Halloween Month Begins- with the “Night Monster”-Tonight!

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We begin the excitingly eerie month of October with a suitable movie- mixing "old dark house" chills with mysticism and a murderous monster- it's the 1942 creep-fest known as the "Night Monster"!

Strange things go on in Ingston Towers- a remote, swamp-surrounded mansion that houses the reclusive invalid Curt Ingston- along with a real roster of eccentrics, including, among others, his troubled sister Margaret, an Indian mystic named Singh, sinister butler Rolf,and lecherous chauffeur Laurie. Housemaid Milly is getting suspicious of all the odd goings-on- like nasty blood stains appearing around the house, a recent death near the property, and a rumored monster lurking about- whose presence is denoted by the  local frogs halting their croaking whenever it is near!

The wheelchair-bound Ingston has summoned three renowned doctors to his home- three men who tried to treat him when he first came down with his odd paralysis, to no avail. Ingston claims that he and the mystic Singh have discovered an amazing breakthrough that will change medical history!

At the same time, the lovely Dr. Lynn Harper has been asked, by Margaret, to come to the home- Margaret fears for her sanity and needs the psychiatrist's counsel- and the doctor's car having problems- along with some strange noises in the fog- earn her a ride to the mansion with a constant visitor to the place- mystery writer Dick Baldwin. Though most of the Ingston household feel her presence is unwelcome- she will be staying in the house overnight, along with the trio of doctors.

Singh attempts to give a demonstration of this unique "breakthough" Ingston has boasted about- with shocking results! And then- a systematic series of murders begin- and the rumors of a monster prove to be fact!

This movie features Bela Lugosi as a marquee name, but he is far from the most important star in this film- and the same goes for Lionel Atwill, whom we just saw last week as one-armed Inspector Krogh in "Son of Frankenstein"! We'll highlight cast members, and serve up some Sven shtick- including a useful household product- a new song- and the ever-popular Sven rebus drawing game (okay, so maybe it isn't EVER-popular...) - all in all, a great start to a Halloween month of Sven treats.

"Night Monster" invades YOUR night tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings for time where you are. Our Chicago viewers get another look at the aforementioned "Son of Frankenstein' on our sister station, WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

If you aren't signed up for the Sven monthly newsletter (and why not? It's free!) you've missed the October edition, which included many of the dates on the Sven Halloween public appearance tour- but, don't fret- we'll start posting more of the dates under "appearances" here on our site before too long. Already posted are details for the 10th next weekend, when we'll be heading to Feeney Auto Group in Elgin, IL for the second year in a row. There are plenty more appearances coming up, as well as some media events, so make sure you check back there throughout this month!

And, tonight- turn on your TV and lock your doors- the "Night Monster" is on the prowl!