months ago
Thanks I’ll watch for that one if it hasn’t aired yet?
MADave daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Thanks dale
Matt 16 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!
Catbat Matt 16 months ago
Happy Svengoolie Eve Matt! How are you doing? How was your week?
MADave Matt 16 months ago
Howdy Matt
1MikeM Matt 16 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday Matt
daleuhlmann Matt 16 months ago
Happy Sci-Fi Friday, Matt!
NeganRules 16 months ago
Guess they’re going to be a bit tardy for work, btw Nice to see you are healing well Kodak
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
This just in. I found out who is driving the CAR.
1MikeM JournalJeff2 16 months ago
MADave 16 months ago
I have a certain feeling that Bill K will be reigning champ on the new blog coming up later tonight/early tomorrow morning
Catbat MADave 16 months ago
Ya think? No Angels for me today. Wind gusts are to blame. Delta A/C
MADave Catbat 16 months ago
Be safe my friend
Catbat MADave 16 months ago
Just stuck watching DVD's for now. Bets the triple digits we are gonna get this weekend 😓
Catbat Catbat 16 months ago
Beats, dang
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Speaking of staying out of THE CAR's way, you can all live longer if you don't jaywalk, whether it's in front of a demon-driven 1971 Lincoln Continental or not. As Cleveland's iconic horror movie host Ghoulardi would say, "Hey, group, don't jaywalk. If you were a jay, you wouldn't want anybody to walk on you!"
SOBX daleuhlmann 16 months ago
rock, chalk, jayhawk
TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Had my follow-up with the surgeon today. He thought I was healing nicely. I get to go back to the salt mine Monday (joy of joys).

Can only lift up to 25lbs for a couple of weeks, then gradually increase it after that. Also have to watch the fat intake for a few months until the body gets used to not having the gallbladder there.

Guess I’ll just take a nice, relaxing “Car” ride tomorrow. Should be perfectly safe.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes while I’ve been going through all this. Also happy to report that my Uncle Ronald is back home and on the road to recovery after his triple bypass.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Wonderful news, Dwight, for both you and your uncle!
Catbat TheKodakKid 16 months ago
That is 2× the Great news -the salt mine 😄
Yes a road trip always relaxes me.
MADave TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Great news kid
JournalJeff2 TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Great news for both you and your uncle!
1MikeM TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Kodak Kid, glad to hear the great news for you and your uncle.
Carl_N_Brown TheKodakKid 16 months ago
Very good news TKK
Catbat 16 months ago
While Billy the Kid vs Dracula was much fun and provoked much informative discussion, it's time to clear a parking space for "The Car"! Beep Beep Richie!
daleuhlmann Catbat 16 months ago
Are you channeling IT, dear?
Catbat daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Just a skotch 😊
DrClayton 16 months ago
Anyone post this one?
Jack DrClayton 16 months ago
Thanky, kindly!
Lynn DrClayton 16 months ago
Oh, that's wonderful! Thank you, DrClayton!
daleuhlmann DrClayton 16 months ago
Thank you, Dr. Clayton. My favorite Woody Guthrie song involves another mode of transportation. It's called "The City of New Orleans."
Jack daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Actually, the song was written (and performed) by Chicago native, Steve Goodman.
The version you posted was sung by Woody’s boy, Arlo.

Goodman wrote car songs, as well, including the terrifying “Lincoln Park Pirates."
daleuhlmann Jack 16 months ago
Sorry, Jack. I did mean Arlo Guthrie-- great song!
Catbat DrClayton 16 months ago
Thumbs up 👍
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Do you think that we will hear Sven`s big news tomorrow?
I hope he has some "new" movies for us.
Catbat JournalJeff2 16 months ago
I hope so
MADave JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Maybe he's got a new sidekick besides Jerwyn or Tombstone?
MADave MADave 16 months ago
That's Kerwyn stupid auto correct!
JournalJeff2 MADave 16 months ago
That could be. Maybe we will be seeing more of Fraido.
Carl_N_Brown MADave 16 months ago
Maybe wee commenters are being gifted with an edit option.
Jack Carl_N_Brown 16 months ago
O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
To edit oursels afore ithers read us!
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Had to repost this:

I had mentioned earlier that Rathbone and Carradine had appeared together in THE BLACK SLEEP. The two were also in the Danny Kaye comedy THE COURT JESTER that same year. That's the one with classic word play, "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true. Unless, of course, somebody breaks the chalice from the palace, in which case, "the pellet with the poison's in the flagon with the dragon," and "the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true." Got that?
JournalJeff2 daleuhlmann 16 months ago
Got it. Nice job.
daleuhlmann JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Thanks, Jeff!
Catbat 16 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
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Jack Catbat 16 months ago
Mebbe you should get a second carburetor tuned for crossing the mountains, and a radiator water bag for the deserts?! Mebbe a brick and some rope for those long, straight stretches?
DrClayton Catbat 16 months ago
Am waiting with bated breath for Catbat's Big Adventure, AKA Catbat Goes to White Castle and Stuckey's...
Catbat DrClayton 16 months ago
Stuckey's glue? No White Castle here. Sept frozen
Catbat DrClayton 16 months ago
Think Bill and Ted outside the box
CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
Happy Friday 🎏
Have a great day!
Lynn CarrieLynnCastro 16 months ago
You also, Carrie!
PatS 16 months ago
Dale -- interesting that you noted Henry Hull in one of the Jesse James films. Did anyone else think it was an "Easter Egg" (hidden joke) that the town doctor in BtKvD is named Henrietta Hulle??
daleuhlmann PatS 16 months ago
I wonder, indeed, if that wasn't in homage to Henry Hull and the earlier movie.
JournalJeff2 16 months ago
Good Morning & happy Friday!
One more day until we get to watch an evil CAR do it`s thing.
Have a Great Day & Take Care!
daleuhlmann 16 months ago
I had mentioned earlier Rathbone and Carradine in the cast of THE BLACK SLEEP. That same year, the two were in the Danny Kaye comedy THE COURT JESTER, although they shared no scenes together. That's the one with the classic word play routine, "The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle."
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